Friday, 11 April 2014

A Happy Rock and a Happy Traveler

                                      Hello Friends
This morning we passed this cute town statue in Gladstone Manitoba.
Get it? Glad Stone/Happy Rock
This isn't my photo as somehow my camera got buried.
 Tim will be uncovering  it tomorrow even if he has to tear the car apart because that is when we arrive in Alberta to visit with our oldest son and his family.
And I am not going to miss getting photos of our darling grandchildren!
We are spending the night in Saskatoon.
I am going to do a wee bit of shopping in the morning before we take off for our son's home.
An elderly fellow at one of the service stations told me that there was an Alberta Clipper heading this way. I sure hope he's wrong!
I did want to thank all of you again for your prayers and sweet comments.
I so appreciate them!

BTW, has anyone changed their Google password yet?
I was going to, but I thought that I had read that someone had trouble with their blog after changing their Google password.
If you would let me what you are doing about this
I would sure appreciate it.


  1. I had to Google the areas, find the distances "HUGE", and then the " Alberta Clipper" at first I thought it might be a massive boat, i.e. sailboat, coming and all roads would be closed till it passed, then I saw what it really is. Hope it passes by and you travel safely to Alberta, with camera in hand. Hugs and safe roads, Jean.

  2. Kimberly,

    Love the picture!!!!

    Enjoy shopping tomorrow, and be safe with the drive.

  3. Love that picture and the humor to go with it. I hope the storm bypasses you or you're off the road by then. It's Spring here with 80 degrees yesterday and rains coming tomorrow. It's nice to be outside in the sun again.
    I hope you find some "treasures" when you shop....yes, get that camera out Tim! Enjoy and stay safe.

  4. Safe travelling, looking forward to seeing some of the sights along the way ... if you find your camera of course.

  5. Safe travelling, looking forward to seeing some of the sights along the way ... if you find your camera of course.

  6. Kimberly, Stay safe in your travels. I can't wait to see some of the wonderful photos I know you will know ,like your husband running after you've honked the horn.LOL I still see that ...Blessings xoxo,Susie

  7. Love the rock! haha Soo excited for you to see your son's family and get your hands on those exciting. Enjoy your shop and praying you miss that storm! How much longer till your there? (do I sound like a kid? lol)

  8. Wow! The grass there looks greener than ours! It looks like you are having great travel weather, hopefully it will stay that way:>) Enjoy the trip and stay safe.

  9. I heard that it may cause more problems IF we change them... They said that each company (like Google, Facebook, etc.) should make the necessary adjustments themselves to help their customers......Who knows!????

    Have a safe trip...

  10. Password changes? Haven't heard this one...

    Hope that Tim finds your camera easily. Not an Alberta

  11. That's funny. Our daughter lives in Gladstone, MO and down the street from her is Happy Rock Park.
    I haven't bothered changing pass words yet - will be reading about it though.

  12. Great picture! I changed my Pinterest password and it has done nothing but given me fits. I wish I hadn't changed it. I am afraid to change Google.
    I love that picture and I do hope you have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see photos.

  13. I have not changed my google password. I don't think I am going to because some people have had trouble getting back on...I hate all this crap!!!!

    GLAD you are at HAPPY ROCK. lol xo Diana

  14. That is really cute! Have fun visiting the grandchildren. :-)

  15. Too cute! Have a lovely time visiting your family, dear Kimberly :) Hugs!

  16. I changed my password and no problems here. It is near 83* here in western NY, however, by Tuesday we are suppose to get 3 inches of snow!!! wrinkling my nose..Have a safe trip. Blessings

  17. Sorry, I haven't been around much. Too much to do and too little time. I hope you are having safe travels and a great visit!

  18. Praying for a safe journey for you and that you have a blessed time with your family.. Neat rock.. xo

  19. glad your travels have be in safety.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos....
    Thinking of you - both!

  20. Fun photo.
    Have fun with family and shopping.
    Looking forward to your adventure.

  21. That happy rock is too cute!! I would have had to stop and take a photo too. I hope you got some shopping in (and uncovered your buried camera)!

  22. Now that is a fun icon for that town! Really cute.


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