Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tok Alaska Drive

After crossing the Alaska/Yukon border yesterday, we started our trip to the small community of Tok Alaska on the Purple Heart Trail.
Here is the mountain view as we're nearing Tok.
It was a beautiful day. It was 12C and most of the snow along the roads has melted now.
It hasn't turned green yet, but I've got a feeling it won't be long!
We ate lunch at Fast Eddy's Restaurant.
It is located at 1313 on the Alaskan Hwy.
This means it is located 1313 miles from the beginning of the Alaskan Hwy in Dawson Creek, BC
I would've liked to have packed this chandie up with me and taken it home!
Somehow I think I might have gotten caught trying to sneak it out.
Can you tell by the look on Tim's face that he thought I was a little desperate when I told him I was going to post photos of our sandwiches?
I assured him everyone does this.
Besides this was a most unusual sandwich!
Teriyaki Chicken
It was a chicken breast topped with Teriyaki sauce, Pineapple, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.
And yes, it was yummy.
Stay tuned...
I have a few other photos from our little day trip.
I don't want to overload you today!





  1. That first photo of the mountain, stunning!! I'm going to love you Alaska photos :-)

    I often photograph food...sometimes the plate presentation just begs to be photographed !


  2. Wow! That mountain backdrop doesn't even look real!! Amazing! My family is used to me taking photos before they are allowed to dig in. haha!!
    Enjoy your travels!

  3. WOW- Amazing pictures- 1313~~~a long way from home but the food looks delicious.

    Your hubby is very handsome! Don't tell him or he might not be able to get his head in the motor home! lol xo Diana

  4. Amazing photos. I love the mountains.
    Yes, your food looks goooooood. :-)

  5. Love that view of the mountains. Wow! So beautiful. I also love the chandelier but it wouldn't go in my home so I won't fight you for it. :) The sandwiches look and sound really delicious. Tim's is rather huge though. Have a great day!

  6. wow, what scenery, that is a mighty fine sandwich, your husband looks thrilled, lol!!!!!

  7. Well you are not overloading me. I love seeing the world through your eyes. That food looks so yummy. I would have taken a picture too.
    Tok is beautiful I read a series of books about a lady who was a musher and I love seeing the places that were in the book.

  8. I would love to drive up there some day. Everything is so HUGE...even the sandwiches! heehee! Have LOTS of fun and take tons of photos! Hugs, Diane

  9. Those snow covered mountains are beautiful!

    Those sandwiches look delicious as do fries and onion rings.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


  10. Such a beautiful mountain view--wow! And your sandwiches look delicious. :)

  11. Oh I love the mountain view, beautiful. The sandwich looks so good as does the onion rings, i an getting hungry now. Thanks for sharing, Francine.

  12. What a view! Sometimes I long to just get on the road and see vistas that I have never seen before, of course, I really am the quintessential homebody so I'm sure I would be longing for the comforts of home pretty quickly! Still, it looks like a lovely trip. your hubby is a cutie ;>) but tell him that IT IS completely normal for bloggers to photograph their food. lol.

  13. I had to look Tok, Alaska and Beaver Creek on my map.... What a neat place to spend the summer. What all will you and Tim be doing there this summer?

    Your lunch sounded GREAT... Hope you have a wonderful summer. (I'm envious!)


  14. Thank him for us. He is being very patient and those onion rings look great. I had to share this post with John because we are amazed that the snow is gone (except for the mountains...same here) and there is soon going to be green grass. Seems so strange, but very good for you!

  15. Kimberly, the road to the snow covered mountains, beautiful, Tim's lunch, Huge!! So many on our blog list do photos of meals, either at home or out, and why not. Enjoy your new temporary home. Hugs, Jean.

  16. Restaurants serve such large helpings, don't they? That would be three meals for me! I too would have taken a photo of it... lol

  17. That area seems to exotic to me. What gorgeous mountains! And yeah, the poor man putting up with the camera snapping at him and his sandwich. LOL And yes, we all do it.

  18. Lovely photos ! I would love to tour Alaska . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  19. I have to catch up...what did I miss? I am SO glad I had supper before I saw those pictures of your meal. Even still it looked darn tasty! I may have to go out and get a greasy cheeseburger and fries tomorrow. I can't make them like that.
    Do you have to have your passports now to cross into the U.S.? When I was traveling back and forth from U.S. to Canada you didn't but that was pre-9-11.
    The picture of the mountains almost looks fake it is so gorgeous. You lucky 2! Have fun and stay safe.

  20. Kimberly Wow what a lovely day trip. All the beautiful photo brought back all those wonderful memories my son and had driving to Alaska. Thanks those Mts. Are just so grand and beautiful. I look forward to many more of your lovely photos. Hugs Judy

  21. That is an interesting fact regarding the address! I guess people would say... "oh, I dunno, drive about 1313 miles and there is the best little joint with Teriyaki Chicken burgers!"
    Looks like fun.
    I get the same sort of looks from the Honey...when I start snapping random pictures of our day, too.

  22. Kimberly,

    Now those are some really nice looking sandwiches. I think your husband was really hungry and wanted you to hurry up and take that picture :-)

    Be safe!!!


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