Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Your Favorite Apron Was.....

Hippidy Hop
Yes, much to my surprise, the Easter apron was the  favourite one chosen by all of you.
The second favourite was the red one. This is my favourite of the  styles too.
I heard from  Vee  that this is also known as a pinny apron.
 Short for pinafore, I'm guessing.
We always called it a smock apron in the Mid-West were I was raised.
Now don't ask me why, because it's certainly not smocked at all.
This is all I have to offer today.
I've got to finish packing today and start my house cleaning.
I have spoken to the neighbours and all is set for them to do a house check while we are away.
I guess that is one advantage to having very close neighbours!
We have also set up other measures to see that it's well protected.
Like the moat Tim has dug around the house that is livid with alligators.
Yes, no worries this time...
Have a great day-Kimberly


  1. That was my favorite apron! I hope you have a wonderful trip Kimberly:>) Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the Yukon!

  2. Alligators...just seeing them in Canada should scare off some folks! :-)

    Praying for you as you finish your last bit of work to head off.

  3. Oh I have no idea if that is the "official" name. I just call it that because it covers the shoulders as a pinafore would. We should start googling! =D

  4. A moat with alligators eh? All should be well secured then. Blessings and Hugs to you and Tim as you head out. Pam

  5. Tim is a brave man, first catching the alligators, transporting them, making sure the moat will stay full of water. Wow, he'll be so glad to go to the Yukon for a rest. I'm not surprised that the "hoppity" was first choice. Take care with that cleaning, no ladder stuff!! Cheers to you both, Jean.

  6. It might have been called a Pinny apron as they were used to hold clothespins when you went out to hang clothes but I could be wrong.
    Where are you off to? Vacation or work or both? Be safe and have fun!

  7. Keep us updated on your travels :) Can't wait to see what you will be up to.

  8. Well I like them both! Have a fun and safe trip!

  9. Kimberly, You know how certain things can tug at your heart strings...that's what your aprons do to me. They take me back in time, to when my MIL would wear them and the red one, reminds me of one my mom wore an an assembly line job. Thank you. xoxo,Susie

  10. I KNEW that one would win!!!!!!!! I hope you have a safe journey and I will be looking forward to hearing about your adventures in your "new" home! xo Diana

  11. Looking forward to your travel posts!!


  12. Looking forward to your travel posts!!


  13. I am looking forward to seeing photo images of your new adventure coming up ahead -- just so you know I like #2 apron for another reason that is -- it's good to wear while eating spaghetti or any other food that tends to splash on yea when wearing white - wink!


  14. There's that song again!! Happy cleaning and packing!

  15. Well, I'm a little late, but I like the Easter one, too. And, yes, we called the other style a smock when I was younger!
    Easter Hugs,


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