Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Packing Begins.....

  Good Morning Ladies!
I woke up this morning thinking that I'd better get off my duff today and start getting serious with my gathering and packing for our move soon. 

My last order from Amazon arrived yesterday, so now the DVDs are ready to be boxed.
Starlet and Lambie bought us the 'Fuller Brush Girl' and the 'Fuller Brush Man' for Christmas. I can't believe we've been able to resist viewing it,
but Tim and I were determined to save it for this summer!
Although I hate to admit it, these balls of yarn were taken along the last time we went to the Yukon. And they came right back home in the same form!
In other words, I did not learn how to crochet as I had thought I would that summer.
Hopefully this summer yields better results...
As you can see I'm trying to pack plenty of craft options.
I bought this on our trip down to visit the children.
It was half price so I couldn't pass it by, of course.
I've also been sorting through all of my vintage patterns for any embroidery projects I may want to work on this summer.
In all honesty, I'm not sure that I'll get many projects done. But since I won't have access to anything in the area where I'll be working, I'd rather go prepared than not!
I know this isn't a terribly blog worthy post, but that's what's happening in my neck of the woods plain and simple.
And frankly ladies, I'm thinking that since I was so good about not complaining or whining on todays post about the weather that I deserve some sort of an award!
It's a first for me in a long time you know.




  1. I am fairly new to your post so I am curious do you go to the Yukon every year? Do you have a cabin up that way? Is it only for the summer? Thanks a bunch...

  2. I would want to be prepared with things to do also, I actually feel a little panic stricken if I don't have projects to work on.

  3. What a lovely stack of DVDs and all of your craft projects. I always take lots of things to work on when I go places so I laughed when you said you brought that yarn back home still in balls.
    I almost never get done what I think I will get done. You said you weren't complaining? Is it snowing again?
    Well have fun. How long will you be gone this time?

  4. Kimberly, You are thinking of great things to pack.. I like that you took your yrd and it came back the same...that meant you were too busy. LOL> xoxo,Susie

  5. Good morning! I never gave much thought for some reason about needing to pack things like this...of course you do. I think you have shown WONDERFUL restraint to have save those videos and you will be soo glad you did. You have lots of others that look good too. And haha on that yarn...soo me. Hope you have a good week-end!

  6. Kimberly,

    Is it that time of year?

    The Yukon, such a beautiful place.

    Your packing looks extensive.

  7. Will you have internet access? I sure hope so!

  8. Morning, ya, must get a move on but sometimes hard to get going.....Blessings Francine.

  9. Kimberly, I too, always pack more than I ever use, but go well stocked up is the best way to go. After all, it can come home again, I would take lots, and LOTS of books, and fabric and wool, just like you. Happy packing. Cheers, Jean. p.s. love that fabric.

  10. Good luck with your packing! Looks like you will have plenty along to keep you busy.

  11. I have a question. Is there a lot of snow in the Yukon right now and will it be mostly gone when you get there? (I guess that's a 2 in 2 question) Have fun packing. I would have difficulty choosing things I think.

  12. Looks like fun! I mean it!!! Can you view youtube videos in the Yukon? That helped me to relearn crochet!

  13. I actually am jealous of you. I would love to go on this trip. :-) I think my boys would too.
    We just started to watch Foyles's War. LOVE IT!!!
    Best wishes to you.

  14. Yes Kimberly, better to be safe than sorry. You can always bring it back home again. lol! Love the paper pack! Wishing you the best of luck and a fun adventure!

  15. I really admire your restraint about not complaining about the weather :). It's horrible! I love your basket of yarn and hope you make something beautiful with it soon

  16. Good luck getting all packed!

  17. I admire your willingness to do these ventures to the Yukon or anywhere that has more "snow" like regions! I am singing with joy as it is raining here and that means two things 1) it's melting the snow and 2) it's cleansing. Are you headed back to where you were before? I'm sure with all your project goals and craft supplies you will keep yourself content! Happy Packing!

  18. Packing, what fun! Not, LOL...

  19. never heard of 'FULLER BRUSH GIRL or boy' -- though it might seem my head in the sand thing not knowing - but those movies don't ring a bell but I do know the actors...wink! I'll be checking them out soon..I don't see fiddler on the roof - wink!
    be safe with your back in all you packing..


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