Friday, 25 April 2014

Decorating With Wallpaper

I wanted to do a post on decorating with wallpaper because I have always loved wallpaper and wondered if any of you feel the same as I do.
I believe that decorating with wallpaper went out of fad a few years back.
Obviously if using wallpaper you had better love whatever pattern or design you have chosen, since it is far more expensive than paint and you will be living with it for some time!

I have noticed that the UK  designers are decorating with wallpaper much more freely than we are on this side of the pond.
Many times they decorate only one wall.
The wallpaper is used as an accent wall behind a bed, for instance, or for the surround of a fireplace wall.

I've done a lot of decorating with wallpaper in the 1980's and 1990's.
And I did most of the hanging myself!
Oh yes, I could give you all kinds of wallpapering tips, my friends.
 I don't know about you, but I'm ready to welcome wallpaper back into my home again.
 Are you? Would you maybe do just one wall in your home? Or are you completely done with wallpaper, as I thought I was those many years ago?
I'll let you know tomorrow what the verdict is...


  1. I admire you for picking up the wallpaper project again. Those papers that you plated are really beautiful but......
    I won't be adding any to my walls.
    I might decorate with wallpaper as an accent to a hutch or door but not a wall.
    So show and tell you project!

  2. I do like decorating with wall paper, but since we are always buying homes to fix up and eventually sell, I don't install it very often. In my last house I did use black and white toile wall paper in my powder room about the beadboard.

  3. I just wallpapered one wall in my son's house and had a half bath wallpapered in a clients home recently. I am glad it is making a come back...a little goes a long way

  4. Not to disappoint you, but I will never wallpaper even one wall in my house. After purchasing a home with wallpaper back in 2000 and spending hour upon hours getting it off I vowed to never subject anyone to having to do the same. I have watched homes on realty websites and those with wallpaper languish on the market simply because buyers don't want to deal with changing it. We have purchased and sold a few homes over the past 17 years, only one had wallpaper when we purchased it and I won't go down that road again. Have fun papering! xox

  5. I could almost see doing one wall. But I would really be picky about the pattern. But honestly when ever I think of wall papering I think of Lucy and Ethel, on the old "I Love Lucy" TV show. That would be my outcome in the wallpapering adventure. Hope you are still enjoying your trip , xoxo,Susie

  6. I actually do like wallpaper, especially some of the fun patterns out there now. At one time every room in our house had it, and since the last of it just came down last summer (lots of hard work) more for me for awhile...

  7. I LOVE WALLPAPER! I promised my kids I would never wallpaper again because they are the ones that helped me remove it. They have all "flown the coup" and I am weakening :)

  8. I've never wanted wallpaper in my home because we have taken down so much in former homes. I like it in other people's houses though. :)

  9. I think some wallpapers are just gorgeous. They are like beautiful artwork. However, I won't be papering any walls in our home for the two reasons you mentioned- expense and having to live with it for a long time. We had paper in our kitchen when we bought the house and we papered one wall in the nursery 35 years ago but they are long gone.

  10. beautiful photos, when Garry and I bought our home I spent months peeling wall paper, I said never ever would I use it!!!I haven't lol!!

  11. I love wallpaper. I have my main bath papered. I'm planning to paper my kitchen, if and when, I ever get it finished. Those are some beautiful patterns you showed. Plus, so much of the paper nowadays is much easier to remove than the old stuff.


  12. There is quite a bit of wallpaper here in my home. We bought the house with it like that. I really like what is here, but then I am kind of old-fashioned like that, I guess.

  13. It would look pretty as an accent wall. But I've had too much trouble getting rid of it to ever want to put any up! lol This house had LOTS of the ugliest wallpaper I've ever seen. I think they shopped at the discount wallpaper store! hahaha! For an accent wall, I think some designs would be pretty though. Can't wait to hear more about your ideas! Hugs!

  14. I recently removed a wallpaper border and I vowed I would NEVER like wall paer again!! I don't care how "in"it is!!
    That being said yours was pretty...but NO I am so over wallpaper!!

  15. I love wallpaper and find that it looks more clean than paint and is far more cozy and charming. I probably would use it again to accent a wall. I have one room with wallpaper now and would like to do something fresh with it. Once I select a paper (a huge challenge), I could live with it forever.

  16. I guess I grew up in the era of fancy designs/colors/flowers, etc. on wallpaper... I had ENOUGH of it back then. Now--I like plain paint --and nothing fancy!!!! Just call me 'plain jane'... ha


  17. I love wallpaper but haven't had any since the early 90's. You are right it has lost favor but I do think it is about time for it to make a comeback. I would do an accent wall with it, I think. And I like subtle rather than bold designs-soft florals, etc. xo Diana

  18. Hi Kimberly,
    I have always been a fan of wallpaper. It can bring such beauty to a space. Now a days I kind of like the more plan walls and let the furniture and pieces in the room do the talking. I think with any decor it is really up to what you love and will feel comfortable living with. I have seen some beautiful walls done in wallpaper. I love the ones you have picked and I am sure it will look so gorgeous in your decor.

  19. Back in the day I wallpapered everywhere. Hubby and I were a team and we could have gone pro, lol. But then it was just out. I still loved it, but took it all (or most of it)down before we moved here where we have none. I could DEFINITELY get into some wall paper again, but would stick to an accent wall here and there. Done right, it is cozy, warm, inviting and soo homey I think. Enjoy your week-end!

  20. I used to have wallpaper in my kitchen and dining area and a bathroom, but I will not wallpaper again. :) It was hard enough to get all the layers off and walls prepared for painting. I do think it looks good in some homes! A wallpaper I had on my kitchen walls in our previous old farm house was chocolate brown with a small white dot design in it and my cabinets and woodwork were painted white. I loved it! And the heavy vinyl paper covered a multitude of flaws on the old walls. That was way back in the days when earth tones were all the rage. haha!

  21. I enjoy seeing wallpaper as an accent not on all walls of a home.. here a little there a little..


  22. I don't think I could go back. But I won't say never.
    I do like paint just because it is easy and fast. So I don't know but I do like the patterns you have chosen.

  23. Hello, What a wonderful post! It just goes to show nothing really goes out of style, but rather it goes in circles. I have happy memories of wallpaper as we put it up, and still remember the nightmare of stripping it off :o)
    But it really can make a bold statement and can hide many flaws too...
    Thanks for the new on the retro!
    Blessings, Roxy

  24. I have always loved wallpaper, but haven't used it for many years because, as you say, it's gone out of of favor and can such a pain to remove! The newer ones are a bit easier though, but since we now live in our cabin full time, it's a non issue since our walls are logs! lol


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