Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I'm Back!

I know you are wondering why I am posting again just 2 hours after my last post. Well, because
I lost my post, then found it in draft, published it, but couldn't add on to it. And I hadn't said all I wanted to say! So I',m back! Only for a minute though.

I want to remind you of my 100 followers give away posted on Oct. 21st. Also having a give away is my blogging friend Courtney at  Sassafras & Winterberry. And Jann at Have a Dailey Cup from Mrs. Olsen, who is a new blogging friend. I may be away for a few days as we are getting very close to finishing the MIL camp and I need to help with some of the finishing touches! Hopefully
I'll have photos to share with all of you at the end of the week.
Hope you all have a blessed week-Kimberly
P.S. Please check out my last post since it was supposed to be part of this one!!


  1. Thanks for the plug!! That's one cutie pie you've got there!

  2. He's so sweet! Good luck with finishing the MIL apt. Hope it all goes smooth for you. Looking forward to the photos!

  3. Really, really cute baby. If you need to be gone for a while- don't worry- we'll all be here waiting for you when you get back! xo Diana

    ps...Don't overdo it!

  4. He is a real cutie!!! Good luck finishing the MIL project. Thanks for the visit and yes I live in a small village in farming country. Take care and don't work too hard:)

  5. Aha, I finally got it to work. Check out your e-mail and you'll see what I'm talking about. Cute family! Reece is one handsome little brut. Takes after his dad I'm sure. Thanks for mentioning my give away. I really appreciate it. Going to check out Courtneys. Glad to have you as a new friend!!

  6. What an adorable little boy. I definitely like the girl work better than the guys. Chasing after little ones is at the top of my favorite things to do list. Enjoy your family and can't wait to see the MIL quarters. Patty

  7. You are so blessed with a wonderful family. That grand is just the sweetest!
    Best of luck with the finishing work, and stay safe. Thanks for the heads up on the other giveaways.
    Hope today is a good day for you all !

  8. Hi Kimberly! Oh, little Reece is adorable! You have a very beautiful family and I know you enjoyed their visit!
    Thanks for much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Reece is too handsome! Good luck with your 100 - giveaway! and congratulations!

  10. Reece is so adorable --enjoy your family!

  11. Oh he is darling. I can't believe you guys are in all those jackets. We are still in the 80s this weekend but then we are far closer to the equator.

  12. Did you shoot that photo, Kimberly? It's so awesome. You should blow it up and frame it to hang on your wall. It would make a great 11 x 14.


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