Thursday, 13 October 2011

Starlet's Fall Art

  Starlet's Fall Foliage Painting

Our granddaughter is a budding artist! When we were over visiting a few weeks ago, Starlet showed
her Papa and Me how her parents had set up an easel and paints in her bedroom for her to paint whenever the mood struck her. And, believe me, that is often. She has boxes of cardboard canvases
already completed. Her Papa decided we needed new art for our home and bought four of her paintings. This way she can buy real canvas to work on. Her dad is an artist, so she has great tutoring.

This was my very first attempt 15 years ago at folk art painting. My sis and I took a class
together-so much fun! Neither of us do anything with it anymore. You know how that goes.

      I did say I would share my homemade yogurt recipe with you. This recipe is from Stephanie   O'Dea's blog spot. It is so easy and so good. My batch did not set up as thick as store bought yogurt, but I like it that way. They have some pointers with the recipe for a thicker consistency. I
first discovered this recipe at Kathy's Cottage. Who, by the way, is having a give away celebrating her 600th post. Yes, you read that right, over 4 years of posting. It is a beautiful book from Cabbage & Roses. You have until Oct. 15th to enter, so you'd better pop on over there now, if you're interested. If you've never been to visit her blog, you will definitely enjoy it, for sure. She has many lovely items she's sewn and a lot of good recipes fro her and her husband to share.

See how beautiful this book is? Well, good luck ladies! Let me know if you are the winner!


  1. I love your granddaughter's painting!!
    And I am just swooning over Kathy's give a way!! :o)
    I received your darling fabric. I just love the Canadian features to in and am wanting to especially capture each little picture that I can. As we get closer to the give a way date, I will disclose my plan! :o) I can not wait to get started!
    Have a great day.
    hugs. Trish

  2. I am so in love with childrens art, it is so pure and real and your granddaughters is no exception. What a good idea for her Papa to purchase this piece from the young artist so she can have a real canvas. Just think, when she is famous you will have that valuable first piece on the cardboard (priceless)!

    Thanks for the recipe for yogurt, I will be passing it on to our kids as the grandkids eat a lot of it.

  3. Your GD painting is beautiful and so neat that you bought some of her pieces she will feel very special and you never know one day they could be worth a lot :O) And she paints better than me!

  4. I love childrens art and have a picture of birches I always wanted to frame, Maybe now is the time.

  5. How sweet that he bought her art to hang on your wall. She's a lucky girl to have a dad who is an artist too to teach her. :)

  6. Hello Kimberly, I'm so happy we found each other!
    Your blog is lovely. I so adore children's artwork. Your folk painting is amazing did you know folk painting is on it's way back!
    Hugs Rosemary...

  7. Oh wait-hold the presses :), your a grandmother? You look so young, smiles.--I just love the painting & for the sake of sounding like a broken record, you have a lovely blog. Blessings

  8. What a talented young lady your granddaughter is.
    It's wonderful that she has so much support from her family too!
    I think that yogurt recipe is about the same one that I make, and it is so delicious.
    Have a great day!

  9. You will always fresh art for the house, she is very talented. I like her painting.

  10. I love the depth in the painting, some trees are further into the background. That's talent for a kid. I think some of the simplest items make the best artwork. Lovely!!

  11. Hi Kimberly, I think your granddaughter shows a lot of talent! I read one of the comments that said folk art is on the way back. I hadn't heard that. I used to do that kind of painting myself. It was fun, but haven't done any painting in years.
    We have a couple of things in common besides painting. I have a crockpot like yours and also I spied a pitcher in your hutch that looks like one I have. It belonged to my mother.
    I will have to check out Kathy's Cottage, that book looks like something I'd love!
    Have a good evening!

  12. What a cute painting. How wonderful that they have encouraged her...creativity in children helps their minds expand and gives them a sense of self confidence and worth. I love that you have one for yourself!

    I used to make homemade yogurt years ago. Remember when everyone had those yogurt makers? I can't eat yogurt anymore...or very little of it but I love the homemade stuff the best! xo Diana

  13. How fun that your grand-daughter is a budding artist. My grand daughters are both budding decorators, I'm sure of it and the youngest is also a budding fashionista.
    I love your little folk art man and woman, so cute for your fall setting.
    The pumpkin looks very pretty in the dough bowl.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Children's art is the sweetest! Home made yogurt? wow...maybe I should give it a try :)

  15. I think Starlet's (love the name btw) painting style is all the rage right need to set her up an etsy shop and get that entrepeneur thing going early!

  16. STARlet is now famous and can name her price on her works! The Etsy shop may be a great idea, I'm sure she will get much encouragement from family and friends. I am going to have to check out those two blogs for sure and the recipe for the yogurt. I'm an "old hippie" who has my own Salton yogurt maker from the 1980's! It makes 5 8oz. containers that set up firm. Our daughters ate homemade yogurt growing up, never bought any at the store. Think of all the money we saved, love that! Have a great weekend...

  17. Isn't it wonderful to see the very beginnings of an artist's work? That's exactly what I think you're seeing here. She sounds as if she has the passion.

    Yogurt...hate the it nearly every day all the same. John loves the stuff. Should I make him homemade yogurt? No. I think not. Wait, is it a lot cheaper? Okay, I'll check the recipe. How'd you like this stream of consciousness commenting?

  18. In case your readers would like a quick way to the recipe:

    It was getting interesting there for a minute to see how far back I'd have to go. Three years is a bit far! LOL!

  19. I think it's great how you're encouraging your granddaughter in her art. I love how her work is displayed for all to see.

  20. Love the painting by your granddaughter. I loove how her parents are encouraging the gift that she has by setting up the easel. Hopefully your house will soon be filled with her masterpeces

  21. Love your granddaughter's art! How fun. And my sister's and I also took a class on Toll painting...soo much fun but I was never any good, haha...I can't wait to check out that blog, and OH, I have that very crock pot, lol Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  22. Well, I am so impressed with your grand daughters painting !! How proud she must be that you chose to purchase her art work and display it!! What a good Gram are you :-)


  23. Your granddaughter's artwork is beautiful and I think it's so special for her grandfather to buy one of her paintings. How exciting that must have been for her.

  24. What a beautiful painting. You have a budding artist on your hands. Patty

  25. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment...I can't believe your son is a lineman--oh my gosh--it is a small world. Tell him I said to be careful. They are brave men, no doubt.

    I'm going to look for your followers list, so I can join here.

  26. Your grand daughter's painting is very pretty! She definitely has talent.

    I love yogurt and enjoy the extra thick Greek kind, but I'd like to try making my own someday, so thanks for the recipe links, Kimberly.

    I enjoyed the black bear Mom and cubs video in the prior post ..they look so tame, but I still wouldn't want a close encounter with them!

    Enjoy the weekend!



  27. If I don't win it, I will be buying my own copy. It goes so well with my house.

  28. Hi Kimberly, Your granddaughter IS a budding artist... I hope she keeps it up as she gets older...

    We love yogurt --but I've never made my own... Thanks for the recipe.

    Happy FALL to you.

  29. Very pretty art. She is talented. I also like your folk painting. I tried it once long ago too. Even with classes I am still not very good.
    The book does look good. Have a nice weekend.


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