Sunday, 2 October 2011


Today, after church, we went to the neighboring Anglican church for their 'Applefest'.
Oh, was it yum!! Homemade apple pie ala mode and great company with good friends.
On the way home I spotted an apple tree loaded with these small beauties. I had to bring them home to make a bouquet. I set them in the window so you can enjoy the beautiful lake and the
sunny day with me!

I love the way the shadows are reflecting in the shade on my lamp.

This is MY chair. See my name written on it? I think I've got the best seat in the house, don't you? You notice I'm right next to the wood stove too. Someone really should've told me to remove the Kleenex off of the top of the stove before I took this shot! How yuck!

This is the only work I did today. We have had a lite frost the last two mornings, so I knew
if I wanted to salvage my geraniums, it was now or never. These have been my mainstay
flowers for years. They seem to me to be the most versatile flower out there. It's like that
little black dress, it looks good anywhere, alone or dressed up.
So how was your Sunday? Do you relax on Sundays or work on projects you didn't get done during the week? I spend most of mine lazing!


  1. Hi Kimberly, What a wonderful view! Those look almost like crab apples a neighbor had when I was a child. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I knew you were near a lake, but I didn't know you could practically open the window and dip your toe in while perched on your windowsill.m :-) What an amazing view! That does look like a very cozy corner for your chair.

  3. Perfect chair spot. Warmth and a great view! I love the apple bouquet!

  4. You definately have the best seat in the house! If you could see where I "nest"... I have all the necessities of life within arm's reach. That would be phone, coffeecup and box of tissues! I love the view and the sun filtering through. We are having cool nights here in the mountains too, frost isn't far off. The geraniums, do the deer bother them? Seems like everything we put out for color the deer eat eventually :o(

  5. Yes, I see your name on it and it is a wonderful seat in the house. What beautiful views you have! Do you live on the lake year-round? Oh, I can imagine those chilly winds blowing come November. No wonder you're tucked up so near the woodstove. That would be my choice, too. Amen to geraniums. Like your description of them as the "black dress" flower. Ha!

  6. Oh my goodness do you ever have a beautiful view. I think you are smart to make that "your chair". I'm afraid I would never want to leave it as I love a water view. Your little apple arrangement made an already lovely view even lovelier.

  7. An apple fest sounds like great fun. Wow, you do have a great view there. How beautiful! I hope you have a nice week ahead. :)

  8. Hummm, little black dress, geraniums, good analogy.

    Now, I just have to figure out how to get you to share that chair with me! Love it!

  9. The apple arrangement is darling. I was also salvaging thing from the frost yesterday. So glad it will be a nice week this week:)

  10. If I came for a visit, could I borrow your chair just for a short time? Love that beautiful view out your window. You are truly blessed. Have a great day

  11. You're not only living on the lake, it looks like your practically in the lake! What a beautiful spot to live! Do you winter your geraniums over inside like that and they do ok? I've never tried it. Any tips or tricks I should know?

  12. LOVE the apple arrangement! If our apple trees ever start to produce I'd love to copy this! Or maybe I can just ask the guy down the road that has a loaded tree that never gets picked.... hmmm.

    Unbelievably, we haven't had a frost yet. In fact just yesterday we had to turn the heater on in the a.m. for the first time since May... and the impatiens are still going strong (usually they're the first to go).

    Happy fall!

  13. What a cozy spot to while away the hours especially on cold winter days with the wood stove to keep you warm. It must get very windy off the lake at times. I like your apple branch bouquet in the sap bucket. We went to church in the morning, came home for brunch then I blogged a while then curled up on the couch to read. I'm almost finished "The Help". I only read it before bedtime usually so it's taken me a few weeks but I can't put it down most nights as it's so interesting. We have evening worship and Bible study so we went to that too. Sunday's are very busy for us! I guess we're getting frost here by Thursday morning. I want to preserve my plants for the long weekend so will be covering them up. Have a great week Kimberly! Blessings, Pamela

  14. What a lovely view! And the photo of your chair with the shadows is beautiful. That's exactly where I'd have my chair, right by the fireplace!

    I usually bring my geraniums inside in the fall, too, and save them for another year.

    Enjoy your week!

  15. What beautiful pictures! If you ever get to visit Sevierville, Tennessee, you must visit the Apple Barn-you can look them up online..everything APPLES!!!They make the best apple pancakes..emm..ANYWAYS--sorry about that--thank you so much for inviting me/us into your home-via online.:)

  16. The view from your window s lovely. I could sit in that chair all day.
    Some Sudays I am motivated and some Sundays we just "veg" out, if it's raining it's nap time

  17. HI Kimberly, Bet that Apple Festival was fun... I love your tiny apple tree....

    Wow---you have the best view of all. I love your chair.... Awesome.

    Glad you save some of your Geraniums.


  18. Very beautiful pictures. Those apples are just lovely with the shadow behind them. Your special spot looks like a very cozy place to curl up as the weather changes. Like you, I love geraniums, though we didn't have the summer go grow them well this year. Thanks for visitng my blog today, and hope you have a great week!

  19. I never thought about apples in a vase like that, but it's such a pretty arrangement! We were at our area's apple farm on Sunday (blog post to come!). Usually on Sunday after church I just laze around too. Reading books or blogs or like yesterday, taking a drive somewhere.

  20. Look at that view OMG you are one lucky girl...Plus you had apple pie ala mode!


  21. You DO have the best seat in the house! Tissue on the stove? Well, my dear, I just assumed it was fire wood ash!;>) I am on the road and popping in to say Hi! Hope your week is a good one! xo Diana

  22. What a fun idea to make a bouquet of apples :-)

  23. Is that a *copper* trug I see on the window sill? Whatever it's made from, I love it! It's LOVELY!

    And your crab apples look gorgeous!


  24. What a lovely spot for the chair with your name written on it! I'm partial to geraniums too. Lovely.


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