Tuesday, 25 October 2011

VIP Company

                    You may have noticed that I've been missing in action the last few days.
    That is because I've had some VIPs visiting! My son Clayton, my DIL Lauren, and little Reece.
    I guess you could say Reece ended up with 'egg on his face'! He feeds himself now and eats
    everything off of the table.

    Clayton, our middle son, drove up from Traverse City to help his father insulate the MIL camp.
     He has been building homes since he was 16, so he's a great sounding board for his Dad on his
      little building projects. He's not only good looking, he's a really great guy! I know, I know
      every mother says that. But I'm not the only one who thinks that-just ask his wife!

    While the guys were working , we women were playing. We had wheelbarrow rides for Reece.
    Reece's favorite game was running towards the lake and his Mama catching him before he got
    to the rocky shore.

    Reece didn't much like the new hat I'd bought for him either. I think I need to attach ties to it!


  1. How precious...what a great time. He is truly adorable....just want to give him a little hug.

  2. Wow beautiful family!! Yeah, your son is a cutie it is okay you can say that Mom.
    It looks like you have been having alot of fun.
    Enjoy your family!

  3. Oh what fun to have such cute guys visiting you and your daughter-in-law's pretty cute, too. Yes, please, some pics of the new digs. I know that it must be really shaping up now.

  4. How wonderful that you have had family visiting. That's when you kick back, forget the blog and enjoy yourself being surrounded by love and family times. That Reece is adorable! xo Diana

  5. Awww...it looks like you are having a wonderful time with your grandson and his family. Enjoy!!!
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  6. What a beautiful family you have. Little Reece is just adorable! It looks like you had a lot of help and fun during their visit. Blessings, Pamela

  7. VIP... that would make a great nickname.
    Eggs and grandsons go hand in hand.

    I hope you can get enough kisses & hugs in before they head back home.

    Enjoy the time!

  8. Your little Reece is such a little cutie pie, he sure got a kick out of having mom run after him! So nice that the family could be there to have fun and help out. xo

  9. Oh how much fun you must have had!! :o) What a sweet family and I just love how your son is such a help to your husband. :o)

  10. He's a doll. That wheelbarrow picture is just adorable.

  11. Love the picture of Reece with the egg on his face. I know you enjoyed your time with him! Looks like you have a lot to be proud of with this beautiful family.

  12. I somehow almost missed this. Your son IS quite cute! And little Reece is ADORABLE!! How fun they got to come and not only help out, but also get in some good visit time. ENJOY. Looking forward to that finished project!

  13. How fun. I love the picture of him in the wheel barrel! Very adoreable.

  14. What a sweetie and such a treat for you!

  15. Love the name Reece and it fits him. Everyone has on their winter gear, so must be really chilly there. You have a very nice looking family. That's mother love, isn't it. Sounds like a lot of work going on there. Deb


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