Thursday, 15 December 2011

Decorating the Tree

    Before I share a short video of us decorating the tree, I thought I'd show one more little space
    I added a wee bit of Christmas cheer to. You remember my wine rack-turned spice rack, right?
       And these are the cute and simple reindeer cookies I'm going to make asa our g'daughter
       arrives. We went shopping today for what I hope is the last trip to town before Christmas.
       I "think" that I have all the ingredient, all the gifts, and all the materials I need to prepare
       for the holidays. If not, I think I'll just make do!

       Please take a minute to watch the video we did of decorating the tree. We tried to show you
       right from the beginning, where we dragged the tree in. And then the decorating of the tree.
       You will really be so surprised at what great shape my MIL is in at the age of 78. She is just
       amazing! I've always said she can keep up with the best of us. And I don't think I've ever
       mentioned that we are all can play instruments. I'm just not one to brag. Anyway, we are all a
       little rusty, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway. It was all in good fun. So please here's the link:
                                                       Our Christmas Tree Trimming


  1. That is soooo funny and cute, thanks for letting us in on your decorating party! hahaha...Love it! xo

  2. I grinning from ear to ear. Very funny!!

  3. To cute! You are alllll in such great shape!!


  4. So cute! You guys got all the moves, too. Hope that you're not feeling any ill-effects from that tumble!

  5. Your spice rack looks great and those cookies are so cute!

    As for the video--haha! I love it. My son's girlfriend made one for us too. So much fun! :-D

  6. Love how you decorated the spice rack. Love the spice rack itself. Video is too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very Funny! I love those cards.
    Jody-Northern Living

  8. It makes me laugh everytime I see one of these.

    I have to let you know that I'm going to copy your cookies. Those are so cute!

  9. Love this season....such fun and great memories. Those reindeer cookies are adorable, Kimberly!

  10. Oh my that is the cutes video ever! I've never seen anything like it before. You guys sure are talented singers and musicians. Thanks for the early morning chuckle. Have a super day! Blessings, Pamela

  11. Those cookies look wonderful. And I really love your spice rack!

  12. Loving the spice rack. Our internet won't allow video:( darn.

  13. Love your spice rack and the video, so adorable! The reindeer cookies are so cute!

    Happy Holidays!


  14. Love the spice rack. Very cute cookies. That video...that was so funny! I had to go make one of my husband and I!

  15. Everyone looked VERY spry. Thanks for the cute video.

  16. You guys are really touched with the Christmas Spirit! So fun!

  17. PS--LOVE LOVE LOVE your wine rack turned spice rack! GREAT idea! and I love your barn star and decor around it. Wonderful!

  18. My goodness, you are a fun and talented bunch! We didn't have near that much fun decorating our tree.

  19. Oh have fun baking your reindeer cookies! They are so cute.

  20. Such cute little Christmas elves! Merry Christmas to you and your family! We'll be making some of those reindeer cookies this year too. Mimi

  21. This is great! My daughter was on the internet last night and told me you have to check out this site I just found (JibJab) and I told her that I discovered it last year and then what do you know I ~ this morning I am catching up on blog reading and found yours - too funny! It's a small world!


  22. That was a very cute family video, I had no idea you could play the guitar like that. Your decorating looks great!!! You made me laugh this morning.
    Well, have a great time getting ready!

  23. Too funny creative one...great video. I love the much fun.
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


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