Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Eating My Words

  I bet you all remember back in November when I laughed and laughed when they put the channel on TV with the 24 hour fireplace. I just couldn't imagine sitting and looking at this never changing fire. I heard back from many of you that your channel had music along with the fire.
Well you'll never guess what I found today while looking for a Christmas DVD to watch. Yes,
I found a Celine Dion Christmas DVD that my DH had bought last year. I popped it in and lo
and behold up comes a crackling fire. I wasn't able to sit and watch it, since I was sewing in the other room. But I'm kind of coming around to thinking it's not so bad (with the music) after all!

Today I hope to get my baking done. I am baking:
                                                                                  1) tarts
                                                                                   2) Russian snowballs
                                                                                   3)  dream bars
                                                                                   4) peppermint bark
                                                                                   5) TV mix
Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes for our daughter. I just found out today that they are
going to get to stay over for Christmas too. We thought they would have to leave the day before.
This is the first time in two and a half years she and her brother, along with his family, have seen
each other. We are so excited.
How are you coming along with your Christmas preparations? Is anyone actually done already?
If you are, I envy you if you are.
Seasons Greetings Friends,


  1. I am so far away from finished with preparations. I am blessed tho' that both kids live nearby. Good luck with completing your tasks.

  2. What a special family reunion. I have a couple of handmade projects still not completed and a few gifts to wrap but overall, there's not that much left to do. Have a blessed Christmas. Patty

  3. Mine are all finished. I really don't do a lot anymore, just the tree and Christmas village to keep the grandkids happy when they visit. We spend the holidays at their house

  4. Yum, peppermint bark!

    LOL over the fire dvd :-)

  5. I am so happy for you that all of your loved ones will be together, it will be a very Merry Christmas. - Am I ready? Hahahahaha! xo

  6. I have never heard of that TV Channel, although I seldom watch TV. It is hilarious. I only have one to buy for at Christmas time, so it sure doesn't take long to get the shopping done. I did no baking either this year. LOL

  7. Wow, sounds like you'll be quite busy with all that baking to do. Your pictures are lovely. It might be peaceful to have the fire (on DVD with music) playing in the background. I probably wouldn't just sit and stare at the fire though, I don't think. :)

    So nice to hear your family will be together. Hope you enjoy your visit!

  8. I am so far away from being done this year that I need to create a list of my lists, LOL!

    I have a Thomas Kinkade DVD that I love to watch - it has a bunch of classic Christmas music on it and shows still shots of Thomas Kinkade artwork. It is great to play in the background when I am working on something and if I get a chance to actually look at the TV there is always something nice to see.

    I am going to have to see if I can find the channel that shows the fireplace - I am sure my kids would get a kick out of seeing that!


  9. I missed your post on the fake fireplace, but saw it for the first time last night...oh my! haha...No, I am not done, but VERY close, and am not feeling ANY of the usual week before Christmas pressure. It's wonderful. One pair of jammies to make, a little tiny bit of wrapping, and a small amount of baking. No biggie. Have a good day!

  10. Haha, eating my words is something that I'm quite used to, so join the club.
    How nice that you will have both of your children with you for Christmas, that would be a dream come true for me. I long for that.
    I am done with my baking, I only did five different cookies or candy.
    I have two pajama pants to make still, I ran out of flannel and realized that I needed a larger pattern. My nine year old grand son has grown so much this last year.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Love, Cindy

  11. Looks like it's going to be a great Christmas for your family!
    TWO YEARS! That's a long time.

    Love your choices for cookies. Be sure to have the fire going! LOL

  12. All those goodies sound so good...no baking here. Always on a diet and feeling rough this week...a cold.

    That fire may not warm you but I bet the music did.

  13. Well I know my husband and I have a good laugh about watching the fire on TV one of us makes a crack about it every time he starts building a fire. The music might be nice though.
    I am so glad that you will have kids together for a bit longer. How nice.
    Have a good day baking.

  14. your cookie mix sounds wonderful....I laughed we had a parade of homes up here at Christmas a few years ago and one home made everyone go to the basement to see there roasting fire on the tv....we still laugh about it so I can see you thinking it was silly before you really gave it a go!

  15. We are baking today too. I am so glad you are getting your family for Christmas. Best gift of all.

  16. So excited for this wonderful Blessing of your family being together...Enjoy every moment of the season! I am not finished, but hopefully by tomorrow, I can sit back and relax...
    Blessings and Merry Christmas

  17. I'm so happy for you and your family that your kids will be with your for Christmas! Such special times. I think I'm ready but I have a lot of packing to do for our trip. Have a very blessed and happy Christmas Kimberly! Hugs, Pamela

  18. LOL- Don't you love it when you have to eat your words? At least they are calorie free! xo Diana

  19. Oh wow, I've never heard of that with a fireplace...It sounds really neat! Your picture of the bottles is just gorgeous! And Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter! (My daughter turned 30 last week.)

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!!

  20. I love that crackling fire and on the tv too! Looks like you're about to wind it up. I have a gazillion packages to wrap! :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  21. Oh how many times do I eat my words...maybe that is why I am overweight!

    Enjoy cooking...doing some today also
    Merry Christmas

  22. Christmas is very low key here, so I am done. On Christmas day we will have 2 other couples come for dinner, no family. The day after Christmas a niece, her 4 year old son and boyfried will be here for a few days.

    Merry Christmas!

  23. Preparations are just about finished! Enjoy this time with your loved ones!

    Merry Christmas!

  24. I think I'm almost done but still baking to do. You are doing a lot today! That fire is pretty!! :)

  25. Hi Kim! Haha...famous last words, eh? Have a fabulous time with your family. I am all done. Only 3 of us and thus not much to bake or wrap. MERRY Christmas~

  26. Would you believe that I just bought the Cracklin' Fire DVD last week from Amazon? Yup. Was so looking forward to it. When I put it in our tv with a built-in dvd player, it said that it wasn't "supported." Arghhh.

    Oh how exciting this Christmas will be with your son and daughter who've not seen each other in too long. It's going to be a hopping place!

    All the best to you as you scurry about. I've not done a lick of wrapping and my oven just kicked it so guess I'm off the hook for baking. If it isn't one thing it's another.

  27. Hi Kimberly, so funny about the fireplace app. A while back I did a post about our bedroom Christmas decor. In it I said, something about the stockings have to hang on the fireplace around our T.V. Hubby came home and said, "You should have put that fireplace app on the T.V. He had showed it to me a few days before. Haven't used it yet, but always turn music on the T.V. in the morning. I like to whistle (to music) while I work. lol! Really, never could whistle. Love your sweet bottles. So happy for you to have your family for the holidays!

  28. I am not familiar with 24-hour fireplace channel, but I make a point of putting on the "Yule Log" every christmas day morning on tv. My mom always put it on, so I grew up with it in the home, and it brings back many happy memories! If you don't have a fireplace, it's the next best thing! (We overlook the tackiness element). Merry Christmas to you.


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