Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Surprise in the Mail

             My Christmas apron swap partner was Gail at Faithfulness Farm. She not only sent
             an apron for me, but one for my g'daughter too. Isn't that sweet? Starlet will be coming
             over before Christmas so this will give us a chance to both wear our aprons while we
             make Christmas goodies together. As you can see, Gail included a Gingerbread man
             cookie cutter, gingerbread house cupcake holders with matching little pics, and sweet
             recipe cards too. This was my first swap and I have to tell you it was fun. I enjoyed
             making up Gail's gifts as much as receiving mine.
This is the apron I made for Gail. Then when my MIL saw it we decided that my sis in-laws would like one too. So I made two more.
Then my MIL hinted that she would like a new apron too. So apron
number four was made. Now you understand why I wasn't posting
much last week! All I can say about it is, "No more aprons please!"
                                    I did manage to get the dining room light decorated.
                                And I experimented with decorating my wooden dough bowl.
                                 On to more decorating today and then boring you with
                                 more photos tomorrow!
                                 I have to tell you I am getting some really good ideas from
                                 many of you for quick and easy cookies/candies this year.
                                 I'll try to do a post showing what I've found soon so you
                                 can try them also. If you haven't already.
                                Hope you have a great day,


  1. I love your dough bowl...very pretty! The aprons are sweet. I just love aprons...I have several hanging in my pantry!

  2. what sweet aprons I wear an apron every day but they are not as sweet as those.

  3. what sweet aprons I wear an apron every day but they are not as sweet as those.

  4. Good morning Kimberly, Wow, what a great swap... an apron. I love aprons, and it seems lots of you do too. Love the one you made. Lucky SIL's and MIL. to get them as gifts from you. Love your table with the dough bowl and the plaid makes it so cozy to me. Thanks for sharing. You never bore me with your photos. Keep them coming my friend.

  5. Your decorating is coming along nicely and your apron swap was a hit. You received a great gift, and I love the apron that you made. I like a full apron, I seem to get spills higher up on my clothing, if I don't wear one.

  6. Sweet aprons! Your grandgirlie will be delighted. I have those little cupcake papers so we do have something in common! You and I and everyone across the continent.

    No wonder you weren't around is right. That's a lot of apron making and Christmas decorating, which I never find boring! Not ever.

  7. Good morning! Yes, I can see you have been quite busy. The aprons are darling. I never did get to mine. Oh well, maybe next week. Enjoy your day!

  8. I would be thrilled to get a swap like that..how fun! It is no wonder that you had 'orders' from the family for that cute apron you made. That syle is just like the one my great grandmother wore, is it from a pattern or did you make it up yourself? - Have fun making your goodies! xo

  9. Oh goodness, what adorable aprons you create!!! You have some lucky ladies in your life who will receive them. :o) Your swap partner really spoiled you. Such adorable aprons and goodies. :o)
    Your home looks so cozy and warm. :o)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  10. All of those aprons are adorable. Even after all these years I still like to get a new one at Christmas time. I remember how my grandsons' eyes lit up last year when I put on my ruffled candy cane apron to do some baking - with an apron like that they just knew I was going to make something good!

  11. My opinion is that you can never have too many aprons! I love your blog and just found you by looking through Dawn at Creative Cain Cabin's blogroll. I will definitely be back for more!


  12. Your aprons are so cute! How fun to participate in a swap.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. What lovely swap Christmas aprons and cookie cutter. Your aprons are just beautiful and just in time for Christmas gifts. I love your festive dough bowl decoration. I always love to see how creative people display common object in their home decorations.

    Thanks for sharing. JB

  14. Love your dough bowl. I have been looking for one since summer but haven't found one I can afford! They tend to be a little pricey. Yours is gorgeous!

  15. Beautiful aprons that you received and gave. Aprons have been on my list for awhile, maybe next year will be the year to make them.

  16. What a lovely gift swap you received! And the apron you made is so pretty. Are you sure you don't want to make any more???? ;) It looks like you got a good start on your decorating. I really like the dough bowl and plaid runner on the table. Have a great evening. Pamela

  17. You've been busy! :-) The aprons look great, both the ones you made and the ones you received. Your decorations are pretty too.

  18. What adorable aprons! I think I'd really enjoy an apron swap. I'll have to keep an eye out. You must be able to make them quickly--it seems like it takes me forever!

  19. Glad you like your apron and goodies Kimberly! Come for a visit -- I am modeling mine :)


  20. I'm visiting from Gail's blog over at Faithfulness Farm :) :) :) The apron that you sent her is really cute. I just love the ones she sent to you, too :) :) I'm now a follower of your blog :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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