Monday, 26 December 2011

A Merry Christmas Day


From the time my g'children arrived all they talked about was a fire on the beach.
So after the gifts were open, the skies opened up with snow, right on cue. And out
they went with their Papa for a fire.

Starlet has always loved the outdoors. Even when she was wee, she wanted to be outside finding
bugs, chasing butterflies, communing with nature. This year she really struck gold
with all kinds of camping gear. Naturally, she was on cloud nine!

Anything dinosaur was a winner with Lambert. He already has more dinosaurs in his
collection than I can count. And definitely more than I can pronounce, but there's
always room for one more.
This is my lazy, dazy Christmas tree. Just whip out those special cards, attach with
clothespins, and then if your lucky enough, you'll have a Starlet who will make you a
special angel to hang in the center!

I have noticed in some of the other Christmas post just how tidy their houses are. Could
it be we are just a impatient lot here, all unwrapping and tossing paper about at once?
Or maybe I should have insisted we all get dressed, hair combed, and cleaned up the
paper after each present opening so it wouldn't look so darn messy for my photo ops!
But I have a tendency just to go with the flow, so it is what it is.
I hope all of you have had the merriest of Christmases and are looking forward
to this new year as much as I am! It's a wonderful time for new beginnings, new
projects, and wonderful anticipation of what the Lord has for us in the up-coming


  1. Looks like fun on the beach! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your grandchildren....

  2. I love the pictures of your grandchildren. It certainly looks like it was a happy Christmas for your family. Wishing you many blessings for the new year.

  3. But oh my dear, you have yet to see my after Christmas pictures. It will all get straightened up someday.

  4. Oh fun - a Christmas bonfire on the beach! That would be great.

  5. Sweet grands who look perfectly content and at home. Hope that you keep having more fun!

  6. It looks like a very nice time. I think your pictures look wonderful. My son had our camera and was taking pictures. I haven't had the nerve to even look at them. It won't be tidy I can assure you. My living room looked like a cyclone hit it all day. I finally picked paper up and took the trash out just before bed so I didn't have to get up to it. No, I am sure that our house was a mess and no one's hair was combed. :)
    It amazes me you can go and build a fire on the beach. If we tried that we would go to jail and would get a huge fine.
    That would be so awesome to build a fire like that sometime.
    I am glad you had such a good time.
    Have a lovely week.

  7. You can't walk in our den when the whole family comes and we unwrap gifts throwing boxes and paper everywhere. We have to make sure we don't throw any gifts or babies away with the trash.

  8. I just finished cleaning my kitchen a couple of hours was almost laughable it was soo bad, haha. Looks like you had a wonderful time! HUGS

  9. Ha Ha Ha! The truth is I just didn't post the pictures with the HUGE mess and the jammies and bed head. Although I have heard of families that get dressed nice for Christmas morning, but we are not them. I think the fire on the beach is a wonderful activity to do on christmas. What wonderful memories for the grand kids.
    Happy New Year.

  10. Looks like so much fun! Love your special tree. Snow and a fire on the beach!!!! Wow that is so wonderful and lucky!

  11. Christmas Eve night after Holly, Darbee Rae and Stacy left I just sat back and laughed. We work so hard for everything to look magazine perfect, but once the fun begins, who cares? It really looked like one big mess, but so worth it. Aren't those grands just the best? Oh that snow and the fire on the beach looks like so much fun. I just love snow and see it so rarely here in the south. Enjoyed your post

  12. Keeping it real!
    Your grandchildren are adorable. The look in their eyes and the smiles on their faces, says it all.
    Great memories, especially when you build a beach fire when it's snowing! Now that is the best!

  13. What a wonderful day it looks like you had! Merry, Merry (albeit late) Christmas!

  14. A fire in the snow on the beach - now that's fun!

    I keep hoping my boys will get into dinosaurs. I happen to really like them.

  15. How incredibly special to have fire on the beach on Christmas day. I would be all over that too.
    I sure would have been okay wearing pajamas all day yesterday too. I was in them most of the day previous to do the prep....and I loved it.
    I hope you are still enjoying those little ones in your home.

  16. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post!!! Such a beautiful family you have!!!

  17. A fire on the beach ? Awesome!!
    What a great tradition!!

    Looks like you had a wonderful, and blessed Christmas.

    Yes.. I'm looking forward to the new month, and the new year!!

    Hope you have a great day!!

  18. It looks like you all had a beautiful Christmas at your home, Kimberly!

  19. How awesome~A fire on the beach on Christmas day...and happy kids. Our house always looks like a bomb exploded when the kids are opening presents~ lol. Although Mom does make them comb their hair and brush their teeth when they get up. xo Diana

  20. Hi there, I loved reading about your Christmas and seeing your loved ones. I tried to comment yesterday but blogger was not cooperating.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Noreen

  21. So nice to have you stop by and visit my blog. I enjoyed coming to see you over here. Aren't those winter fires wonderful...for big and small. Merry Christmas

  22. Oh, what cute kids! A fire on the beach, it doesn't get any better! OMG my house was a disaster, you are not alone. My son left this morning and I have been cleaning all day!


  23. Hi Kimberly, How fun to party on the beach for Christmas! Cute pics of the kids. I love the crazy not perfect pictures. If things are too tidy, I say it must not be too fun. lol! Hey, I'm a bit weird also. Gardening is my first love and already dreaming of Spring. Bought a birdhouse today. Just ran across it at R.C Willeys. It's red and too cute! We are usually blanketed in snow this time of year. No snow in the valley. It was a bit weird to not have a 'white' Christmas. Didn't feel quite right. Looking forward to the New Year!

  24. So much fun! And I love the cards on the tree! Happy New Year!

  25. It looks like you had a very merry Christmas with your family!!! Love the bonfire on the beach!
    I do gather up the wrapping paper and boxes as soon as we finish opening gifts, so it can all be recycled. And bows and ribbons are tucked away in a drawer to be reused at another date. But the gifts themselves sit around the living room for a couple of days, so we really are not all that tidy over the holidays.

  26. I love your Christmas photos, Kimberly! Your tree is charming and your grandchildren look so happy...perfect!

  27. obviously you didnt see my photos :) we didnt comb our hair or bother to get out of our pjs all day! So often we have to run off to another family members house for the holiday, feeling rushed and unrelaxed,that we thoroughly enjoyed lounging around all day this year! i love the christmas campfire....looks like a great day indeed! Happy new year to all of you!


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