Monday, 12 December 2011

One Day At A Time

    This seems to be how my CHRISTmas decorating is getting done-one day at a time! My MIL and
    SIL left this morning so I now have this week to get on with some serious decorating. I'm work-
    ing on handmade ornaments and my only sewing project left to do is pj's for DH. I have to do
    this in secret, of course!
    Aren't these polar bears adorable? They look like their noses are in the air sniffing for a seal or
    a walrus to eat. Sorry if that leaves you with a too realistic image. OK imagine they are sniffing 
    for a Coca Cola. That's much better to picture in ones mind.

McDugal is waiting for me to make some 'Good Things to Eat'.
I did make up two boxes of cookies to be sent to our oldest and
youngest sons, who can't make it here for the holidays. Now I
need to start baking for my daughter and son's families who are
This is the  tea cozy my MIL made for me from the patterns I bought for her. Isn't she  sweet? I really have to learn how to knit better. I can master a scarf, but that's the extent of my knowledge.
I am waiting excitedly for my DH to return from the post. I have a notice that we have two pkgs. waiting for
pick up. I believe one of them contains an apron from the Christmas swap that I am participating in. My partner in the swap is Gail at Faithfulness Farm. I'll share some pics with you tomorrow.

    This is last nights sunset. It was a ball of orange/red fire which you can not even see from this
    photo. I had to use my husbands camera since I broke mine (long story), and I don't know how
   to adjust the setting on it yet. Anyway, it's still pretty even with the coloring being all wrong.
   Now I'm off to visit all of you, my friends, and see what's been happening with you lately.


  1. That is the same way my decorating is getting done..bit by bit. The city house won't get done until next week...yikes! - Your MIL did such a nice job on that cute tea cozy! - I wouldn't get much done if I had sunsets like that to look at, just spectacular! xo

  2. I love your kitchen window decorations. Very creative! And yes, I believe the bears are looking for Coke. How they make them seem so tame and gentle when they'd eat you if you got too close to one! Yikes! Our sunset was very beautiful last night too and the moonrise was gorgeous. The tea cozy is sweet and I like the pretty doilies over your jars in behind it. Have fun decorating!

  3. I love the cornice made from a branch and decorated the you have done. It's perfect and I can see myself copying this idea in the future!

    Thanks for sharing. . . .

  4. I think the tea cozy is darling and I love the bears. I am in aw of the view from your kitchen window and the lake....Oh My!


  5. Your Christmas decorations are very pretty! Love the two polar bears and the tea cozy. The lake sunset is very beautiful! What a view you have!

  6. Beautiful decorations and your views are wonderful!

  7. Your place looks so festive! Our stuff is up, but we're doing little crafts. The boys and I did cinnamon applesauce ornaments this weekend - they sure make the house smell good!

  8. I have years and years of accumulated tree decorations but will not use them all this year.

    Nice decorations in your window.

    That's how I did my decorating this year, one little bit at a time and the decorations are still not all out, not even the outdoor is done.

    I'll be right over for a hot cup of tea and cookies. Now your tea will be piping hot for your guests and I assume that you have some yummy cookies in that handsome Cookie Jar of yours.

    I think that the polar bears add a nice touch. All you need is snow to keep them cool. JB

  9. Your decorated window looks lovely and those are very cute polar bears. I don't do lots of decorating these days as we go out for Christmas Day. That is a gorgeous sunset photo.

  10. It's Christmas at your sweet home, indeed.. I too like the touch of the polar bears..and you can always stop me in my tracks with a sunset..did I miss the tree - wink!
    Hugs from Cabo

  11. Oh Kimberly, It all looks so festive and beautiful!!! I hope that you are having a happy holiday season!!!

  12. Hi Kimberly! I love the look of your sweet kitchen window! I thought those polar bears were sniffing for cookies! :)
    Good luck with all of your Christmas gifts you're making! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Love how the window turned out! ;>

    Sweet tea cozy, too.

    And oh what a glorious sunset across the lake. Are you on hand for each one? (We always watch the sunsets when we're at the lake, though perhaps if we lived there all the time, we'd take it for granted. You don't seem like one who would.)

  14. Thank you for posting a picture of the lake. I've been waiting to see it in the winter. That is one pretty sunset!

    Christmas decorating one day at a time is the best way to enjoy it. So far, that's what I've been doing.

  15. Your Christmas decorating is looking wonderful! What beautiful have such a magnificent view!

  16. Beautiful sunset photo, what a view. I love what you did over your sink, that is so creative and cute. I have the same red mugs you have the little tree in. Just adorable.

  17. Your kitchen decor is very pretty and woodsy looking. I love the polar bears. Did you know that Manitoba has Polar Bears? In Churchill, which is on the Hudson's Bay, there are lots of them. There are tourist tours that a person can take.
    The lake is so beautiful! You are blessed to have that for a view every day.
    Have fun sewing and baking.
    Hugs Cindy

  18. so sweet and inviting. It goes with your lovely home.

  19. I love the polar bears marching along there. So cute!

    Beautiful sunset! :-)

  20. Ahh, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
    I love your window and the birch? branch piece hanging in the window- perfect! The ornaments hanging from it look so cute! You are a purist up north kind of gal! I admire your love for the area you live! I would love it best May through October!! We get plenty of snow here too, but I'm guessing you get more! I think I smell a wood fire burning!! Ooh- and cookies too! I'll be right over for some hot chocolate and cookies!! Happy Holidays!! Liz

  21. I love your tea cozy. I think I am going to try and find that pattern. It brings back such wonderful memories of my Gramma. I love your look in the kitchen window. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas! hee-hee! As for my decorations, let's just say do not do a remodel this time of the year. Still no furniture back in the house, but I do have a tree! Stay warm and snuggle in!

  22. Hi Kimberley, greetings from Northern Ontario also, on Lake Superior too. Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorating and also for the gorgeous photo of a typical Lake Superior sunset. I have just found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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