Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Flower Power

All week long I have been thrilled to see the lovely spring flowers popping up on many of
by southern friends post. And, truthfully, a little envious too! There have been crocus, tulips,
daffodils, cherry and apple trees in blossoms, and really too many for me to remember. I
just know it will be June before they will be breaking ground here!
But look what I woke up to this morning-my very own crochetas have bloomed.
This is probably a new flower to many of you. I know I have just discovered it.
They can bloom anytime of the year, you just have to know how to 'work' them. 
It has the leaf of a geranium, but blooms with varying colors and shapes. If you'd
like to know where you can 'find' one, let me know and I will set you up with one.
I didn't quite make it to 'Michaels' yesterday. It was one of those shopping days where you
have a dozen different places you have to go. However, my MIL and I spent a good deal of
our time in 'Value Village'. She is getting an apt. down south soon, so she is excited about
finding pretty dishes and such to set up a second household. We did find the perfect set for her.
And then I wanted to find some new tops for spring. I knew exactly what I wanted and I found three.
The only problem was they were all smalls  instead of mediums. Never mind that, I bought them
anyway. My daughter will love them and I'll enjoy seeing them on her, at least, if I can't wear
them myself!
The sunset last evening was gorgeous again. I saw on the calender that we change to daylight
savings time this weekend. Doesn't this sound like this is happening a little earlier than usual?
 This means that my sunsets will now be an hour later. I think I can live with that!
As I sat basking in the beauty of this sunset, I discovered that my son, Clayton and his
family have been without power since the wee hours of the morning last Saturday.
My oldest son, Jefferson, is part of the crew working to restore their power as we speak.
However, it could be this Saturday before they get to Traverse City where Clayton lives
as there were so many other counties without power also.
But, in light of the real tragedies of the recent tornadoes, I know Clayton isn't complaining.
He's just happy to still have a place to go home to.
I also have some very big news to give you soon. And no, NannaDiana, it's not that I'm
pregnant! Would you believe my own daughter actually called me and ask me if I was after
 she read my salt and pepper post? I'm thinking I really must be more careful how I word
these post in the future!
That's all the excitement here in my world today. What's happening with you?


  1. beautiful sunst photos and your flowers are so cute.I did get to the new craft store, its OK but i won't be buying much there I don't think, I bought some watercolor paper that was 40% off but I found the prices high.Don't worry about that salt and pepper post, it was cute.

  2. oops I forgot you had asked whats up with us at the end of your post.We just got back from Marks Work Wear, and Metro, I should have went to Valoe Village, I was right there! I'm making chicken soup and lemon poppy seed muffins.

  3. How creative are you with the flowers...the sun set is just wonderful...over the snow!

    Too funny on pregnant...mine still ask me if I am if they see me eating Ding Dongs...too funny!

  4. How cute are your flowers! I think you are onto something to help chase the winter blues away. Your sunset is gorgeous!! I'm trying to be patient for Spring flowers but temps are still dropping below freezing in the mornings. Enjoy your week!

  5. Here on the other side of the world we are having storms too... we were without power for a few days and that was bad enough! Hope they get their power restored soon. I used to work for a power company and I know how hard those guys work...

  6. I enjoyed your post today, but now I am curious about what the big news is. I know what you mean about the spring flowers and I like how you solved the problem. Have a great day.

  7. The sunset w/ the snow is fantastic!

    Yes, our daffodils are up, but not blooming yet.

  8. Hey Kimberly, I love your geraniums, so many beautiful flowers :-) I think making the flowers is a brilliant idea, especially since you have to wait a little longer than others for your spring to appear.
    Wow, what a sunset!!! I'm happy to hear you were able to find the dishes Mil was looking for and shirts. Enjoy the evening, catch you later.

  9. At first glance I thought the "flowers" were real. Great way to add a touch of Spring to your home.

    You know that I love the pictures of the lake! Wow! So beautiful!

  10. Stunning sunsets! Wow!

    I really feel for everyone who has been affected by the tornadoes--so early this year!

  11. LOL- See, I am not the ONLY one that thinks of things like that...I'm glad you're NOT pg but now I am wondering what your BIG NEWS is. Are you having an affair? Did your hubby confess that he is a woman living in a man's body and is running away with the male bear that has been known to visit you? Are you going to run away and join the circus? See, you can't leave me hanging like this cuz my mind goes in all kinds of directions?

    I love that plant and have never even heard of it. It is gorgeous..and I, too, am envious of those Southern gals with gardens coming into bloom. xo Diana

  12. Darling flowers. We actually hit 67 degrees here today:) I think Spring is trying to make her break through.

  13. Wow, the sunset is gorgeous, and I love your cute, crocheted flowers. Sorry to hear your son is without power. I hope his service is back on again soon.

  14. Beautiful flowers! I need some here in northern Utah. We still have a bit of snow too. Beautiful sunset! Mimi

  15. Your new 'hybrid' geraniums are beautiful, they look like the blooms will last and last too! haha. - I bet you never get tired of those brilliant sunsets. - I am still smirking over the pregnant thing..really? Can you even imagine starting all over again..Yikes!!!

  16. Ooooooooh,ahhhhhh...pretty photos! Retail therapy, eh? I could use some new tops too, but hate clothes shopping. Love the pizza cutter. Have a good weekend. :)

  17. Love the sunset! Love your crocheted flowers too!

    I had no idea we sprang ahead this weekend! Thanks for mentioning it!

  18. What a awesome view of the sunset and snow.....

  19. I did a double take when I saw your flowers, then I burst out laughing. Now that's a clever idea.
    How nice that you and your MIL had good luck at Value Village. Always fun to find treasures.
    Well, we may have the flowers blooming down here, but I'm a bit envious of that stunningly beautiful sunset view you have.

  20. I was staring really hard at those flowers and then I got a good laugh! Pretty! That sunset is glorious! I could live with that and wait a little while for spring. Well maybe not..I'm itching for spring now too!

  21. It looks like you need to set me up with crochetas, seeing as how we got more snow this morning. Spring may happen this weekend, it's forecasted to be 10 deg C, there will be streams of water everywhere!
    I love the red pt and the pizza man, how fun to go shopping with your mom at VV.
    So glad to her that you're not "expecting", I look forward to hearing your good news, though.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. I think day light savings is a month early this year...never remember it in March. Love your flowers..I had to look twice befroe I realized what thet were...adorable. Beautiful sunset...spring will be there soon

  23. I love the flowers! I definitely need some!

    I envy you your Value Village! We have Salvation Army and St. V de P along with a great consignment shop, so I shouldn't complain! I got two pairs of size 14 (down from size 16!) pants the other day, along with a cute skirt and blouse. I am supposed to be clearing out - but I can't resist a bargain!

  24. Your crocheted flowers are so cute and very clever! I've never heard of Value Village around here, sounds interesting.
    The sunset photos are stunning! Have a nice Friday and weekend, too.

  25. Oh you are clever... I just love that new flower and think I just may have to get one of my own. It's that or wait another couple of months!

    Blessings, Debbie

  26. Those were beautiful pictures of your lake...did you see the Northern lights the last couple of days!

  27. Love those flowers!!! Who would have thunk it! That was a REALLY clever and cute idea. I'm so sorry your son and his family are without power. I went without for 8 days a few years back and it was pretty awful.
    Love your sunset pictures and happy you had fun and got some treasures with your MIL.

  28. Your crocheta flowers are just so pretty. Where ever did you find them??? lol Cute idea and certainly they add some spring colour. Beautiful sunset photos. I hope your son has his power on now. Blessings, Pamela

  29. I live in Gods country all year round. I have the black bears. Knock,knock. Your pictures are very fimilar to my settings of life. Love picture #1 and the rest that follow with the flowers. Magnificent. Thanks for sharing.I see your figure images are so darling. My hubby is Dutch so I adored the two you have in show and tell.


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