Monday, 5 March 2012

What Would You Pay?

Would you pay $14.99 for these? I have been wanting these
sweet shakers and spotted a pair last week while in Value Village.
But $14.99 seemed a little steep to me! What do you think?
When I went to Etsy to do some comparable pricing I ended
up finding so....many reasonably priced shakers that were
just as cute that I decided they definitely are not worth $14.99
to me.!
If you are looking for something to bring a little spring into the
house, I think this cute couple would sure do the trick.
Why are there eyes shut? Maybe getting ready for Eskimo kisses?
I bet you're wondering if I'm becoming obsessed with salt &
pepper shakers now. Well, not really. There were just so many
cute ones I'd never seen before. And since I'd saved these pictures
I thought I might as well share them with you. But this is it-no more.
I promise!
I saw this on someones pinterest. It looks like a unique mix of
shakers and other sweet porcelain objects. It's kind of neat, I think.

We had another beautiful day here today. I believe I'll title this photo,
'Sunshine & Shadows'.
We had a new 'Michaels' open in town this last weekend, so I feel
obliged (ha!) to drop in and check it out sometime this next week.
How about you?
Anything new happening in your neck of the woods?



  1. Actually, I like your salt and pepper shaker posts. They are cute! I'll be doing a salt and pepper post in the near future myself - probably next week.

  2. A new Michael's in town sounds fantastic! I sure miss closed several years ago in the economic down turn.

    We have a section at the flea market devoted to salt and pepper shakers. I've not seen any as cute as what you have shown us. The price on the first seems a little steep, but if you love them, you certainly can't go wrong with retail therapy at under $15. =D

  3. Those are all cute. I don't know anything about values of them though. I love those candlesticks though...aren't those darling?

    Have fun at Michaels. It is just sad that you have to go there to make sure they are running the place properly, you poor thing!;>) xo Diana

  4. The salt and pepper shakers are adorable! They are all terribly cute. I've noticed that VV sells all of their antique pieces at an outrageous price now, it's ridiculous! Not just antiques but collectables too. I've had my eye on some large Norman Rockwell plates that they want $19.99 a piece for, when I asked the cashier if they are ever marked down she said they will be after they've been there for a month. I'm certain they've been there since the Christmas stuff was out, so I'm not so sure.
    Have a lovely day, dear lady.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I think Value Village's prices are a little high and you were wise to check out Etsy, what a wonderful selection you found.Such a beautiful photo of your frontage, I did get to micheals and it was BUSY , my eye sight is no good in busy crowded spotsso I will go back when it quiets down. Lots to see though!!!Have a happy monday Kimberly.

  6. I think Value Village's prices are a little high and you were wise to check out Etsy, what a wonderful selection you found.Such a beautiful photo of your frontage, I did get to micheals and it was BUSY , my eye sight is no good in busy crowded spotsso I will go back when it quiets down. Lots to see though!!!Have a happy monday Kimberly.

  7. VV and Goodwill have raise their prices in the last year. But, they both have Senior Day. I know it various from one store to the other the percentage off on Sr. Day. You would think it would be company wide. I'm not sure one can have too many salt and pepper shakers. Enjoy your week checking out Michaels! Hugs!

  8. I think they are all so fun...and worth the price if it brings a smile to your face.

    You always open my eyes to watching out for new things I might have passed up.

    I haven't seen that on Pinterest...but I am enjoying going through it at night and being inspired

  9. Rain, rain and more rain over here. I have been spending an inordinate amount of time in Michael s lately, finding bits and pieces for wedding 'stuff'!

  10. I find V.V. is a bit proud of some of their items, I'm way too thrifty to pay that for salt shakers. I will, however, take a look at the Etsy ones being offered...How cute are they?! xo

  11. I love browsing in Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Flea markets are fun, too, but I'm beginning to think that the stuff I see there is way over priced! The salt and peppers are all cute, but I'm not sure if the prices are right. Seems a tad high to me. But it's all in how much you want them, too. Have a good Monday!

  12. That snow is amazing. I love how it is drifted and it just is so blue and beautiful in the picture. They are nice salt shakers, but I always use Kosher salt so it had sort of made it impossible to use them anymore. I hadn't thought of that until now. I have some cute ones too but they are put away.
    Have fun visiting Micheal's. I love that place, but try to stay away. :)

  13. Hi-you dropped by my blog so I dropped by yours. I love that picture of the snow and lake. I do not see much snow since we live in the South. I grew up in the Northeastern part of the US , however, and I used to ski every weekend in the winter months. Not any more!!! I have just become a follower of your blog. I usually read the blogs on my google reader unless I Comment! I have purchased salt and pepper shakers from Ebay with good results and good prices.

  14. I know what you mean about salt and pepper shakers, I have a small collection and I could easily go crazy, but my lack of space prevents me from buying any more. Good thing!

  15. Love the photo "sunshine and flowers" !

    Have a great day..


  16. and shadows.....I have flowers on my mind today!! :-)

  17. Cute shakers! The prices for them are about the same here, especially for the cute vintage ones. I gave 18.00 for a set that has a clock face - and they still make me smile. Sometimes it is just fun to spend the little extra, especially if they make you happy.

    Stay warm!


  18. it would depend on how bad I wanted them...sort of like with Jeans...if they fit and look good...they are priceless!!! lol

  19. I love the flower shakers! A lovely post!

  20. I too am finding VV more expensive and they don't seem to have any good stuff lately. I think the good stuff is getting picked over by someone on staff. lol I love the s & p set of the girls with the hats. So cute! Oh, it's snowing here again. It was supposed to be light flurries but it's been steady all day. Warming up by Wednesday though. :) We need some melting here. BTW, I never did see the moose pics on that blog you posted on the weekend. Only fashions photos. Hugs, Pamela

  21. I am glad you shared your S & P's because I think they are all charming. I have quite a few sets that I didn't set out to collect. They just kept following me home. :).
    The price on your first set does seem high for VV, but I have noticed the vintage pieces are much higher here than they used to be too.
    I don't think I've ever seen the beach covered in snow in real life. It is a beautiful sight.

  22. Love the photo Sunshine and Shadows, so pretty!

    I really like the shakers that look like sunflowers. :)

  23. Your shakers pictures are all cute, but I agree, I wouldn't pay $14.99 either. Pretty snow picture. I hope you're staying warm and having a good Monday. :)

  24. Kimberly, I like the salt and pepper shakers but $14.99 is a little steep. Now the candle sticks are neat, and totally different. I bet you could make them yourself. Looks like the lake ice melted and the snow is gradually leaving. Spring is in the air!!!!

  25. I love salt shakers too! Nope, I too would have passed them up for $14.99, they are cute, but not that cute!


  26. Michaels? You lucky! I have to order everything online. Love the S&P shakers and the candle holders. And of course your photo of your "back yard"...what is that long line on the horizon? Is that land? I think they use that E-6000 industrial glue to glue all the stuff together...I've been thinking of ordering some for crafts and such. TTYL!

  27. I like the little daisy flower set! And I hope you continue to post about S&P from time to time. One of my aunts collected them and I've always though it was such fun to see all the different ones!

  28. Yes, I would pay 14.99 for these some are worth so much more....

  29. What fun! So you never said if you purchased any of them yourself.?

    Love your 'sunshine and shadows' photo. Just beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  30. Hi Kimberly, I was just about to say that if you love them I would pay $14.99. But then if you find others you like as well for a better deal, how great is that? I collect S&P shakers. I'm sure that's no surprise to you. lol! The only vintage ones I have are red and white. I have some cute seasonal ones and of course birds.
    For Spring I have a fun cabbage set. I think the ones you showed are so cute. My favorite are the little bonnet girls and the flowers. Love your shadow pic! Yes, I think your are entitled (obligated) to go check out the new Michaels. Find fun things!

  31. Such cute shaker sets! Love the stacked pieces, creative! Thanks for stopping by my new scale post!

  32. I like the second and third sets the best- so cute! Now you be careful- Michaels is very addictive! HA HA


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