Thursday, 29 March 2012


Because I've had so many questions about our move to the Yukon,
I thought I would write a post with a few of the details.
Here are just a few:
1) When are we leaving? In two weeks.
2) Are we selling our home? No, our youngest son and his new
bride will live here.
3) Is my MIL moving with us? No, she has an apartment
near her girls, as well as her camp here to visit. She will
be flying out this summer to spend some time with us.
4) Is this a seasonal job? No.
5) What type of work is it? We will be managing a camp ground,
restaurant, convience store, gas station, and small laundromat.
6) Will you still be blogging? Definitely!
I hope that answers a few of your questions. Now..........
Here is a new book I bought in Traverse City.
I just couldn't believe how cheap it was-$5.95!
I know I won't be implementing most of the techniques
written here, but I'm  still a sucker for anything titled,
Back To Basics. Are you?
Since blogger's playing nice, I thought I would share my two
other apron fabrics with you. I love the old-fashioned pattern
of this one. It reminds me of wallpaper I had in a past kitchen.
And paisley I love, even in black and white.
Today I'm joining Lisa at Two Bears Farm and Three Cubs  for Rural Thursday. And Debbie at Debbeidoo's Newbie Graduation Party. Many of you, like myself, have received a lot of advice from Debbie and help getting started in blogdom land. A big 'Thank You' from me!!



  1. I'm excited for your move! It sounds like such a neat opportunity.

    Love your apron fabrics! Thanks for linking up today :-)

  2. I feel you must be brave....I could never live where life is like being a pioneer. I will be thinking of you. Truly wish you the best. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  3. Kimberly,

    2 weeks and your moving, you must be excited. The move and managing a camp ground, restaurant, convenience store, gas station and laundromat sounds wonderful. I bet you will be seeing more wildlife up there than where your at now.
    I love the material you picked out to make aprons or blouses. Have a great day.

  4. That will be so much fun, you will meet so many people and have so many animal friends coming to visit too, I'm sure. It will be great blog post material and the title of your blog will still work! - Love your apron material, I need to make a few for myself also. xo

  5. I do not know how you'll have any time for blogging, but I sure am glad that you're going to continue. That's one great thing about the land of Blogdom...we go with you!

    Lovely fabrics. I really like your lamb and the Dionne Quints advertisement.

  6. WOW...only 2 weeks till your advemture begins. How exciting. I love the fabrics, and the lamb. Looking forward to "moving" with you! God's blessings on it all! HUGS

  7. Sounds like you are in for a great adventure!!! Love those fabrics and that little lamb is precious!!

  8. I guess I missed a few posts. Lol
    Your new adventure sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see all the beautiful photos you will post of your new location.

  9. I think this is awesome!! I am sure you will both be great hosts and enjoy yourselves to boot.

  10. Your new adventure sounds fun and a lot of work. I'm very happy to hear you still will be bloging otherwise I would miss you! Love the fabric and bet your fabric shopping will be limited in the Yukon! Oh well there is always online shopping, LOL! Enjoy your day - packing!

  11. Your move sounds like such an adventure. Sounds like you have all the bases covered... God Speed and His blessings upon you and yours!
    (so glad to know you'll still be blogging)

  12. I think this is going to be an exciting adventure. I love the brown fabrics you chose.

  13. Ok grasshopper I have much to catch up on....I have been trying to go back on your posts to find out where i missed this move information....only in Canada and Alaska do they have these all in one stops for the most part. Since I worked at one for almost 18 years....all I can say is WOW. Email me if you want with questions.

  14. Your new adventure sounds like so much fun. What an opportunity!

  15. Thanks so much for the info on your trip..I was so curious. What a dream job...yes, I know it is a ton of work and is 24/7...but I know you will enjoy it!! Can't wait to see it and hear all about it.

    So glad your son and his bride will get to stay in your house...perfect.

  16. Sounds like this will be an exciting time for you. How wonderful that your son and his bride will be moving into your house. The fabrics are pretty. I especially like the black and white ones. :)

  17. Congratulations...on your son's engagement and your big move!

    I'll miss your views of northern Ontario but I'm sure there are just as many great views in the Yukon!

    Happy packing! : )


  18. I think I must have missed a post or two. I didn't know you were moving! How exciting...and a lot of work, too, I'm sure. I'm glad to hear you'll still be blogging. Can't wait to see and hear all about your new residence! Have a great day!

  19. Oh Kimberly..
    You are going to have so much fun!!
    I am so excited for you!!
    I'll just bet you are going to have some interesting adventures, and I can't wait to read all about them :)

    Love the fabric!!

    Hope you found my new blog ok..
    as you know, it takes a bit of work to get a blog up and running :)

    See you over at
    always fixin never sittin :)

  20. What an amazing adventure you have in front of you!! Wishing you a wonderful time! LOVE the fabric choices.)

  21. Oh- I give you so much credit for what you are doing. I think the older we get the harder it is to get out of our comfort zone and make such big changes. I can't wait to "move" along with you and share in what you are doing- xo Diana

  22. I love love that green and white flowered fabric! My favorite colour. Your new job sounds wonderful! Blessings, Pam

  23. Hi there Kimberly, Thank you for answering all of our questions about your move. I know you will be such an incredible blessing to you new area.
    Loved the fabric and I'll check out your links too.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.
    Hugs Noreen

  24. Kim, so nice of you to fill us in on your move. Hope it all goes well, it looks like you will have a lot of work ahead of you, managing all those places. I am interested in your book, can you tell me some of the things it contains?

  25. Well congrats to you girl! Sounds like an exciting journey coming up. So glad you shared at the reunion party.

  26. this is such an adventure this move to the Yukon, I know you've done it before, but I haven't and I'm following you every step of the way, don't leave out anything, your post was great today , I loved every single word!

  27. What an adventure. I cannot wait for the posts and pictures.

  28. Hi Kimberly, My My---I've been gone awhile, haven't I???? Congrats on your move to the Yukon... I'd love to do that -if I were your age... That is truly awesome... I'm happy for you and glad that your kids can live in your home while you are gone...

    I can't wait to see all of your pictures from that area--once you get settled.... Wow--that is awesome.

  29. Wow! What an adventure. If I were only younger... :)

    Thanks so much for sharing with Rural Thursday, Kimberly!

  30. I came over from Sam's! Going to the Yukon..what an adventure! I am glad to hear you will be blogging from there! I will follow along! :)

  31. Oh I am so excited that you will take us along on your journey...What fun!!! I had to go back about 4 posts to catch up... a wedding too! What a great adventure, I am envious! I was sure I was following you? Well, I am following you again! I don't want to miss a picture or a word of your adventure, I will live vicariously!! Oh please tell us more! What where you doing before,Have yo done this kind of work? How far from your home is this? did you purchase this camp (I don't know what to call it) Or are you employees? Oh, this is so exciting...They have internet don't they? I am going to hang on every post!



  32. Congratulations on the big move, Kimberley! The Yukon is definitely a place I'd like to visit. I'm a MI native and have been to Superior many times. Gorgeous country in its own right!

  33. Kimberly, I admire your pluck and spirit of adventure to head off to the Yukon. I'd do it too, given the chance, but DH is past that stage and needs closer medical care. (sigh)
    Is your location on the grid or off? We saw plenty that were off when we traveled that way the summer of 2008.

    I've followed along sporadically, but with this move, I'll be settling in for the duration and look forward to all the new experiences.

  34. Hi Kimberly...I enjoyed scrolling through some of your posts...a great family and a great blog! Good luck with your move...very exciting to say the least!

    Have a great weekend~

  35. WOW! What an exciting adventure; I wish you all well.
    I'm headed to Alaska in June; perhaps our paths will cross.

  36. Oh boy...time to plan a road trip to go camping. How fun would that be if you got drop-ins from bloggy land.

  37. I am SO excited for you! I can't wait until you start blogging about Alaska....if you need a helper just let me know! LOL! I guess I'll wait to send you what I wanted to send you since I can't seem to find it now! AHHHH!!! That's what happens when I I can't find anything. That'll teach me! Send me your new address when you land so when I do find it I can send it on.
    Yes...I am a sucker for anything that says "back to basics"...I sit and read those type of books while my dishwasher runs and my washing machine and my robotic vacuum does my work for me! LOL!


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