Friday, 30 March 2012

Farewell To the Penny

Yes, it's official. As of this fall the Canadian government will
no longer be minting pennies. I can't say that I blame them-
it cost more to make than it's worth in value.  And they estimate
it will save the government 11 million dollars a year. So, I
commend them for being smart!
We should've known it was inevetiable when we could no
longer buy penny candy! But a whole chip in my brain is
now going to have to be erased. If I comply, that is!
I can no longer be penny pinching, something
 I've  taken great pride in. I used to think
'a penny earned was a penny saved'. No more. And do I
now say to my DH, "A nickel for your thoughts"? No,
being the rebel that I am, I will continue to pass these
quotes on to down to my g'children. And when they ask what a
penny is we will climb up the ladder to the loft, open the
old cedar chest lid and as they gaze in awe, I will pour into
their cupped hand-pennies!! How magical will that be?
In all seriousness, I will do that. But I would love
too, to do a floor like this one. In memory of
the late and great  Canadian penny.
 I'm thinking it would look good on our gazebo floor.
What do you thing? 
But it sure looks like a lot of pennies I'll have to start saving!
I'm waiting to see if these monkies are coming over on their
spring break next week.  I sure hope they can.
Notice the summer clothing? This
was taken two weeks ago. Now they have snow and cold
again! Well, that's spring for you in the north!
Also, if you'd like to see what gift Sam received from my
drawing, she did a post on it. Visit Sam Am I and scroll
down to the March 27th post.
Have a good weekend, my friends-Kimberly


  1. That penny floor is the coolest thing!!

  2. I'd by a bunch of bananas and bribe those cute little monkeys over! Sweet!!!

    Now, that penny floor is the coolest thing ever!!! I want one, who would of ever thought.

    God bless ya and have a delightful weekend!!! :o)

  3. Ah yes, the penny will be a thing of the past. I have rolled pennies that my sweet m-i-l saved, all American! She saved them for her rare trips across the 'line' (border) to purchase yarn or some other handwork. It's been suggested we donate them to a worthy cause. I wonder how many will come out of the 'closet' so to speak and be donated or a glut will be cashed in at the banks and they'll have too many again! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Pam

  4. I wouldn't keep a treasure chest of pennies; I'd haul them to the Pig stat. Keep a wee little chest of them just for old time's sake. And if Canada has gone this route, I wonder about the future of our penny, which has such a good message on it for the finding. One thing you can be happy about will be the end of .99 price tags.

    The recipient of your goodies is quite a fun gal. May have to stop by and visit again if I remember where to find her.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I think you should do the floor, that is such a neat idea. I just love it:)

  6. Someone, somewhere will be melting those little suckers down for the cash for copper! LOVE the floor idea! xo Diana

  7. You Canadian's are so smart...we need to do this the US. It's crazy but they are worthless. I am glad you will keep using all the cliches.
    Heading over to see Sam I Am...she is so much fun, glad she won.

  8. What a couple of cutie-pies!
    I love that they are outside and playing... it's not that common for kids to do anymore-- LOL

    Very cool penny floor! I would guess pretty indestructable too.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I am going to miss the penny.The price goods will now increase by 5 cents instead of 1 cent. A penny floor would be beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. The penny floor is pretty cool. I hope you get to see the little "monkeys." :D Have a good weekend!

  11. I want a penny floor. That looks so cool. All I could think of last night was that my purse will soon be lighter. Man, those pennies seem to multiply in the bottom of my purse.

  12. thats crazy about the penny, they said on the news tonight that it costs more to m ake than its worth, my grandson just went home, he lives in michigan and his winter break was this week, I miss him already! Enjoy your gran children and i hope you have that floor of pennies,

  13. We should get rid of the penny here in the USA also... But--our country is not into 'saving' money!!!!! ha ha...

    IF I were you, I'd hang onto as many pennies as possible. They may be worth something someday... Ya think???? Penny for your thoughts????

    Have a great weekend.

  14. It's hard to believe we are the last generation that will be able to quote the penny phrases with a memory of them weighing down our purses. I want to go buy a set of coins for each grand that includes a penny.
    I love that floor. Go for it...I might even send you a few.

  15. Canada is clearly smarter than the US!

    I, too, LOVE that floor!

  16. Love the penny floor...could be sweet on a bathroom counter, also!

  17. I'm kind of sad to hear that it's not going to be minted any longer. We have a huge mint here in Winnipeg, I wonder if that's where it's made. So will all of the penny makers be layed off? Hmmm...I wonder. I do think it's a smart move for the Harper government, though.
    I hope your grands are able to visit you next week.
    Have a good weekend,
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. I hear rumors of the US doing the same...:(

    but , I still like the cute little thing and I pick them up still!!!

  19. That is the coolest looking floor! Hope you're having a good weekend and that your grands get to visit!

  20. I too am amazed at the penny floor. I enjoy your blog. Hope you will visit mine..I just started yesterday..would love for you to follow.

  21. I read about this -- kind of sad, but it makes "cents." Groan. :)

  22. Everytime I find a penny, I look up at heaven and say "Thanks Dad".
    I find pennies in the most odd of places. Does this mean no more pennies from Heaven?

  23. I just read about the Canadian penny today! I wonder if ours is far behind. Such a pretty little coin. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new adventure.

  24. I think its so that floor though!

  25. Oh, so sad! If you want to do that floor I bet your "over the border" friends could send you some U.S. pennies...we still have lots of them! LOL! How are you going to pay for things that are like $1.99 and such? There'd have to be lots of re-pricing if it happened down here!
    The floor IS cool! How creative people are.
    Love those monkeys too! I'm with Nezzy....lots of bananas should do it! They are so cute.
    I'm still oohing and ahhing over all the neat stuff you sent me! I am one lucky gal this week! Have a great Sunday! Do you have April Fool's Day in Canada or are we the only foolish ones? LOL!

  26. I hope your little monkies can make it! I have a friend who's making a penny table top. Smaller project than the floor but kind of fun. Mimi

  27. I have wondered if the US would ever do this- but hearing that Canada is- well, it just makes me wonder how much longer for us. That floor is just the neatest thing..


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