Friday, 16 March 2012

1950's Berwick Snack Set

If you are my age, you will remember going to a wedding shower or an anniversary party
and being served on a lovely Berwick Snack  Set or one similar to it. Well, I have this
exact set! Eight plates in all. When my in-laws had bought an old farm many years ago
this set, along with a lot of other goodies were stashed in their barn. She didn't want them,
so I very quickly inherited them. Thank you very much! One thing I didn't know , but
I learned from the article, was that there is a notched corner for a person's cigarette.
Who knew?
Here's my set. 
I got all this valuable information from 'Country Living'. I hardly ever purchase magazines
anymore. Since we have Pin interest who needs them? But I do occasionally 'need 'one to
browse through while I enjoy a hot cup of tea in my comphy chair!
She bought the house for the sink? Yeah, I could easily see myself doing the
same thing! I had one just like this in a home we owned in Missouri when
our kids were little. Only mine didn't have the deep side this one has. Sorry
I don't have any photos of mine. I guess back in the early 80's  it didn't seem
so novel to me as it is today.
The French milk jug is nice, but what I really wanted you to see was the envelope
made out of re purposed paper. Aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to receive a letter in
an envelope like this and just think you can make them for free.
And lastly, this is the little General Store I'm going to own someday.
But not in Austin, Texas!
What do you think? Would you stop in here for a sandwich and a look around?
I sure would. this is my kind of place!
I'll be back later tonight with my surprise drawing results!


  1. Cute little store. I like Austin!

    Your snack set is great - love the story behind it!

  2. I have these -- now you are going to think me a hoarder BUT I used to do a lot of catering. I have these for 100 diners. I LOVE them and wouldn't part with them. I have kids to marry off and hope to get to use them for a wedding one of these days. GREAT post Kimberly :)


  3. I would stop may not be able to get rid of me!!!! :)
    I didn't know about the cigarette slot in the snack sets either....I have been slowly parting with my snack set collection.....I have about 30 left....and they are going soon!
    I enjoy the country living magazine....more so lately when they seem to be actually back to real country instead of all the modern ideas that were out there for a while. ;)

  4. My issue has been in my handbag for three days as I've slipped in and out of doctor's appointments with John. My sister collects those snack dishes, not THOSE, but any snack dishes she finds. I may have to start. I think they'd come in handy.

    Yes, I'd stop in for a look your store going to be in the Yukon?

  5. What a fun issue that one is. I have a set of those glass "luncheon plates" that belonged to my mil. I have them packed away somewhere. Isn't that funny about the notch for the cigarette? Everyone smoked back then. Hope you have a good day- xo Diana

  6. Have had some wonderful sandwiches in small country stores.

  7. I love this addition of Country Living. How funny that so many of us still have that exact set. Plus I've been using mine again. My daughter threw a "green" baby shower for a friend. So no paper plates and this set plus two other I have worked perfect.

    Oh my would I stop in for a sandwich. Let me know when yours is open!! I'll even come work for food, LOL!

    Have a great day!!

  8. I love Country Living Magazine! I just got rid of a huge pile of magazines (Country Living, Martha Stewart, Cottage Living, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens) on Freecycle. I was running out of room. But it was painful to let them go. I did keep my Mary Engelbriet Home Companions and Mollie Makes magazines though! I do still have some magazines to get rid of if anyone wants them! I hate to just recycle them if anyone can use them!

    I would definitely stop in for a sandwich at your little country store!

  9. beautiful luncheon sets, great photos! I would stop there for a sandwich anyday of the week, what a cool little store,

  10. Hi Kimberly, I subscribe to that magazine and really enjoyed the articles in it this month (I don't always). How great that you have that Berwick snack set! It's beautiful. I don't think I've seen one before. I love that sink too and the little store is definitely a place I'd visit! Have a good weekend!

  11. Oh my, I'm sure my mother had those when I was young but I don't remember anyone using the plate for an ashtray..we had plenty of those all over. - Can't wait to see your post later! xo

  12. I remember my mother sitting at the table after dinner and smoking. Now when I think about it, oh it was so bad.
    love that magazine.

  13. what a fun post...I like the idea of resizing a damaged rug. Come leave a comment at my tea giveaway! :)

  14. YOU BET I would go to that store! Cool! Actually there is one very similar getting ready to reopen in the town we are in right now. It is supposed to be open in April. Cool!

    Those envelopes are indeed cool.

    My niece has a sink very like the one in the picture along with the metal cabinets. Oh do I LOVE those!

  15. I have a dear friend that collects the a matter of fact, she just bought about three sets a few weeks ago for $5.00 for a set of 4.
    I think they are adorable...
    I'll have to check out that little store in Austin...I would definetly stop for a sandwich..

  16. Love your snack sets.. I love your magazine.. I still buy the Country Living but the UK one.. I have it on my lap as I just bought it today.. smile..
    I would buy the house for the sink, too..

  17. My mom had a set of those snack plates...I don't think anyone ever smoked while using them though. :)
    Your set it just beautiful. I also love your Queen Elizabeth cup and saucer too which my mom also had.

  18. I had forgotten they were called a luncheon set. I too get Country Living and noticed the milk bottle.

  19. My Mother in love had some of these in her kitchen things when we packed up her home after she passed.

    I thought they were so pretty and dainty... My sis in law has them now.
    they are well loved by her.


  20. I love those dishes. Notches for cigarretts? Now that is funny.

    I love your style. Yes, those envelopes are really creative. I'm going to try and make one (or more).

    I love reading magazines.

  21. Hi Kimberly,
    I would definitely stop in there for a drink and a sandwich. When I first saw it I thought it was an old store in Langley, BC, where I used to live. There is a place that looks just like that at an intersection called "Five Corners" and it sells lunch goodies.
    Hugs, Cindy


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