Friday, 2 March 2012

Recent Projects

  I finished the journal I had been working on recently.
I got the idea for this from Homespun Living. She did
a great tutorial on it.
I chose to have a section for a nature journal, but one can
fill theirs with whatever your interest are, of course.
This one is for sketching. Since I'm no artist it should read,
'doodling'! That's what I really do!
Although I finished making these curtain some time ago, I
don't think I shared them with you yet. I think  they work well
with the logs and reflect the woods surrounding us here; the
pines and the maples, and whatever that other leaf is!
I want to talk a little about my last post with the salt & pepper
shakers. I want first to say it was all done in light-hearted fun.
I was a Baptist and they did frown on us dancing. I did marry
into a Methodist family too. But throughout the years, because
we have moved and lived many place, I have been a part of many
Protestant denominations. And found true Christians in all of them.
So I meant no offense to anyone of any faith!
Secondly, once a customer of mine summed me up by saying my
motto should be "I don't drink, and I don't smoke, and I don't
tell no dirty jokes." She thought it was funny-it was, but totally
descriptive of me, I suppose!
I guess the reason I'm sharing this is because I received several
crude and off-colored signs from a fellow blogger this morning.
And I feel there must have been something in my last post that
would have lead them to believe I am the sort of person that would
enjoy them. But I'm not. I can't imagine what it was,
 but there was obviously something that lead them to believe
that I would like the signs. I'm no 'goody 2-shoes', but just a Christian
striving every day to live a life that is pleasing to the Saviour, and I
think I must have really messed up on that last post. It won't happen
again, my friends. I will be on guard!
Thanks for listening and letting me share, and if I've offended anyone
"I'm sorry"


  1. oh my gosh thats to bad.Try to just forget about Kimberly, I read your last post and I thought it was a hoot!
    Beautiful journal you created, you have a real talent.
    Try not to take hurtful comments to heart, I know its hard.

  2. Dearest Kimberly..I have rarely missed one of your posts and never once thought that you were anything but a good, sweet person. I can't imagine how anyone would find anything in your posts to think any different of you. When I come to visit you, I know it will be a safe and happy place...Sometimes we come across people who are just hard to figure out, please try not to be upset about whatever it was. xxoo

  3. Wow, Kimberly, I read your post and I didn't see anything in it that was off color or rude or not anything but what you are just sweet and kind.
    I am sorry that you received
    some things that upset you. But there are all kinds of people in the world and what may seem funny to some people is offensive to others. Maybe that was all it was,

    I know a lady visited me, I left her a comment, then when I went back later, I was mortified that I had left a letter off of a word that made my comment seem so icky.
    I was notified. I am sure she thinks the same thing about me.
    So now I check, maybe that was all it was,
    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I am so sorry, Brenda - I hope that my little joke didn't offend YOU!

    What a terrible thing to have someone send you nasty pictures. It was such a lovely blog post, so sweet and loving, and a nice way to describe your marriage, and love story.

    It was clever too, and a great way to show off the cute salt shakers. We have a couple of funny salt shakers - pigs and Sumo Wrestlers.

    Who on earth could have been offended by your post???!!

    Love to you and your husband!

  5. I recently wrote about walking the talk...I think of you as a great Christian woman who loves God and all he created!
    I grew up baptist and took no offense to anything you have posted.

    If anything some should learn to laugh...Christian's do have humor..God given in fact :-)
    Have a great day,


  6. Are you kidding me? No need for apologies. I thought your last post was the cutest thing and not one bit smutty. So there!

    Great journaling idea. I am going to be doing a "smash" journal next. I think I can handle that concept.

    I love the curtain so complements your home. Lovely colors and matter the leaf.

  7. I thought the post was cute and creative!

  8. gota be kidding! I found your post cute and loved looking at your treasures.....I to am a Christian and did not find anything wrong with it and I'm no "goody 2-shoes" but I'm am known as a straight lace, but I know how to have fun and laugh! Just shake it off and I love your curtians!!!

  9. Oh my! I had to go back and re read what comment I posted for I'm like you try to lead a very christian life. I guess all I can say is take all different kinds of people to make up this world. I so enjoy your blog for it is always so positive and loving. Keep being you - we love you and all your posts! Love that journal! Hugs!

  10. You are a great BLOGESS! Don't worry about a've done nothing wrong but some people take it too far and have no limits.
    I LOVE your journal and especially your vintage pictures in it! What a great idea. I've wanted to make a gardening one for awhile and now would be a good time to do it. And your curtains are great...I have a special love for all things Northern....Mounties, pine cones, pine trees, loons....I love it all! I even have some cd's of wilderness sounds with loons and waves slapping against the shore. I didn't know you need to share that with us someday....what a gift! Aunt made me some of those choir girls/boys to match my children years ago and I still have them. Thanks for ALL your posts!

  11. Good morning! First I want to say that I LOVE your curtains...they look perfect. And I had missed your last post altogether (just soo busy) and so I popped down and read it and I thought it was just darling. What a cleaver way to tell your love story. I can't imagine what is wrong with some people, but I wouldn't give it another thought. Sorry that happened. I know it can be a bit upsetting. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  12. Kimberly My Friend, No Apologies Needed!!! I loved your story with the salt and pepper shakers. Keep sharing your stories girl.

    Your Blogging Buddy, Sandy

  13. Kimberly, I'm sorry you had a bad comment on your last post. I didn't see a thing wrong with the post and I know your personality and heart would not tend to offend anyone. Your Christian faith shines through so don't let one comment dim the 'light'! The journal idea is cute and your new curtains are perfect for your cozy home. I hope you have a super weekend! Hugs, Pamela

  14. Hi there, I had missed yesterday's post so went and read it first-I don't think there was anything a person could take the wrong way and I'm sorry someone made some rude comments. Don't let it bother you Kimberly, you are a dear and anyone that has been here often knows that. Since taking the two word verification off my blog, I've had a couple of spam comments but I think I've remedied that.
    I love all that you share.
    Blessings on your weekend.

  15. Hi Kimberly, I missed yesterday's post so I looked it up. I couldn't find one thing in what you wrote that anyone should take offense at. But, there are those who love to stir up trouble I guess. I'd just ignore that person and not worry about it. There's nothing to apologize for! I loved your captions for the photos!
    The journal is terrific and I love your curtain fabric. Great job!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I'm so motto should be think before you speak Heidi...but I found nothing offensive about your post and I too am a Christian and found your post to be nothing less than sweet!!

  17. Oh boy... this is why I'm not a Baptist anymore. You show you kind spirit and christianity
    all the time. Anyone who sees something wrong with you is the one who's got the problem. As they say there is always one in the crowd!
    Your journal is a great idea and your curtains do look perfect with the logs!
    We're getting snowed in here how about you?

  18. I missed the salt shaker post...I don't see any signs there? I have had bloggers from time to time send me some really off colored stuff, what I do is I don't reply or acknowledge, that takes are of it! I love salt shakers, what a great collection! And your new curtains are perfect! Here's wishing this comment does not offend you LOL!!


  19. I wish I had left a comment on your sweet salt and pepper shaker post. I found it very clever and not at all racy or offensive.
    You've been busy! I like the idea of the journals!

  20. I thought the shakers were adorable- and I love your journal idea. I've been using store bought for bible study, but would love to make one that has a place for everything that I enjoy.

  21. I am so sorry Kimberly, that you received such gross pictures in your email box.
    I thought your salt and pepper shaker post was so cute! What a sweet way to tell your story. ((Hugs)) to you.

  22. I loved that post and knew it was all in good fun! I, too, want to be pleasing to Christ Jesus but I see no harm in a little fun! I don't think He does either! You're a hoot!


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