Wednesday, 15 August 2012

HI-HO Silver, Away!!

No, this isn't a post about the 'Lone Ranger'.
  This is just one of the delapidated cabins in what
was once known as 'Silver City'. It is a deserted
ghost town along the shores of Kluane Lake. If you
drive all the way to the end of this road you will
end up at a rustic B&B that's still operating.
 I do love this photo-I think it would make a great postcard. When I get home I plan to do a 'Yukon'
wall with all the 'treasures' I've collected. This photo just might be part of it.
This is a view of the mountains from Silver City.
Not bad, eh?
My mother in-law can not pass a lake without
putting her feet in it! I think it's become a tradition
for her. Anytime she's near water the shoes and the
socks come off and in she goes.
She talked my SIL into testing the waters with her
this time. Cute picture girls!

Have you ever seen pink grass like this growing
anywhere? I would love to take the seed back home with me, but I've been informed that it would be growing in places I wouldn't want it to grow once it got going. 
And this is white fireweed, which is very hard to
find. I'm not sure if it will seed before I leave, but
if it does I'm going to get a hand full to take home
for my wildflower garden. I have already collected
many seed from along the Alaskan Hwy. We had our first frost last week so it is just a matter of
time now until the leaves begin to turn and possibly this seed!
Tomorrow I'll be sharing our final trip for the
season that we took to Skagway to visit Elijah
and Laura before we head home in a few weeks.
BTW-Thank you to the sweet ladies that dropped
by just to see if I was still part of the living! As
you can see, it has inspired me to get back on the stick with my posting again.
Until next time,


  1. Kimberly,

    The pictures you've taken of Silver City and areas surrounding are so beautiful, almost a piece of heaven! I know you and your husband will have so many beautiful memories of being there. I hope you post your Yukon wall once finished.

  2. Silver City looks like a fascinating place to visit. I'm like your MIL, love to put my feet into the water and have a paddle. Gorgeous pink pampass grass, I've tried to grow it in my garden but no luck. I've seen huge clumps of it in England. Wow, leaving already, the time seems to have flown by.

  3. Oh, perhaps you'll join the Note Card Party in September. With wonderful shots like these, it would be great! I was thinking Note Cards all over the place. Love the photo of your mil and sil with their feet in the water. I'm sure it's very refreshing!

  4. I love the pink grass that is amazing I have never seen it before. Your mountain view photo is surely postcard worthy. Beautiful place:)

  5. What amazing pictures. You are so lucky to have experienced this beauty.

  6. I am so glad you are going to take some of that see home to plant. Gosh, you have already had the first frost.
    That is amazing. Did you get a picture of the Bed and Breakfast at the end of the road?
    You know what is funny about that pink grass, we have it around your trees out in the pasture. It is a tough to get out, but it always looks pretty. I had never seen it until we moved here and to see it there is just so odd. I always think it is pretty too.
    I am looking forward to some more pictures.

  7. Such a lovely area!Love the photos...keep them coming.

  8. Beautiful views from your pictures thanks for sharing with us.
    best wishes Julie.C

  9. You share pictures that no one has ever seen before. Truely, unbelievable.

    Oh how I would love to have some seeds from that pink grass!

  10. I'd want to dip my toes in the water too! So pretty there.

  11. That water must be kinda chilly. But I'd join your Mom!
    When I was a kid I went to a camp called "Kluane", so this brings back really good memories.
    The scenery is just beyond gorgeous! What a blessing to spend time there.

  12. Great Pic's! Love the one of old cabin. That area sure is beautiful, someday hope to visit as a tourist!!

  13. The scenes you've captured in this post and yesterday's are just beautiful! You have so many that would be lovely framed and hanging on a wall! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hello Kimberly, oh wow!!! beautiful pictures, love the old broken down cabin. So sweet your MIL with her feet in the water, I also love to do that at a lake. The pink grass is so pretty as is the white fireweed. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed,Blessings Francine.

  15. You know I have been away from blogging and reading blogs for most of the summer and after seeing your beautiful photos I don't know what I was thinking! I have been missing out!
    Love all of it!

  16. Nature gives us so much as shown in your photos!...:)JP

  17. Wow, those mountains are stunning. And the lake looks refreshing. The pink grass is awesome! Too bad it's invasive.

  18. Wonderful pictures, Kimberly. I love the mountain shot. I think the pink grass is pretty too. I've never seen that before.

  19. Gorgeous mountain photo, and I have seen the pink grass in BC, probably when I lived way up north, it's possibly a Northern thing.
    Glad to see you posting again, I'm trying to...well not trying hard enough is my problem. I've been busy with outer things. :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. I have seen the pink grass somewhere here in California...I think I will search and see if I caught a picture, and where it was.

    Our fireweed is pink, and unlike your picture, it's all over the place!

  21. Hey, are any of those cabins worth fixing up? That would be just the right size for me and "the girls"!
    It's so beautiful but I imagine it gets pretty isolated and desolate in the Winter too but then here I don't ever get a call, no one drops by and the only people I talk to are my blog friends so how much more desolate could it get? LOL!
    It's a dream land! The wildlife and flowers are so pretty and natural...better than any landscaper could ever dream up. Have a safe trip home!


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