Monday, 20 August 2012

I Need a Break!!

  Please don't think that I'm not loving all this beautiful scenery that I've had the privilege of sharing with you-but I must have a break from it!!
My mind is in scenery OVERLOAD.
So I'm taking the time to treat myself and you to a little Pin interest browsing. I hope you don't mind.
Here's what I've found for our viewing:
As many of you know, I  live in a log home and I have the perfect corner for this reading  nook. Now
all I have to do is to get my hubby to agree!
Now I love these red leather chairs for the dining room too. I have the red leather, but I don't have the chairs for the red leather. But they are sweet. The
green cabinets I like too, but I know I'm not brave
enough to do something that bold-yet.
I found some tart tins at the Salvation Army
in Whitehorse while I've been here.
 Maybe they will fit my canning jars
 like these cute ones do. 
I'm not sure why, but the person that built our cabin put white tile at the entry way.
I have a rug covering most of it but I really think
this cord wood tile would look so much better and
more appropriate to the home.
And this, my friends, is how I plan to travel to the
Yukon next time around! As you can see, there will
be room for everyone. All of our children, and the
g'children too! I'm not sure it wouldn't tip over going around some of those mountain curves though. Or I might even lose half of it scrapping
against the mountains side. EEK!

And lastly, this is exactly what I plan to do once
I get back home to the lake! I'm going to sit on my
duff at the waters edge and just laze the days away.
Yep, eating s'mores, reading books, napping, listening to the water splashing against the rocks-
it is going to be heavenly.
And that, my friends, is a plan!
Happy Monday


  1. Such gorgeous the kitchen with those amazing beams!!

  2. I love the kitchen I have blue cabinets. I love the window seat and the sign I would love to have one of those that says house rules.
    I am loving the canning jars.
    The floor looks great but I keep thinking about how I would clean it. that would be a night mare.

  3. Oh Oh Oh... that camper is fun!
    I'm right with ya one that one.

    Sounds like you are excited to go home and I don't blame you.

  4. Fun finds! I love that wood floor.

  5. Sounds as if you are ready for home and fluffing and nesting right there. How much longer?

  6. I had a Grandma that said your are never too old to dream. I can just see you on Pinterest dreaming away. I think that reading nook should become a reality. Oh how relaxing that would be.

    Hopefully you will be going home soon, for as Dorthy said "there's no place like home". So you best be clicking those heals!!

  7. Beautiful images for daydreaming over. That truck you plan to fit us all in makes the Beverly HIllbillies truck look like a cadillac!

  8. It will be so nice when you can get back to your old stomping grounds..When are you going to get to head back? xo

  9. Sounds like perfect plans. I want you to take picture of you sitting on your duff, eating smores, napping and reading books:) Have you ever read Laddie by Gene Stratton Porter?
    I am reading it now and my copy is 1913 I think. It is such a great book.
    I can't wait until you are sitting by ole Gitche Gumee. Do you like that song? I think of it every time I see that word.
    I loved that nook too.

  10. I think your plans sound wonderful and well deserved, Ilove your log home and all the photos here will be perfect in your home, I hope you make it home soon,

  11. Kimberly,
    So how much longer will you be up in the Yukon? When is your final date to return back to the UP?
    I love the green cabinets in the kitchen. I follow this blog called Mystic Mud, she just painted her cabinets the same color in the kitchen and distressed them. They look awesome!!! Why would anyone put white tile down in a log cabin? I agree the wood tiles look better
    :-). I have red accents in my livingroom. I love red leather, but don't have the chairs either, lol....
    Have a great evening and thank you for taking us through Pin Interest.

  12. Sounds wonderful, Kimberly.... I love the red leather, the cord wood tile, and the reading corner.... Sounds like you have some great ideas when you get HOME....


  13. I enjoyed your finds! I am actually considering painting my cupboards green (olive green actually)! And I have lots of burgundy accents. Does that count for red? Pretty bold for me too. ; ) The nook btw was awesome. How much longer till your back at the lake?

  14. Hi Kimberly~
    So glad to see I'm not the only one that gets overload day after day from look at the same scenery...LOL!

    You found some great inspiration on Pinterest. I like the green cabinetry! I'm repainting the cabinets in my kitchen. I thought of going with a 'color' but couldn't decide. So...I had some black and went with it.
    So far, I'm liking it.
    I love those wood-tree tiles on the floor. I've always thought they'd be neat in the garden. Never thought of having them inside.

    Get some rest... Pat

  15. These are some wonderful finds...I really like the reading corner! Hope your hubby reads your blog and sees this and gets started on one for you when you get home. Well, maybe after he's rested up a bit!

  16. Yes to the red leather chairs and green cabinets!

  17. Hello Kimberly, oh I would like to sit there and read, great little spot. Love the tart tins on the jars, looks so sweet. Follow your heart with decorating, Blessings Francine.

  18. Would you call that a bus? An RV? A thingamavehicle?

  19. Love these, great inspiration I'd say!

  20. I love the window seat and the flooring by the door! As for your plan--it does indeed sound heavenly. I would love to follow those rules for a little while.

  21. I really like those "Lake Rules" I could sure spend some time doing those things myself...
    Hey, what a way to travel!!

  22. I would be so antsy to get home too. I am good for about 4 days and then Im crying "I want to go home" You have sure made much longer than I ever could have. Your relaxation time sounds wonderful. Are you counting down the minutes??

  23. I like the red leather chairs too..
    you have good taste...

  24. What great inspiration pictures, and great plans you have!

    Can't wait to see if your tart tins fit on your old canning bottles. I love that look!

    Enjoy your day-dreaming and plans!!

    How long until you are headed back to the home-fires?


  25. Those are GREAT pics! I love all of that and I really like the entryway floor! I like that like sign too...all great ideas! It's starting to cool off a bit at night so if I cold get myself up earlier I could walk the "girls" down to the lake. I usually do that in the Fall...we will have a Fall here I hope. This Northern girl can't take this heat! 60-65 is my favorite temperature warmer! LOL! You're lucky to be North of here! When are you going home?

  26. Nothing like sitting on your "duff" and chillaxin'...:)JP


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