Friday, 24 August 2012

Sorry I'm Late!

  I had really planned on writing yesterday, however, I could not get connected last night to the lodge's wi-fi. I like to think everyone was sitting on pins and needles just waiting for my next post, but
truly ladies, I'm not quite that delusional-yet!
After saving my DH's life from the grizzly and then
keeping him up past his regular bedtime (9:30PM),
we chanced upon these two beautiful beast within
ten miles of the lodge on our way back home.

You know how we give someone the 'cold shoulder'
when they so rudely intrude upon our space? Well,
in moose life it's called the 'cold butt', I guess.
I'm wondering what is going through his mind here. Is that the 'evil eye'? Or is he just being
curious?  What do you think is on his mind?
Please put words in his mouth for me!


  1. Hey- Sistah-Whatcha doin' later?;>)

  2. HA HA.... He's telling you to SCRAM...... That is his territory and he doesn't like visitors!!!!!!!

    Cold Butt, huh???? HA HA


  3. "Hey Mertle, there is another one of those tourists with a camera. Let's give'em the cold butt."

  4. You can't scare me. I know what a point and shoot is!

  5. oh thats so funny!!
    When I see them i think he's sayin, " hey, do you mind, we're talking here!" Beautiful shot,

  6. my other thought was why would two male moose be so cozy??? They usually aren't seen so close together, mmmmm,

  7. How interesting to see them that way. I'm surprised that they are getting along at all. What great racks!

  8. He's saying "I haven't had my coffee yet, so Back Off". Lol

  9. Hello, oh, I am in awe, such magnificent animals, not one but two moose, great pictures. Always a pleasure to see live animals instead of them laying on the side of the road or up on the wall. I think he`s saying, I`m smiling for the camera already!!!!tee hee. Thanks for sharing, love it. Blessings Francine.

  10. Look at those funny two legged creatures. Oh how I love Moose! Makes me want to take another road trip. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. Oh I think he'd be saying 'You KNOW you can't outrun me'.

  12. Awesome sight, maybe they were just getting into a good pose for the perfect picture. LOL

  13. What a wonderful photo! Moose are almost as scary as bears to me - they will come right after you and stomp you to death. And they are so HUGE!

  14. He's telling you that he is big and you are small. He'll run after you if you piss him off. Ha ha. I have fond memories of being accosted by a moose in an outhouse in Alaska. Okay, not fond, but interesting.

  15. Kimberly,

    He's thinking "Go ahead make my day lady".

    Really beautiful creatures! I love these pictures.

  16. He's thinking "C'mon, get out of that vehicle...I dare ya!"
    Wow, very impressive creatures!! And great captures. I love the "cold butt"...cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. " Come a little closer, and we can have a stomping good time."

    I don't think I would have even chanced it. Those are remarkable shots. Beautiful animals.

  18. "Oh boy, not again..stupid humans!"

    Those are great shots, they are such majestic animals. xo

  19. I had to go read your bear story. What a hoot! The thought of your husband wanting the pictures sounds like something my Dad would say too.

    You don't see moose where I live, so I enjoyed your pictures. Too bad they did not seem to enjoy a friendly visit from you.

  20. Wow, wonderful shots of these beautiful moose Kimberly. "Here's looking at you kid". or maybe he's saying, "Look at those funny looking animals". If only we knew for sure.

  21. Still laughing on the "cold butt" remark, haha...

    What a great shot! This guy is clearing saying, "Do you mind? This is a private conversation here." haha

    Have a good day...

  22. I live in the country and Moose
    are the Boss. If you ever had one
    walk infront of your car. Look out. You would be putting your car in reverse. Yes they think they own the roads, and the whole country territory. So for sure that mean look is SCRAM.

    You do not cross them. They are like 10 feet tall.

    Great pictures. Glad he never started hoofing his feet.head down. If so it would be slow but sure back up and out of there quick.

  23. Oh my! Great pictures! I would have been just as afraid of them as I would have been of the bear! I think he's telling you to get lost. He doesn't look very friendly to me.

  24. I learned something this summer as on my walks we ran into momma and just wave at them and they take that as another moose strolling by and go back to what their works, I thought the two men that told me were teasing me......loved your grand men here.
    How many more weeks till your season is over?
    or is this year round?

  25. What amazing animals!
    How lucky that you were able to get a picture of them!!
    I'm pretty certain that they were thinking..'move along.. nothing to see here'!

    Enjoy the rest of your short stay there :)
    Be so safe driving home again!!

    Smiles :)

  26. I think I love moose a lot more in the Canadian memorabilia than the real thing. They are a magnificent creature.

    Hunting season hasn't started yet? That would be an impressive road trip with one of those on your vehicle.

  27. Holy cow, he looks scary...I don't know what he is thinking, but I am thinking...I'm out of here


  28. "You come any closer and I'll charge!" Or maybe they just wanted some privacy. Great pics!


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