Thursday, 17 January 2013

Done At Last!


Finally I can say that the kitchen is finished! The last of the painting was done on Friday and on Saturday and Sunday I did absolutely nothing.
I promised myself that I am not picking up another paint brush until Spring.

This is how it looked when we first moved in a little over four years ago. Wow, was it ever cluttered, but I never really noticed it then.

Here is a close up of the new sink and faucet.

I forgot to get a close up of the sink skirt. Can you see it peeking out there on the left side of the photo?

In this photo Tim is measuring for the cutting of the bead board. Notice the stenciled flowers the previous owner had painted on the wall? She was very fond of this stencil. It was painted all around the woodwork on the kitchen window, it was around the wood stoves platform, and on every single step of  the ladder up tp our loft.

Here is a view into the dining room area. Our cabins dining/living room/ and kitchen are all open to one another.

Here is an view from the loft our first Thanksgiving in the cabin.

Here is a shot from the loft last night. We haven't really made many changes, just the kitchen. It's nothing fancy, but to us it's a comfy, cozy home.
I'm happy to report we got a little dusting of snow lastnight! I hoping for more as the day progresses.
Happy Thursday! 


  1. Oh Kimberly, what a beautiful kitchen and home you have, LOVE IT!!!!!the sink is the little curtain along the front to, wonderful job......So cozy and welcoming, I could snuggle in there no problem......I spied the Friendly Village plate on the counter, my favorite dishes......Thanks for showing us your beautiful home, Francine.

  2. Oh how I love this! Soo warm, cozy and homey. I could be quite content here. : ) Enjoy your day!

  3. OH that turned out beautiful, Kimberly! You are inspiring me to pick up that paintbrush again and finish my 2/3 painted cabinets!

  4. Wonderful job!
    The kitchen turned out so nice.

    Did I spy a branch above the sink?
    Do you have a special window treatment planned?

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures with us, and your darling cabin :)


  5. Good morning Kimberly, I am on snowflake watch here in Ga. Yep, notice it is singular. Everyone is so excited that we might see a few but not even expecting it to be enough to cover the grasss. None the less it will be snow. I so love your kitchen. That facet is a dream of mine. Love the cabinets. Do you mind sharing what kind of paint and color you used? Your home is so cozy. A picture of love. Have a blessed day.

  6. Wow that came out terrific. I love the two different colors. So popular right now. Good job on all your hard work.

  7. Love your kitchen and I'm sure you are doing the happy dance that it is finished. I'm still plugging away at mine, someday!! Your pic from the loft tells me I could move right in! So if you see this strangle snuggle up on the sofa it is just me!

    Yeah for finished projects!!!

  8. Kimberly, I adore your new kitchen and your the rest of the house. It is inviting. Love that your table is by the window. I think that encourages conversation.xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I'd love to retire my paint gear, but can't.

  9. You've done a wonderful job on your kitchen update! What a big job! Your home is cozy and inviting.
    We had snow, then it melted and now we have more. I knew it was way too early for the snow to be gone.
    Stay warm!

  10. I think it is just lovely. I love what you have done. I love your kitchen and I like looking at how cozy and warm looking your cabin looks. I like your sink too. All of it looks like you have been working like crazy. I had to laugh about the stencil. We used to have a small rental and we used it mainly for people who were down on their luck to stay in from our family and church. We had a lady come to ask to rent it for awhile until she got on her feet. She upped and left in the night leaving no address or anything. We went in to check on things and she had used a stencil like that in every single room of the house she even did the floor in the bathroom.
    I saw that stencil and it made me think of her. Maybe she moved up there? :)

  11. Love it.

    Trying to think of a way to construct
    a pot rack. I do like yours.

  12. I know you are relieved to have the project over! It looks terrific! Now put up those feet and enjoy.

  13. Oh you did a beautiful job! It just looks marvelous and I know how much you'll enjoy it being updated and looking so fine. Sigh. I really must pick up a paint brush. =D

  14. It looks great! Love the black cabinets. I have been debating painting mine black. Your home looks so nice and cozy. We are supposed to see a few snow flurries today! HUGS.

  15. did a wonderful all your color choices and the new counter tops are gorgeous! Love the little sink skirt! Your cabin is just adorable and the perfect size.

  16. What a terrific joy you did and I bet the white cupboard sure help brighten it up. I did the white in our cabin, thinking I could not stand another piece of stained wood in that home. Your countertops and sink are lovley:0 What a job!! Better go rest now!

  17. It turned out so gorgeous! You must be really pleased!

  18. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when there's been a makeover? Feels like a new house, doesn't it? Your home looks so inviting. We can all just imagine visiting you there.

  19. Kimberly,

    I love your cabin! You and hubby did a beautiful job on the kitchen.
    Okay, can we swap house keys, lol??

  20. Hi there, I love the transformation! Especially love the white cabinets and beadboard and also the granite. I would love to redo our kitchen but it is so big that we would have to paint the cabinets and also getting granite would break the bank.
    Thanks for sharing-enjoy!
    Hugs, Noreen

  21. What a wonderful open concept!! I would love to live there! You are going to love the kitchen faucet. Might be a little change, but what an impact!!


  22. Your cabin looks so cozy. I can just imagine sitting by a roaring fire, watching the snow fall. Love it

  23. Your kitchen (and your home) look beautiful, Kimberly. It does look very warm and cozy too. I like the changes you made in the kitchen. Hope you get the snow you want.

  24. Gorgeous kitchen! Are you going to hang curtains as I noticed a branch there...I've got branches I've collected to use as curtain rods but haven't done any yet...par for the course! LOL! Do you have cabins you rent out or did I misunderstand? Do you have a resort? All that painting walls etc! Smart! Love the curtain in front of the sink and your hardware too!

  25. Kim - Your lovely blog is loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party. You will need to prepare a special post for the event - please reference the guidelines. I will be by to meet you and read your post as soon as I can after the party starts. I hope you make lots of new friends -- and become a friend to many of those who are just getting started in this great adventure.


  26. Kimberly your kitchen looks beautiful. That was a big chore to paint all those cupboards and put up the bead board. The sink and faucet are really nice. You must be so pleased with the outcome. Your home is nice and cozy. Glad you got some snow again. It's bitterly cold here tonight. Hugs, Pam

  27. Wow. Beautiful kitchen and cabin. Love the beadboard.

  28. Hi Kimberly, that is one lovely cabin! I live in the woods of New Hampshire and just a couple of weeks ago I finally saw our bobcat! What a magnificent animal!
    I love your blog and will be one of your new followers, after all we have stuff we share in common besides being bloggers!
    Looking forward to getting to know you better...
    Beth P

  29. Beautiful Kitchen for real - I love how you have different colors of cabinets - and the counter-top shines out.. and your sink curtain lovely.. It all work together -- super job!!


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