Monday, 28 January 2013


Nest: a place of rest, retreat, or lodging
Merriam Webster Dictionary
I love winter. I love the beautiful white wonderland the snow creates for us to enjoy, different daily, as it's blows and bluster, shifts and changes.
But I also love that it gives me good excuse to 'nest'!
Yes, it's a good time to cozy inside by the fire with my hot cup of tea and browse through my old magazines to see what project I might want to work on or even pick my brain a little with my crossword puzzles I've neglected for too long.
Tim and I have been passing our evenings nesting, watching our DVDs of  Foyle's War. I do not like to watch war shows, but this is more about life in England during the war. It is so good. It is serious, but it is full of warm characters, and even humor at times. We were so sorry when we were finished with them all. But we just discovered there is another series coming this year-back by popular demand!
Here is the view out the main living area window.
Notice how the ice is piling around the shore and spreading further out into the lake? This scene will change many times as the ice drifts back out and floats along the lake and then piles back again against the shore. I do love watching it.
I've finished Samuel's baby blanket. This was quite a feat for me. Not because it was hard, but because I seem to start each morning with the intention of working on it, and then get distracted by something silly-like a job interview... Now that Samuels's is finished I'm going to work on making one for Reece with the scraps. I used minky. Oh my, what a mess. It's everywhere!
On the rug, the floor, my sweater-I'm surprised it didn't somehow make it's way to my mouth!
Well, that's all the 'excitement' of my nesting day!
Tell me, what do you do when you 'nest'?  



  1. Morning, ditto in the winter, love the frosty snowy days......beautiful picture out your window.....Blessings Francine.

  2. The view of the lake looks lovely, but cold brrr. Indoor weather for sure. Minky is such a fuzzy material to work with and difficult to quilt as I have tried. Enjoy your Monday.

  3. We LOVE Foyles War, I'm so glad they are coming back, have you watched Midsomer Murders or Inspector Linnely, or Frost, or Inspector Morse, they have lots and lots of these British drama type mysteries at the library here in the Sault!
    Congratulations on the completion of your quilt!
    When I nest I put on a Rosemary an d thyme mystery and paint,

  4. Where did you find the series, Foyle's War? I've never heard of it and it sound like something we'd like to watch. I love those kind of movies. Maybe I need to visit the library?? We're heading to Alberta on Saturday for 2 weeks to visit our wee grands so I'm trying to get ready and do last minute appointments and errands this week. I'm trying to get out of my nesting instincts and get moving in this cold. :) The photo of the ice on the shore looks cold but pretty too.

  5. I love snuggling in on cold winter nights, too. One of my favorite things about winter. I have really enjoyed watching Foyle's War on TV. I'd love to see the entire thing, as I know I've missed several episodes. I have loved the actor Michael Kitchen since his days in Out of Africa.

  6. We love watching Foyle's War too and other British shows. Sunday night is Downton Abbey night.
    We are getting lots of snow followed by ice rain today, a good day to stay inside and 'nest'.

  7. Enjoy your shows and stay warm....we just finished a cold weekend! Heidi

  8. Well, I'd love to be watching a program such as you describe. I actually did find one that was available on You Tube and promptly forgot the name. I need a notebook...a real notebook not a virtual one.
    Hope that we get to see the blankies!

  9. Kimberly, I think that would be a good series to watch. Especially during the cold and snow you have right now. You'll have to post some blanket photos for all us curious people. xoxo,Susie

  10. Going to check out that movie series.... I love, love your view :-)


  11. Curling up with a good book and some music is my favorite way to nest. Pretty view of your lake, though it does look mighty cold.

  12. I love winter too, but not the nasty ice storm we had last night. There are times I don't start my car for days and just stay at home. You would think I could get more projects done, but I find I am on the net instead. I did finish a baby quilt yesterday:) and have many more projects on my to-do pile.

  13. Hi there, Love seeing your snowy view! We've enjoyed lots of warm weather this winter but another storm is headed our way(I can see the snow clouds now); I'm thinking I bring my sewing machine downstairs and sew later on. I also love to snuggle up under a quilt and read....which is what I'm going to do this afternoon.
    Stay warm.
    Hugs, Noreen

  14. Sounds exciting enough to me, Kimberly! Your view is beautiful...I have to ask you---and maybe I did before and don't remember-duh---where along Lake Superior do you live? We love the big water, too...your shoreline is starkly beautiful!

    Hope you have a great week-xo Diana

  15. Beautiful snow! What is minky? I do like you when I nest and usually it's Sunday afternoons like yesterday. I sat and watched 2 Good Witch movies on Hallmark while I crocheted in front of a warm relaxing!
    Yesterday was cold but today was 71! Now here comes the severe weather tomorrow!
    Where's the pictures of the blanket????

  16. Beautiful photos! I have never heard of Foyles Wars...perhaps I am living under a rock? I will have to check it out...I always want to do baking when I get all nesty, oh, and make a soup or stew. xo

  17. What a gorgeous view! It sounds wonderful!

  18. What a beautiful winter scene from your window. So fresh and lovely looking.
    Nesting....we do a fair amount of that here too as somedays are too cold to even want to go outside. (except my hubby has to every day to feed the horses)
    I read...we work on jig saw puzzles. That sort of thing

  19. I rearrange, I paint walls, I make pillows, all those things in varying degrees when I nest. I hope you get the job that you're trying for.

  20. I have to say...that is something us Texans has been warm here and we have been outdoors.

    Your picture of the snow is beautiful...and your time sounds so restful.

  21. Nesting. That word has a nice cozy ring to it. I love to nest by covering with my warm fuzzy throw and recline in my LazyBoy with a good book. :) Love your snowy scene...very pretty.

  22. Hi Kimberly, I am delighted that I found you. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. The view out your window is beautiful, but chills me to the bone, LOL.
    Your newest follower, Connie
    Please come visit . . .
    maybe you'll even decide to give
    me a follow back :)

  23. beautiful snowy winter day photo -- I love putting my feet up next to the fireplace and just watching the world go by..but when I nest -- it's cleaning and changing things around - giving the room a fresh feel..


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