Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Blankets are Done!

Hello Friends! I have finally finished the blankets for Reece and Brigam.  Several of you ladies had ask to see them when they were finished. So here goes. 
With Reece's I choose a no sew tie technique. It is easy, but I do think it takes as much time as the sewing method with all the cutting it requires.
This is the opposite side of the skier fabric. It reads "I Love Canada".
Here is Brigam's minky blanket. I hand stitched around several of the Penguins to tie the two fabrics together. The minky is such a plush  fabric that the stitches didn't even show on its surface. The Penquin fabric is a very soft terry fabric, which will work nicely against the baby face, I think!
I'm now headed to the kitchen today to cook up a few freezer casseroles and desserts to take with us to our son and DIL's this weekend. I'm thinking I'm going to try the red velvet cupcakes I saved in my Pinterest account. I'll let you know how they turn out and if they're presentable I'll even post them-ha!
One last photo I had to share with you. This is the snow from our metal roof as it slowly was sliding off the other morning. You can even see the seams outlined in the snow! I'm calling it a 'snow canopy'.
The temperature right now is-12C or 10F. So the snow is no longer sliding off the roof, that's for sure. I'm glad that I can once again enjoy another day of nesting.
Let me know how your day is taking shape so far!


  1. Beautiful blankets and Im sure they will enjoy them. We had a metal roof on a cabin up north, every time the snow would go shooting off the roof I was sure it was taking the metal and all with it. It was so loud.

  2. Love the blankets! Darbee and I made a no sew blanket several weeks ago. Our church ladies group is making them to take to the nursing home residents. Love the snow pic. Wow! It is cold there! Stay warm!

  3. Thank you for sharing the blankets with us. I have wondered about all that cutting and tying...hard on the hands? Lovely snow canopy, but I'd miss the view. Have fun on your trip and enjoy your family.

  4. Lovely blankets. I've made a few of the no sew ones, and yes they do that a fair bit of time to complete.
    That is quite the snow canopy outside your window.

    It is really, really windy here today but the sun is trying hard to make an appearance. The temperature is dropping.

  5. Love the blankets. And your right, for me it takes me A LOT longer to cut and tie all those ends! I LOVE to use the Minky fabric, but I always find it makes such a mess! Do you? It just seems to "fuzz" everywhere...But it sooo soft and sweet it is perfect when it is finished. enjoy your week-end!

  6. Afternoon Kimberly, love the blankets, so cozy looking.......So so cold here today, with windchill -38 just watching some t.v, blogging and relaxing.....Take Care, Francine.

  7. oh I love those blankets, I worked at Fabricland here in the Sault and I was in heaven when those fabrics came in, so many laddies made the cut and tie balnkets, they are beautiful, that snow sliding down is a great shot! Have a wonderful day Kimberly!

  8. Your blankets turned out really nice. I love that picture of the snow. How cozy it looks for now.:)
    Do you get cabin fever?

  9. The blankets look great! I'm sure they will be enjoyed. I love the picture of the snow sliding down. It does that sometimes here off the awning over our back steps.

  10. I LOVE your blankets...AND the blanket of snow sliding off the roof. Those blankets are going to be a big hit...and the cupcakes sound delicious- xo Diana

  11. Beautiful job on the blankets, I love the penguin one...

    Keep warm and safe travels to your sons!


  12. Your blankets turned out great and I'm sure the grandkids will enjoy cuddling up with them. I like the picture of the snow valence over the window. Does it make you feel claustrophobic at all? We had a wind/rain storm here that was really crazy and wild all day. The temperature was up to +13 in the city but it's since dropped to +2C and will dip to -11 overnight. The mild spell was short lived. I hope you have a safe and fun trip to visit your family. Hugs, Pamela

  13. Blankets are sooo cute.

    Too much snow for me.

  14. Gorgeous blankets.... I love to make the tie blankets. I ave given several as gifts and everyone loves how warm they are....

  15. The blankets turned out Great. They look soooo soft and cozy.
    WOW...that snow canopy is crazy awesome. How did you get that shot.
    We have a metal roof too with a really steep pitch.
    It is crazy to hear the snow falling off of it and landing on the ground. Like a mini avalance.

  16. Kimberly,

    I love the blankets you made, there beautiful.

    What is the temperature like up there now with all that snow?

  17. Oh, my! I'd have to have a blanket like those if I faced snow like that outside my house!!! I think that canopy would bother me a bunch. I'd hunker down, not likely to stick my nose outside until May!!

  18. When I was a kid we had a metal roof, up in Vanderhoof, BC. It would do that, or it would suddenly go WHOOF! then THUD! And we hoped that nobody was underneath the eaves when that happened!
    Your blankets are adorable, I love the minky fabric.
    Have a good weekend!


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