Friday, 11 January 2013

To Post or not to Post...

  Now this is a real question. Do you really want to hear from me when I  don't have much to say?
Should I bother posting when I have no great projects to show you or no new revelations to share with you? Not that I can really think of any great revelations that  I've ever shared. Scratch that.
The dilemma is that I do have page views whether
I post or do not post. I wouldn't want my blog to become stale and lose the kind people who have
 bothered to drop by each day.
Please tell me what you think.


As the sun was setting it cast such lovely shadows
on the dish rack and......

on my gazing Cheif  statue, that I couldn't resist snapping a few photos.

Here's the beautiful colors the sunset cast on that days snow....

and lastly, the sunset itself.
These photos were taken the first of this week.
It has gotten so unseasonably warm here that it rained and now we hardly have any snow covering our yard at all:(  Yes, that makes me sad!
Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend, my friends,


  1. Kim,
    There a lots of blogs that post a few pics and there daily thoughts every day and get lots of traffic. So, I say yes post away girl.

  2. We are in that warming trend you speak of. Still, it will sleet through the night. Ugh. Something about being snow when it falls from the cloud then reaches warm air in the middle and then more cold air below resulting in a mess. It really defies description. I like the slant of light on the those dishes...and your Indian chief...and that lake and those sunsets. Why say that you have nothing much to say? Say, this is what I have to share today. Oh. That's right. I'm the one who said she should be run out on a rail this morning myself. Ha! Some days are better than others and I like hearing from you and it's okay. A little or a is all good.

  3. I for one enjoy whatever you might have to say... the sunset is gorgeous btw.

    I sometimes feel like I say too much about how I am feeling on my blog. But at the end of the day I am keeping this blog as a journal to leave for my kids and grandkids some day. If I don't write how and what I think and feel, then it won't really be me, you know?

    Enjoy your week-end!

  4. I'm so glad you posted. I enjoyed it so much and the photos beautiful. I know what you mean though. It was in the high 60's here today, unheard of. Sort of scary! Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. That sunset was definitely worth the post! Wow! So gorgeous. Have a nice weekend!

  6. I enjoy visiting your blog whatever you the sunset pictures, so pretty......we are in blizzard mode tonight, cccold, windy and the snow will start.......Blessings Francine.

  7. I don't always have a project or an interesting experience to post, but I use my blog as a sort of discipline - to make myself write a little on a regular basis. I think you'll find that readers like the everyday things too!

  8. I know exactly the type of dilemma you speak internet was off for almost a week. I hate that...because it means no posts!
    I can't interact with my readers. I love doing that. I love visiting and reading and sharing. But, like you, I have times when I think nothing spectacular it going on here--so what is to post about, and really, who'd read it?

    But, I do love that you posted and shared your photos. We haven't had any snow to speak of...mainly it has all been North of us --closer to Dallas, and the Red River...
    so any snow pictures I can see are beautiful.

    take care enjoy your weekend! Pat

  9. I always feel the same way.I found this post lovely yes you had plenty to blog about.

  10. I say Yes. I post all the time when I have nothing to say. Lol. And every time I get a comment I smile.

  11. Post whenever you want, I notice too that people read my blog, whether I have a new post or not!

  12. You just post any old thing you want, Kimberly, and I will be here- reading or love visiting you- xo Diana

  13. No big projects or amazing up-cycle needed!! I love reading everything and seeing the day-to-day lives of all my blogging friends!! I loved today's post...the pretty pictures and the pink snow!

  14. Kimberly, ((((Kimberly)))) *Hugs*
    Life continues on, if you have nothing to post your Blogger friends surely understand. There is no requirement to make a post everyday don't worry about it.
    Go do things for yourself sweetie and when you have the urge to post then do so!

    Your Friend Sandy

    P.S. How's Mom?
    P.S.S. My Dad was released from the spine rehab hospital. Nurses and Therapist are visiting him at home 3 times a week. Once he has all of his strength back, he will be going for the radiation/chemo treatments.

  15. Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I think we all have those same questions about blogging, so don't feel alone. I figure as long as my followers keep following me, I must be doing ok :)
    Great shadow and snow pics, too.

  16. I've seen posts at other blogs that consist of a photo and one word! So don't worry about nothing to say! You have great thoughts and photos and one word would suffice!

  17. Kimberly,
    Love your posts, and I always think you share great pictures.

    Do what-ever you want to do, after all, it's your blog :)

    Regardless, I'll keep reading, as long as you're posting.

    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  18. Kimberly, I'd really miss you if you stopped. One doesn't have to post a lot of photos or words in each post. Sometimes just a photo with a caption is enough or perhaps just thoughts in words. I enjoy your blog and the photos of your life on the lake in a log house. I'll be here waiting for your next post. These are beautiful photos. I love the one of the sun on the dishes and of course the sunset is gorgeous. Blessings and hugs to you my friend. Pamela

  19. Thank you for the colorful photos! I say to post, post, post. The frequency is up to you, of course. One thing that might be helpful is to keep a running list of blog topics. It has helped me immensely. And "Wordless Wednesday" helps to fill in the mid-week gaps quite nicely, LOL!

  20. I won't be able to see an interesting part of the world if it weren't for you. Your pictures take us on adventures. The Lake is beautiful and the woods is unbelievable. I appreciate all of it. We ALL appreciate your world and would miss out on such a wonderful part of the world.

  21. Kimberly, I go through the same thing . Sometimes I have no new photos or happenings to talk about. But I try to post a photo, cause I think people really like that. Well I do :):) I like to hear about other's childhoods, jobs, kids, name it. It is like having written conversations for me. I loved your evening pictures. xoxo,Susie

  22. I think all bloggers have this feeling of nothing to say and nothing going on. I know I sure did and do! So I went to posting once a week and have lost some followers, but that's life. Usually only about three comments but each one makes me smile.

    The main reason I started blogging is I was such a blog stalker. So I figured if I started one as a journal I wouldn't feel so bad being a stalker. Here is the problem or more delight. I have found some wonderful friends that I love to visit on a daily, weekly or when ever they post. So with that, I would miss your postings so much. You could post, Boo, I'm here and I would be thrilled to read it. So don't worry about lengthy posts or pictures, just let us know you are still there and we can say Boo back!! Big, big Hugs today!!

  23. Oh my! Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. The one of the dishes would be so pretty framed and hung in a kitchen! It is really warm here in GA too. Supposed to be in the mid 70's here! Yuck! Have a great weekend.

  24. I love to hear from you what ever you have to say but I thnk a blogger should never feel pressed into posting, that might take the joy from it.You have lots of friends and you should never worry if you don't post everyday, we would never forget you!
    The wind is strong today isn't it, stay warm,

  25. Well I for one love it anyway. I like just normal every day kind of posts. I like hearing what you think about and how you live life.
    I live in California where life is crazy, fast and full of people. I like knowing that you are on a lake in a log cabin and I like thinking about how you live. I don't know if I could do it. So for me I thoroughly enjoy reading about your life and seeing your pictures.

    I also would ask you a question when the weather men say you are going to be dealing with the lake effect from a storm what does that mean?

  26. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  27. Oh, I miss you when there's no post for a while. So, please keep it up. And a short note with your lovely photos is just fine.

  28. I loved reading all of the comments, i figure if I have nothing to say, I should wait until I do....But, look, the majority says a picture and say Hi..They sure have changed my mind! Thank you for asking the question!


  29. Apparently you did have something to say! And you received plenty of comments so it was worth it, was it not? Your photos are beautiful, I love sunsets.
    We just had a blizzard pass through here, my husband had taken a load (he's a trucker) to Thunder Bay, ON and was stopped while on his way back. They had closed the #1 due to an accident. It was a head on collision between two trucks, which is not surprising, the way some of those guys drive is really scary. He spent 12 hours waiting for it to open. The highways are still very bad and it was -22 today.
    Have a wonderful night!
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. Beautiful photos, Kim. I know the feeling. I enjoy whatever you have to say. Keep posting...


  31. When you have something to say, or a photo to share you should post. If you have a day where you don't, then I thnk you should be able to enjoy a day off. I know that some people think they should blog 7 days a week, regardless. But I'm not one of those.

  32. I think it's the pictures too and yours are always so gorgeous! I must admit between my blog and reading others that I love, I can't keep up! LOL! So, I'm not blogging daily just when I have something to share. I've never been bored with your posts! Love the dish rack...that would make pretty notecards and the Indian Chief too!

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