Tuesday, 21 April 2015

No Promises Today!

Roy Lichtenstein 1964
8AM  4/21/15
8AM 4/21/15
It's almost May and we're still getting snow.
I'm working inside today so if it must snow I say let it be today.
I don't really have any grand plans today. I will finish painting the medicine cabinet today, clean the bathroom and start work on my new bag ( I hope).
BTW, have I told you already that youtube has a whole gamut of audio books that you can listen to as you work? I take advantage of this with nearly all of my projects. It's amazing how much more enjoyable it makes the task! I just plug in my external speakers, set them within my hearing range, and choose a good book to play, making the hours seem to fly by as I'm busily slaving away.
I've listened to dozens of Madame Agatha Christie's books this last year, but last week I switched to Dorothy Gilman's Mrs. Pollifax for variety.
Have you ever read any of her stories? I find they are humorous with a bit of mystery thrown in too. I won't say anymore, you will have to read them for yourselves. As I always recommend, start with the first novel (if you can) for the background and birthing of the character.
Gee, that sounded sort of bossy! But it is good advice-I think.
I'm off for now, as I hear Mrs. Pollifax calling my name.
Where will my adventure lead me today;
Bulgaria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or possibly the Swiss Alps?
Only Emily and I know where our secret assignment will take us today.....


  1. Good heavens! It WILL end, just look, I can still see grass through the snow. You will be so grateful to see Spring, just as I am:)
    I had no idea you could get audio books on youtube! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I love the audio book idea...I used to do that when I did floral design, but I had forgotten about it. I have painting in my future, too...so I need to get some listening materials. Snow flurries here today...

  3. I love the Mrs Polifax books and must get back to reading some of them. Hope that snow ends soon.

  4. Great idea for audio books, and your snow, I thought it might be letting up by now.

  5. Oh that is so depressing to see Kimberly! At least it will melt fast now. It' been very rainy, windy, foggy and cold here today. It will wash away the dirt of winter. :) I didn't know you could listen to audiobooks on YouTube. That is really neat.

  6. Oh WOW ! still getting snow? That stinks ! Oh we like listening to our audio book stories to . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. That snow is sooooo history. Just a little poor man's fertilizer. Thank you for mentioning the audio books. I will try it tomorrow as I putter in my sewing room.

  8. I HAD no idea!
    I don't know that I'd be able to sit and listen to a book while nothing else is going on quietly...
    but for future reference, it's good to know.
    I hope though it was snowing there, you had fun doing your inside activities! ;)

  9. I will track her down, I love listening to that stuff when I am working. So sorry about the snow.

  10. My oh my -- I'll say it "enough snow already" there I said it.. wink! So for your snowy day! But hey sweet friend thanks for the suggestion about listening to Dorothy Gilman's Mrs. Pollifax.. I will - by the way what was the first book? I am doing a lot of sketching and knitting these days I often listen to a variety of audio books but had not thought of using youtube as a source. Thanks.

  11. I did not know that about YouTube books! Oh! I have to check that out! Beats listening to old reruns on TV!
    We have snow here today, too, Kimberly. Just crazy, isn't it? Will it EVER end? xo Diana

  12. Kimberly,

    OMG.....more snow!!! I'm so sorry to hear this. Today it's beautiful outside, expecting 30 percent change of rain. Stay warm inside, and don't work to hard.....maybe just piddle a bit...

  13. I love both Mrs. Polifax and Agatha Christie. Been a while since I have read any but this is a great idea. I will look for them while doing some housework.

  14. Wow, still snowing?
    Glad you have many crafts to occupy yourself indoors!!


  15. I loved the few Mrs. Polifax books that I read a few years ago. It would be fun to revisit them via youtube.

  16. I imagine the snow has gotten to you by now, but "this too will end" lol. What a good idea on the audio books. I have been going to try that. You have re-inspired me. Any embroidery work yet? Enjoy your week-end!

  17. Oh dear, sorry to see you've had more snow. Sending you lots of warm spring wishes. I didn't know there were audio books on Youtube. Thanks! I'll have to check those out.

  18. Spring certainly is taking it's time getting off to a proper start, for some of us :)
    We had a week of warm-ish weather, and it's back to fire place weather and covering new plants.

    Thanks for the tip about the audio books! I had no idea, I'll have to check those out.

    Have a very happy Mother's day, and a great weekend!!



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