Monday, 8 August 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

  It was Friday around 4pm when the children pulled into their new home. We had just arrived about 15
minutes ahead of them. There was flurry of the men unpacking the truck and Emily helping and directing
them to the proper rooms. I tried to keep the grandchildren entertained. Which wasn't too hard. Starlet
enjoyed riding her new bike after having been cooped up in a car for 2 days and Lambie had a well
worn dinosaur book to read to Nannie. At 8:30 we headed to our motel and got a quick bite to eat.
Emily brought the grand kids over to shower, have an ice cream treat, and spend the night. Lambie
decided he was ready to go back home with his mother when playtime was over and it was bedtime.
No surprise!

Sweet Starlet could not wait to get in Lake Superior. This was 10AM and she was already in the water.
She was agate hunting. Of course by the time we left she had a baggy full of pretty rocks!

I love the way the sand was rippled by the small waves.

Dino boy Lambert imitating a monster. His favorite pose now according to his mother.

Canadian geese not far behind the grandchildren taking flight-they must have followed us over!

You can well imagine my surprise when I pulled into the yard and there was this fellow awaiting us!
I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing double. I snapped this photo as proof that I wasn't!
We all know the camera never lies. Right?
Just when I'm losing my confidence that I might not be making my fortune selling vintage patterns on
Etsy here strolls this big fellow into my yard-an answer to all my problems.
So what do you think? Maybe a circus act?
On a more serious note, I did hear back from Etsy. They were confirming what I had already suspected.
They do not provide any means of protection against copying. So I will be working on finding a solution
to this problem. Thank you all for your suggestions. I'll be considering them all and let you know what
I figure out as the best plan of action.
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. I'm glad your family got moved in. I actually had flashbacks when you mentioned unloading the moving truck. We just moved and it's such a process! Yuck!

    Ok, that is one strange critter! Makes for a very cool picture.

    I hope that you can resolve the Etsy problem soon. I'll keep fingers crossed that a solution appears!

  2. Cute kids! I bet they spent the day in the lake!

    And I, too, love the ripples in the sand.

    I can't figure that last one out. That's not real, is it?

  3. Hi Kim, these are wonderful photos of an exciting weekend for you and the family. Your grandkids are just sweet. Is the water that warm in the morning? Glad your family got moved in to their new home. Now, that bear picture is amazing. You should send that in to your local newspaper! Pretty cool photo. I hope you have a wonderful week. Pamela

  4. I know just how thrilled you are to have your kiddos close, ours moved here last August! Starlet and Lambert are the cutest, know they are in for some spoiling! Hope you can figure out a way to protect your Etsy project. I know nothing about such things. Wish I had one little talent that could make me some extra $$$ but I don't! That bear... is it me eyes this morning or does he have 4 ears?

  5. I am so happy that your family got moved into their new place! FINALLY!! Your grandkids are just beautiful-truly gorgeous kids and I'll bet you are just over the moon to have them living so close.

    Is that REALLY an unaltered bear picture? Uhhhh...I AM blond and easily fooled!

    Have a great week with your family-xo Diana

  6. Glad your daughter got moved exciting, I am soo happy for you. The grands are darling! WHAT is that pic? SURELY it is not real? Hope you have an amazing day! HUGS

  7. What a joyous weekend....the water looks wonderful, the joy in the kids face...and oh my, bears! I really can't imagine.

  8. Dear Friends
    I did this bear with trick photography! I was looking for a mosaic program unsucessfully and found one that allowed you to combine photos. So for fun I tried it and voila, this was the result.
    I probably couldn't do it again if I tried!

  9. I can just imagine your feelings at having your daughter and grandchildren close by. I'm a wee bit envious! To be able to watch the children grow up, and to be part of their normal, everyday life - now that's what it's all about.

  10. Well you did a good job, I thought it was real. So glad you have your daughter and grand kids closer than they were and it looks like a very nice day. I am glad you finally heard back from Etsy,

  11. Hmmmm.... Interesting bear... Trick photography, huh?????

    Glad the kids got there and got moved in. I know you will be so happy that they are there...

    Good Luck with your Etsy.

  12. I would've loved the rock hunting!

    A bear, oh my! How funny - the way they blend into each other it looks like one bear with 2 heads.

  13. Good Morning! How wonderful to have your family move closer to you...wish my family would move closer or better still I wish we could move closer to them! I'm so glad I read your 'comments' and saw your answer about the bear LOL I was just about to send it to my husband at work to show the guys who hunt! Great job on that by the way...even if it was a fluke ;)
    Great pictures and cute Grandkids. Have a wonderful week.
    Maura :)

  14. Ha! I thought the bear was some kind of throwback!

    Congrats on getting your kids moved - have fun with the grandchildren!

  15. Your grandkids are a couple of little dolls! I'm happy for you that they will be within easy reach for you now.

    Love the bear(s). I thought it was another bear right behind funny!

  16. So glad your family got moved in closer to you. Those grandchildren are so cute. Looks like they wasted no time getting to spend time with you. Enjoy having family close.

  17. Good thing I read your comments, I was thinking OMG she has to send that bear picture to National geographic or something!!! Enjoy time with your grand kids


  18. Hi Kimberly, Loved seeing your grands in the water playing. Great photos-but I suspect that maybe there was a double exposure that created this look or you are just fooling with us and it is really a statue that looks real.
    Hope you have a good evening.

  19. I'm trying to just be seriously happy for you and not jealous! Oh to have my kiddos nearby... no grandbabies yet so I just keep praying that they find work this direction before they come!! Seriously, I AM happy for you... :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  20. Ok, you need to explain more about the bear. Did he actually look like that or is it some sort of trick of photography?

  21. So glad to hear that your kids and grandkids got moved into their new home. Your grandchildren are adorable. I am thinking that the water in Lake Superior must be freezing, or maybe not if you are used to it :).
    Great job with your trick photography. I was trying to figure that one out and then I saw your comment.

  22. The family time sounds wonderful. The bear picture made me laugh--he must have pretty good hearing!! :D

  23. It's nice to hear your kids moved closer and now you'll see your adorable grandchildren more often! That is my dream one day ..but I'll probably have to be the one who moves.

    You had me going there for awhile with that four earred bear! to hear he was really normal. He'd still scare me with his normal face :)

  24. Nice having the kidlets so close, enjoy them

  25. Oh this is going to be fun getting to know your grandchildren.
    What a great weekend!!

  26. You had to have edited that photo! Right...? Right!?

  27. At first I thought it was two bears and the camera "fooled" the eye again! What IS that!? Do you know? (I am blonde too!)

    Your grandkids are great..Love your pictures!

  28. I'm glad that wasn't a real second set of ears on that bear! I've seen some mutated animals but that was freaky to think about! I bet that water was pretty cold! Even Lake Michigan which I live near in Traverse City takes a long time to feel warm...only after many successive days of hot weather though...! Lake Superior- she's the biggest!


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