Thursday, 25 August 2011

What Do You Collect?

I am not really one to collect any particular items. I just buy what I like. But several years
ago I fell in love with these little lambies. Then when an occasion for a gift would present
itself, my DH or MIL would buy one for me. I've kept a few out, but some had been stuck
away in a box that never got unpack from the last move. They are sweet, so now I need to
find a space for them again.
 Isn't this little lambie shepherd sweet? And his twin all dressed for snow?
These are soft and cuddly sheep. The one on the right plays "Mary had a little lamb".
This sits on the kitchen counter right now.
This is an antique cake mold. He sits on top of the cabinet like a king reigning over the kitchen!
Now this has nothing to do with sheep, but a kitchen deco idea I thought I would share.
When we moved into our cabin, part of the cabinet arrangement was a wine rack. I don't
drink wine so I needed to come up with some other idea for filling these cubbies. I tried
trinkets, but just I didn't like the way that looked. Then I remembered all those bulk spice
containers that were taking up so much space on the shelves. It seemed I'd have to drag
everyone of them down before I would find the spice I was needing for my recipe.
I always have canning jars and lids on hand. So I dumped the spices into my jars.
Then made labels for each one and tied it around the bottom rim of the glass jar.
They fit perfect inside each cubby and are much more to my liking than a wine
bottle. So there you have it-my decorating tip for the day!
Now back to my original question-do you have a collection? If so, what is it?


  1. I have a red star too and it hangs on the front door of the your little lambs...they are so sweet! Your red checked wallpaper is beautiful!! I made a fall table scarf...a change from my bags...projects...and sewed a burlap ruffle around it...I'll post a picture soon over at Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel

  2. Cute collection of sheep. We don't drink wine either, and you found a great use for the wine rack.

  3. It would seem that my latest collection are quilts. :o) I use to collect Boyd's Bears and the little figurines are up in my attic. Sadly. Because I just love looking at them. :o)
    Your spice jars is a fantastic idea. :o)
    Have a lovely day. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. I used to collect bone china tea cups and saucers but now I have too many! I've just started with ironstone pieces and I love silver pieces too!!

    Love your collection and cute use of mason jars for spices!

  5. So glad you have put them out...what a treat to see them here and there in your home.

  6. Your lambies are very sweet! I have many things that I collect, probably too many! I always pick up vintage Christmas ornaments when I find a good deal and we have many boxes after years of gathering.
    Your wine rack solution is brilliant and a great space saver, I will be keeping this tip in mind for sure! xo

  7. Good morning, Love your little sheep collection. But what you did with the wine rack is absoulutely amazing! Love the zinc lids showing for your spices. I use to collect lots of little things but over the years just decided if I liked something I would buy it. As of late though I have had a liking to old whisk brooms. They bring back lots of memories from my childhood as my mother always had one handy. I have more than 3 so guess you would consider that a collection.
    Have a great day

  8. Once you find something so irresistible, you have to have more. Thus, a collection!
    Who could resist such adorable animals. Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, I collect bunnies.

  9. I like seeing all of the fun things you collect. I think putting the spices in jars and putting them in the wine rack is a bit of genius.
    What do I collect? I used to collect Daddy Long Legs black dolls, and Norman Rockwell plates. I would say that now it is wool. Oh of course I collected books I still have my first editions and stuff like that.
    I think though it would have to just be the things I am sewing.
    Have a wonderful day today.

  10. I don't have a collection per say but I love the colbolt blue color in dishes. I find most of my stuff in the thrift store, bowls, plates ect

  11. What a fun and cute thing to collect :-) I love how you have the displayed!

  12. Love your little sheep and LOVE the jar idea for spices in a wine rack! Great use of something for something else ;)

    I seem to collect too many things... it's amazing how it starts with one thing and grows out of control! I collect jadite, vintage party/cake decorations, vintage holiday decorations, vintage sewing items, milk glass, old pottery... the list goes on and on. My husband collects the bigs stuff like tractors and gardening tools as well.

    Thanks for sharing!


  13. Those sheep are so cute! I don't really collect anything. I do love roosters, but have more than enough of them. So I guess it is a collection, but not on purpose -lol.

  14. You have a sweet sheep collection. I used to collect sheep but gave them all to the thrift store except for a couple. I guess I collect anything vintage but I soon have to stop as I have too much now. I feel like I should open up a shop and sell my things so I can declutter. Great idea for your spice storage! Have a great day. Pam

  15. Oh cute! I have total cake mold envy!

  16. You have a nice collection of 'goodies' Kimberly... I have never been much of a collector. I do have a wall-full of crosses --so I guess that is my main collection... OH---I do collect angels at Christmas.


  17. Your decorating tip is great! Do you have to search for the right jar?

    I do have an impressive collection of tea cups, but that has nothing to do with me. I collect Friendly Village dishes, but that was mostly a done deal before I inherited them. Gee. I'm stumped.

    You have a very cozy home. I enjoyed looking around some more today...

  18. Right now...antique rug beaters and old crocks. Having fun building the collection!

    Love the sheep!

  19. Your lambs are cute! I have a collection of cat figurines. :)

  20. Love your lambs! I collect vintage cat salt and pepper shakers!


  21. I love your little lambs, Kimberly! I own a few myself as they remond me of Ireland. I collect book and magazine house is overflowing with them it seems. I am trying hard to rip out all I wnat to save from the magazines and finally recycle them.

    I like your spices in the wine rask idea very much--it looks great! Since I am married to an Italian I've learned to appreciate wine with dinner, so I would have good use of your rack if it were in my itchen. :)

  22. That's a great use for the wine rack.
    I like to collect hearts and for the last year or two I've picked up red and white transferware when I've found it.

  23. I collect soooooooooooo many things; I have learned to limit how many of any one item I need for my collections.

    Love the herb jar idea! I would need to put labels on the tops though. :)

  24. Well, I have too many collections to count. Vintage linens, paper dolls, teacups, children's card games, nesting glass hens, piggy cutting boards, etc.... They don't start out being "collections". I just buy what I like and then one day I just realize that I have gathered enough of them (whatever it is) to be a collection. (My Mama told me that if you have 3 or more of something , it's a collection.) Your lambs are so cute! ( I guess I officially have a collection of those too, but they only come out at Christmas or Easter.)

  25. I love your collection - they each are so sweet! I collect butterfly items. You should visit Kathy at Spot on Cedar Farm blog - she makes sheep with her own sheep's wool - adorable. A photo is on her sidebar.

  26. correction: Kathy's blog url is:


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