Thursday, 25 August 2011

This and That

  Do you ever feel like you are wearing out? Boy, I do! I think I felt like I was 18 until I
hit 45, then it all starting going down hill from there!
Credit\; Storybook log cabin
I am starting on a trip down to Iowa today for a family reunion and my oldest son
is on his way to NY. He is a "trouble-shooter" lineman and has been called to be
on hand for Hurricane Irene. Would you  join me to pray for
all those folks in its path there on the east coast? It would be a blessing if it would
just go back out to sea where it belongs.But these storms have a mind of their own,
 it seems.

Amanda Brooks Adirondak-Vogue
You've probably noticed that my photos do not relate in any way to what I'm posting, but
I can't imagine a post without pictures and these are samples of log homes ideas I like.
I think this would look nice in a log home. I have several totes of wool I've
collected with rug hooking in mind, but I could spare some of it for a beautiful
quilt like this. I have some pieces already started from a Sue Spargo pattern
two years ago. I haven't run across them yet in my de-cluttering. But when I
do, I'll show you what I've done so far.
This is a nice stone pathway. It does look like an awful lot of work though!
And what about these stones? This would look nice on the little slope down to the beach.
On second thought, who could possibly lift those humongous rocks?


  1. Prayers and thanks to your son! I have lots of loved ones who live in the path of the storm, and am also praying that Irene takes a turn and heads out to see.

    P.S. Love that quilt!!!

  2. could you tell us what the last picture is about. it looks like a house fire.
    prayers for your son I am on the east coast but so far inland that we will get rain but not the high winds.

  3. LOVE the photos! I absolutely join you in praying for the folks in Irene's path. Have fun at your family reunion!!

  4. Hope you both have a safe journey... you to the family reunion and your son to assist those in the path of that dreadful hurricane.

  5. Ahhh...someday...a log home is in my future. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Prayers for your travel and for your son being a first responder guy!

  6. Thanks for your prayers for us on the east coast. I'm pretty well inland, but my boys live in the Boston area and I'm worried about them.

    Those pictures were beautiful.

  7. Wishing a fun trip for you and enjoy uniting with family at the reunion. Saying a prayer for your son and all those in Irene's path. Hoping it will change its course and go to sea. If not weaken considerably before landfall.

  8. Cathy at Acorn Hollow
    I don't have any info about the fire. This was posted for it's stonework and I didn't even realize the fireman until later.

  9. My prayers are for your son and all of those millions in the path of Irene.

  10. Thankful for your son, praying that Irene pulls out to sea

  11. Have a great time with your family!
    It's never easy saying Good-bye to a loved one, especially when it's an adventure like the one he is going to.
    Hard work!

    The picture from Storybook log cabin, is so wonderful, especially the banister. Love all that detail.

  12. Stones are 'my thing!' We built two stone patios, two old people and we love them. It must be me Irish blood that makes me want to gather stones!

  13. Those are beautiful pictures and I would love my (if I had one) log cabin to look that cozy.
    I will be praying for you and your son and your trip.
    Be safe.

  14. Those log cabin pictures are gorgeous!! I love to look at those too....Mr. Cabin has been called up to go to North Carolina and drive a Salvation Army mobile kitchen...I may go with him too...
    Tennessee won't get any of this rain from it...pooh...we'll certainly pray for your son, the lineman...on his journey too to the east much work ahead of everybody over there....
    batton down the hatches everybody!
    Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel

  15. I've already been praying for those in the path of the storm. It sounds like it is going to be a real nightmare and cause a lot of damage. Prayers for your son and others like him who will be there to help those who need it after the storm goes through too.

    The pictures are lovely. I especially like the red,white and blue decorated cabin. So pretty!

    I hope you have a good trip to your family reunion and a nice weekend. :-)

  16. I love the tiny cobblestone path. It may take longer to lay, but won't break my back. :)

  17. I love that lamb coolection and the pictures of the log houses. Beautiful.

  18. You transported me to dreamland... I'll take them all!

    As for Irene... no thank you.

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. I'm a big believer that all posts should have photos too - yours are lovely. Your son is a superhero! XOL

  20. I love those photos! And oh my yes, I would love to have finished a wool quilt and hooked rug. I have all of these toys, but spend so much time drooling over what everyone else is doing, that before I know it, it's bedtime again, and I accomplished NOTHING> :/

  21. What gorgeous photos! I love cabins. Of course ;-)

  22. Hi Kimberly, You think that you slow down at 45??? Mercy Percy!!! I'm 69--and I'm still going strong!!!! ha

    Have a nice reunion ---and I will pray for your son and all involved in that horrible hurricane.

  23. Love that quilt with the squirrels and flowers. So cute. You have quite the sheep collection! Your son is in our prayers along with all those living on the east coast. Mimi

  24. Prayers for all..hope your reunion is are the path way
    As for downhill after 45...with you, but I still have to get up the energy to chase around my 5 year old...he is keeping me young

  25. Hope you've had a wonderful time at your reunion. Love all the photos. Also, hope your lineman son is doing well. I have a lineman hubby and I know how hard they work in often times bad conditions!

  26. I trust your son is safe and has been hard at work over there! Yes prayers go out to him and all the others, it sure made a mess! I would love a real log cabin home...I decorate in a traditional style with tuscn and french influences- but my other personality wants tomething to kick back with and enjoy a more cozy earthy place! I felt that loss of energy starting at 50 and now I find I burst out and do things, then kick back a few days...I had a hard time accepting this, but then I decided I earned it- besides I can still do circles around a lot of young people today who have no clue how to work hard!!


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