Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Wee Bit of Fall

For weeks now I have been reading how so many of my blogging friends can't wait for
fall to arrive. And I can understand. It's been horribly hot for so many of you, I'm sure
you would more than welcome some cooler weather. But here, the weather has been
pretty close to perfect. It's been sunny and in the 70's-until two days ago, when it
dropped down to the 60's. 
But until we drove to church on Sunday, I hadn't seen any evidence that fall  was even
thinking about coming for a visit. But like a sneaky little snake it's slithered its way
           into my neck of the woods.

Isn't this pretty? I like the mix of the speckled maple with the yellow and red against the green.

This is a red maple, maybe? I'm not real sure. But you can see it's just starting to turn.

This is a birch. Surprisingly, the ones in our yard are not turning yet.

This is a comforter that I found  while de-cluttering in the loft cubby. I ordered it out
of a mail order magazine and when I received it it was too poofy and too slick for my
bed. So I am hand quilting the paisleys on it to help squash it. Now, am I crazy or what?
Please don't answer that . Because I really don't want to know!
Have a Blessed Tuesday friends!


  1. Crazy ... well, I better now go there. But you are certainly patient to handquilt all those paisleys. I guess it will pass away those cold winter nights and keep you warm while it is drapped over your legs. I might be tempted to use the sewing machine(seeing as I just bought a new one) Keep us up to date on the progress.

  2. our weather has been perfect also just a few days of humid. You are right fall is sneaking in the sun is late in rising and quicker to set that is my biggest complaint to fall and winter the loss of daylight.

  3. Your fall pics are pretty, our leaves are falling, it's been a dry summer in the south, don't know if we'll have much of a fall here as far as colors go...so I'll enjoy everyone's colors in your areas of the world....Mel's Designs from the Cabin is planning on changing a little Cabin Barn into a shop for yard sales...I hope you'll check out my progress as I clean it up and fix it up, please be sure to make a suggestion or two in the comment section....Mel

  4. It is a really cute comforter, I must say :) And your maple photos are just stunning - they just use 'fall'. Such a pleasure to stumble onto your blog :)

  5. I live in Michigan and I love fall but not winter, so I have some mixed feelings about the coming season. I have been enjoying the late summer weather here so much, in the 70's and low 80's and 60's at night. Perfect!
    I love the paisley comforter, I've always loved that look af an all one pattern quilt. Quilting all the paisleys isn't for the faint hearted but it will be beautiful!

  6. Well, if you actually going to use it it is ok...if not I think I would call it a little crazy!

  7. It's been a lovely summer here in West Michigan, and as much as I love autumn, knowing winter is just around THAT corner brings me to tears...

  8. Oh it is the start of something - lovely pics! And I think your crazy idea is brilliant as well. Happy quilting.

  9. Great pics. Today was the first morning with a real bite in the air - my boys were shivering at the bus stop.

  10. I'm so jealous! 60's??? vaguely remember those. Beautiful pic's. It probably won't be long until we are all complaining about "winter"! LOL! We're never happy...

  11. OMG I can't believe you are going to quilt all the paisley. You are ambitious. I do agree comforters are to poofy, quilts are perfect. We are in the low 70's here at night and around 80 in the day. I am loving it. I hated the hot humid weather. Fall is also arriving here, my maple trees are starting to get some color. Looks like you are ahead of us though. Great photos:)

  12. I would say that sounds like an ambitious project. As the weather gets cooler, you may enjoy having the comforter on your lap as you work on it.
    I am finding your photos of the changing leaves to be a most welcome sight. I'm beyond ready for the heat and humidity to be gone. When I lived in Michigan I had mixed feelings about the onset of fall. Mostly because I knew it would be followed by a loooong winter.

  13. My fingers hurt just thinking about all of that quilting..have fun! Have a great day! xo

  14. Crazy? No...
    Motivated and aspiring is what it is!

    Your touches of Fall, beautiful.
    The sun is sitting at a different angle. It's starting!

  15. I think your fall colors look very nice. I think your comforter looks great too.

    I tried to send you a email yesterday but Google was acting up.
    So glad you liked North and South.
    That makes me so happy.

  16. Kimberly I have also noticed a lot of branches turning red or yellow which is typical around here in August. I believe they are usually trees that are stressed and/or dying but I don't like to see them yet. That is a lot of paisleys to sew around!! I think it will look quite cozy when you are finished though. It's cooler here today but we've had some beautiful days lately. Pamela

  17. What beautiful colors...and things are still green...our is brown from being fried from the heat..we are still in a heat wave, well over 100 plus each day...so fall weather would mean things could grow again.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and great comforter.

  18. Personally, I LOVE crazy- I say go for it and quilt the paisley! I noticed a bit of Fall in the foilage when we were up North this past weekend. It's a'coming! xo Diana

  19. Way back in July, I took a picture of a red leaf and then left it right where it was. I don't want to think about fall now as, like yours, our weather has been so nice. Crazy? Maybe a little bit, though if it works, you'll be glad that you did it. Perhaps it'll be really cozy in the evenings to sit and work on this project. (I have a new comforter that is also too puffy. I am going to resist all urges to hand quilt it.)

  20. Our weather has been the tiniest bit cooler the last couple of days, lots of rain coming our way though.
    I like the comforter, will be a nice fall/winter project

  21. Nice pictures! I'm not ready for fall yet. I'd like summer to last a while longer, but I suppose the seasons will change just the same. :)

  22. Sounds like something I'd do! Guess that makes me crazy too. Mimi

  23. I just love your blog...I feel as if I have vacationed when I stop by :-)



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