Friday, 30 September 2011

I'm Seeing Red!

No, I'm not mad. I'm not upset. I'm just seeing red today.
      This is my new red dutch oven my MIL bought for me. She knew I wanted a cast iron cook pot
      for simmering roast on our wood stove. And she knows how much I love red. So this beauty is
      both cast iron and red! I can't wait to use it. If you've never had a roast that has simmered for
      hours on the top of a wood stove top-you don't know what you're missing girls!
      Red apples for applesauce!
This isn't red, but I ran across it while browsing my photos. I shot this in a restaurant
in Wawa where we went blueberry picking in August. I thought it was a turkey made with
ties. But as I look closer I see it has eyes. Creepy, I think! I do think someone with
imagination could make a turkey tie wall hanging. What do you think, is it cute or creepy?
Another question too- how long does it take you (on average) to create a post? Another blogger
friend was mentioning how much time it takes for her to post, so I'm just curious now as to
how long it takes most bloggers. I'm not revealing how long it takes ME to post on the grounds
that it might incriminate me or make others think less of me. So please let me know!
Have a wonderful fall weekend friends!


  1. First of all, I think it is kind of creepy, interesting but creepy! It looks like the eyes are different sizes too, ugh!

    Sometimes creating a post takes me longer than other times. I must confess that I do not draft or write down what I am going to blog until I have uploaded the photos and then I start typing. I can hear some of you who know me saying "yea, it shows". Flying by the seat of my pants, that's me...So I would have to say that on an average, probably an hour, it would be less if I actually knew what I was going to say instead of just some vague idea.
    Love your new red pot...I want your MIL, I don't have one! xo

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  3. I love that pot...I have the same one is bright green.

    As for the wall looks a little creepy...and how would you dust it?

    My blog posts take me about 15 minutes each...uploading the photos is the slowest part but I usually think of what I am going to post about and have a general idea before I start.

  4. Good morning! I LOVE the new pot, and boy would I love to taste a roast that has been cooked that way...sounds wonderful. Yes, I too think it looks a little creepy...not really bad or anything, just a little, haha.

    As for my posts....oh my goodness. Some of them take me a couple of hours or even more. Maybe that is why I only do one or two a week. Sometimes I know what I want to say, (or vaguely anyway) but most times I just sit down and write from my heart, and follow along with what comes up. Pictures take soo long (I think it is just my computer) that I rarely add a pic that isn't a personal one. Though I love blogs that do. I am curious now as to how long it takes you.

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Great new red pot. Yes, I love a roast on the stove...specifically Pioneer Woman's recipe. YUM.

    The wall hanging is a bit creepy. The eyes. I think it jumped off my post today. It reminds me of a Thanksgiving bulletin board I did one year for my class with their dads' ties used for the turkey feathers. The name of the board was "Ties and Offerings" because the children's Thanksgiving essays were placed there.

    (There, I feel better about that fix.)

  6. Lucky you! I'd love a pot like yours. Red would be good, too. I love roast cooked on top of the stove.

    It takes me too long to get a post done! That's why I usually just post 3-4 times a week. Mainly it's the waiting on the photos to load. And last night when I was changing colors of some of the words, it took me at least 8 times before it would "take". Don't know why these things happen, but it sure does slow me down.

    The eyes creep me out on the wall hanging! They look real...guess I've watched too many scary movies!

  7. That wall hanging from Wawa is very creepy!
    I love your Dutch oven - I use mine all the time and have given them as wedding gifts, as they're not something a young couple might spring for, but they're so handy.
    How long does it take me to post? Well, after I've had the idea, it usually takes me about 20 minutes.

  8. My posts are more like tweets...if I tweeted that is... I don't have a fancy camera...I don't take many day I would like to take my blog to another level but when I would find the time I don't know..I enjoy reading other blogs more than writing my own...

  9. Weird tie sculpture!

    It depends on the post. Some of them don't take long at all. Others do take a little time if I'm trying to write a lot or be profound or something, LOL. That doesn't happen to often though.

  10. 1. The cook pot is lovely and will be well used.
    2. The apples look delicious.
    3. That is creepy, whatever it is.
    4. What takes the longest for me is editing the photos, after that is done I can complete a post in under 10 minutes. I also am not wordy in my posts.

  11. I love your red dutch oven and you know I need to try cooking something on my wood stove but it will be a long time yet before we have a fire.
    You are so lucky.
    I bought lots of red apples today. I love it when apples are in season. I didn't notice they eyes in the wreath but they are there. Neat idea though.
    Ummm how long to do a blog post? At max for me about 30 minutes. It would take me longer if I am using the new post editor. But the old one and can zip out a post in about 15 minutes.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Red is my color too and I have the same pot!!! I know how you love it :-)

    The thing with the ties....YIKES!


  13. The ties craft looks a little creepy, but I agree with you about someone making one similar and turning it into a turkey. I think that might look kind of cool.

    Enjoy your roast in your new pot. I bet it will be delicious. My blog posts vary. Sometimes I ramble on forever and sometimes I just post a picture or two, so I don't know how to answer your question, I guess. :-)

  14. Wowza! Some one is very creative to have made that wall hanging! :o) They have an amazing imagination.

    Your new red dutch oven is awesome! I have never used an iron skillet or any such thing, and after moving down to the south, people are shocked that I haven't. I need to give it a try. :o)

    Thanks so much for sharing about my give a way!! :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    hugs. Trish

  15. Love your red pot! You lucky girl!! I bet I know what you'll be having for dinner over the weekend!!? I'll be right over.

  16. I love your new pot! I need to get a cast iron pot for 'stove top' cooking. We heat with wood and we also cook with propane...trying to conserve both and make the best of each purchases (ouch! this year we're not cutting our own and it hurts.)

    I've cooked on my wood stove before...but I think cast iron would be way better!

    That wall hanging...very artsy-fartsy I must say, with crazy eyes! love that it uses neckties...clever.


  17. Oh man...
    you see how wordy I am?

    That should answer your Post time-- start to finish, question.

    Too long!

    If I'm to be any good at this new venture in Homesteading, I must learn to post quicker, or get off the net!


  18. I got one of these kinds of pots last year and it makes terrific roasts! I use it in the oven but I did find I need to reduce the temperature by at least 25 degrees or it bakes too fast and the liquids can dry up. Mine is red too!
    I spend anywhere from 30 min. to 2 hrs on a post depending on how wordy I am and how many revisions I make and how my pictures I load!
    The wall thing is freaky for sure espedially the eye part!
    We're going to head up to the U.P. to see fall colors this weekend!

  19. Love the red, what a great pot...and yes it is a little creepy, but what imagination with ties!

  20. I probably won't ever have the privilege of smelling or tasting a roast that had been simmered in a cast iron pot on a woodburning stove. What a warm feeling this brought to me.

  21. The hanging made from ties is very cleverly done but maybe just a little creepy - bet those eyes follow one around! (And posting seems to take ages)

  22. I have had my eye on a red dutch oven like that for so long! There are so many things I could cook in it.

    Glad to see that we're not the only ones that take some time to get posts done. I think the pictures are the hardest for me, and like someone else said, it seems like you try to make edits and they don't take--frustrating! But hopefully with practice, it will get easier.

  23. I can imagine lots of good food cooking in that pretty red pot. A roast would be delicious cooked your way. I am pretty slow getting a post ready but I'm trying to do better.
    Have a great week.-----Shannon

  24. That is a little creepy.-- My husband has a fire pit/grill he uses and cooks outside in the summer. We have cast iron pots that he loves to use outdoors. There is nothing like a good meal cooked outside in a dutch oven. Blessings

  25. Red is one of my favorite accent colors and I've been buying a lot of red dishes lately for some reason :) I love your red cast iron pot --your MIL was so sweet to buy that for you.

    I am not a typist, so my blog posts can take quite a bit of time to set up, but I still enjoy doing them :)

  26. A tie wreath could actually be pretty cool... both those eyes are just creepy.

  27. Seeing your lake through a tiny apple arrangement is pure bliss!

    As for how long it takes me to post... Last night it took me about 10 minutes. The posts with lot's of pictures are the killers... They take me about 45 minutes to an hour because of the picture choosing and downloading process...

    As for the tie wall-art... not creepy at all. It's a lion, and a happy lion at that!

    Blessings, Debbie

  28. I just went through your comments and nobody else saw the lion! Find his beautiful nose with flaring nostrils and you will see him. Makes the eyes look kind when you see him for what his is... I'm really defending this work of art aren't I? ;)


  29. It appears the wall hanging with eyes is made from old neck ties and the face part is roled up real small and folded in different ways...Apart from the eyes it is rather cleaver. Liked all the pictures in this post.


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