Monday, 27 February 2012


My blogging friend Nanna Diana has coined this new word-
BLOVE. I bet you can figure out it's meaning, but if you
can't, it short for Blog Love. Diana has had a friend create
a button for her newly coined word and is happy to share.
Just pop over to her blog and learn more about BLOVE
and Diana. I've enjoyed her blog for quite a long time and
I think you'll learn to BLOVE it too.

The weather is saying winter, but my geranium is arguing for
spring. I think I'm going to get a new summer blouse pattern
and some spring floral fabric and start whipping up a few
blouses for myself. You see, I'm keeping the vision before me!
As I repeat to myself, 'Spring is coming, Spring is coming!'
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. my mother had a geraniun she could keep blooming most of the year. I hate the smell of them but they really are pretty

  2. Yes, Spring is coming, but it appears that we are going to get some Winter weather first. It snowed almost all day long yesterday.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. You may be disheartened soon if you get the weather conditions we just had. We are snowed in and school buses are all cancelled for the day, because of the storm yesterday. I went out to my mom's for supper and almost didn't make it home. Whenever I had to stop at a red light I struggled to get going again. Then I got stuck at the end of my own driveway. My husband also closed his pizza business 6 hours early which he has never ever done. It just came fast and the wind was blowing so hard you couldn't see the roads. I hope it bypassess you. I may have to wait a bit longer for spring. Well you know what I am doing today.

  4. My vote goes with the geranium! Have a good week, Kimberly! :)

  5. I think Nana Diana is so clever, i love the button.
    Your geranium is very optomistic, doesn't look much like spring this morning at all.But we can hope , there is always hope!
    I can;t wait to see your blouses, you know I worked at Fabricland in the Sault for a while, I spent more than I earned, much too tempting with all the goodies around me.

  6. Some time ago, my family wanted me to make the distinctions between cyber friends and "real" friends clear. I found myself hard pressed to do so. Blove...perhaps that would work.

  7. I tried to pop over to the blog you mentioned but it doesn't lead anywhere except a page that tells me it doesn't exist. :(

  8. I clicked the logo and it works fine.

  9. A cute new word! I am going to be going with the geranium...I'm ready for Spring..
    Enjoy this beautiful flower and all of it's sunshine..

  10. I'm so ready for Spring but that 32 degrees this morning is saying something different. There is some hope for sunshine today even if it is cold. Blove, I like it!

  11. Keeping that positive thought aren't you! Good for you! I pray it comes soon too!

  12. Often reading your life is like a fairy tale to me :-)

    So glad I found your little blog. I blove it!


  13. WHEN is Spring going to be here? February is not the shortest month - it is the longest. And we have another day added on this year! We are supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow today, and it is nasty outside! I am longing for geraniums! Thanks for the lovely post!

  14. How cute is this. I know I say blog love a lot.

  15. Just when we think spring is coming, winter shows up again in the forecast..maybe I should go get some floral fabric too! xo

  16. Stopping by from the Girl Creative Blog Hop!

  17. Scraping ice off my window shield...
    Spring is coming, Spring is coming!

  18. Hey Kimberly, I like the word BLoved! Living up north real close to Canada, winter tends to stick around a while. I'm praying the snow leaves soon for you! Has your critter come out again to play?

  19. It was spring here last week in the 70's but 32 with frosted windshields this morning...the weather will definately keep you guessing

  20. Love your geranium... And yes, Spring is coming.. smile.

  21. Yes the crocuses and daffodils are in bloom, but yesterday I saw two mature dogwood trees in bloom. It is crazy!

  22. Beautiful geranium :)
    It's good to know that I'm not the only one that walks around and talks to myself...repeating "Spring is coming... just a few more weeks, and Spring will be here".

  23. So looking forward to spring too! That bobcat probably wanted to see your cute cabin. Mimi

  24. "BLove" is a very descriptive word! I love it!

    Your window must be warm and sunny so that your geranium feels it is spring! Hope that spring does arrive very soon and we can all thaw out. I always fee la little cabin fever around the end of February.


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