Friday, 19 April 2013

Quilt Top Progress

Here is a preview of my lap quilt top.
It's amazing how quickly this has all
come together for me.
But it is a very simple pattern after all.
If you are a seasoned quilter hide your eyes!
Yes, I can now see a wee bit of crookedness
in my squares here.
Since this is being made for my own
personal use, I can live with a little bit of wonky.
There was so much snow here last night that
the road out was closed today. Unless the
owner comes to plow we won't be going
anywhere today either.
Tim and I are planning to travel back home
tomorrow or Sunday so I sure hope they
get the roads open soon.
Have a great weekend friends!



  1. I think it's turning out well! Nobody will see any crooked parts while it's on your lap being snuggled under!

  2. Very pretty! I see that you changed it up quite a bit from your inspiration quilt with the extra strips of white. Speaking of strips of white, hope that the snow there melts soon!

  3. Kimberly,

    Beautiful personal quilt.

    Stay warm and be safe when driving home with all that snow on the ground.

  4. I have never heard the word "wonky" before. Just might have to use it once in awhile. Funny little word.

    Praying that you get home safely.

  5. it was a wild storm last night up your way wasn't it, I hope it clears for you, The Amish always have an imperfection in their quilts because nothing but God is perfect they say,

  6. oops, I hit publish before i had the chance to say how beautiful the quilt is, I love it!

  7. Great pattern, you are so fast! Hope the road gets cleared for you.

  8. Love the fabrics you're using! Doesn't look a bit wonky to me. Mimi

  9. Oh soo pretty...and I see NOTHING wonky about it. : ) I am getting closer and closer to attempting something like this! Have a wonderful week-end!

  10. Wow, when you say you are going to make a quilt you get on it. I can see the vintage sheets being used. Love it:)

  11. Lovely quilt, and roads closed means extra sewing time. The Lodge owner has had a good time away, hope he/they enjoyed some warmer days. Drive safely, cheers from Jean. Wonky is ideal in the eyes of anyone who quilts, perfection is reserved for competitions!!!

  12. I love it! It's very pretty. I hope the snow plow comes to set you free soon.

  13. Hi Kimberly,

    So nice to meet a fellow Canuck!

    Have been taking a little tour around your lovely blog and am enjoying your recent posts; what a variety! Your quilt is very quaint and your table setting for your party very pretty! I can so relate re: your husband helping you out with the cooking for two reasons: one, mine is a great cook, too, and two, you're doing exactly what I do when he's slaving over a hot stove: let's call it 'crucial correspondence'!

    Have a great weekend,

    Poppy :)

  14. Your quilt is coming together nicely. I love the sweet pieces you have put together. Hope you get plowed out. It is snowing here, too, but not enough to accumulate. xo Diana

  15. I love your fabrics, it will be very pretty! You are a fast worker. Hope your roads are cleared soon, stay safe going home!

  16. Hi Kimberly, love your quilt, such great colors, wonderful job, Francine.

  17. I think it's coming together really well Kimberly. I love the blue and green mix squares. I hope you can get out to go home. Take care.

  18. Beautiful! It does not look simple to me! I am sooo impressed with anyone who does quilting


  19. Your quilt is beautiful! I didn't see any crooked seams.
    Your area is really getting the snow! We didn't get any out of that system that hit you and Dryden and Thunder Bay. My husband had the day off so he did not get caught in it. I hope it goes away quickly.
    Hugs, cindy

  20. Can I envy for just one moment? I so wish I knew how to quilt, and I truly admire those that can. So pretty!!

  21. Beautiful fabrics!

    I think you are doing a beautiful job!!

    Be safe..

  22. Nice squares sets and colors. You know what I can see from the photos - your sewing is great.. And Oh, bummer more snow -- errrrr!!! I feel for you! But for us we are having a bit of spring now and it's getting fun to see the wild flowers coming out - just a few..


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