Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Feel So Sorry For These Poor Girls

Because bathing suit season will soon be upon us and I'm not sure they can find a store
or pharmacy anywhere that will carry 'ironized yeast' pills any longer.
I wondering how they will ever get those
much needed natural sex-appealing curves
without them....
I know I could share with them how I've gained
my natural 'curves'!
However, I'm not the sort of girl that's willing
to share her personal 'beauty' secrets.
 Let them find out
for themselves, is my motto!
Maybe one of you sweet ladies are more kind than me and would be willing to share
how you GAINED your curves.
But not me, no!
Let them suffer being so skinny....



  1. Haha! My secrets stay with me too! ;)

  2. Ha! I don't think anyone should employ my secrets!

    How times have changed. I recently saw a Marilyn Monroe poster and she would be considered plump by today's standards.

    Oh yes, I feel terrible for those skinny little things. They must freeze to death.

  3. Yes-those poor, poor girls! What a pity!;>) xo Diana

  4. Oh I love this post Kimberly, made my day.......Yes, poor dears, so skinny......I will not tell them how I got my curves either.....Blessings Francine.

  5. Haha!!! It was easy, see food, eat food, that was how I did it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. poor things, nothing that a good batch of brownies couldn't help!

  7. Those poor girls, indeed. I'd be willing to share my secrets with them but then I'd never be able to find a bathing suit in my size - they'd all be buying them up!
    This made my day!

  8. I like that ad, man I wish it was like that today.
    I do think today's models look like escapees from a concentration camp. :) It can't be healthy.

  9. Hahaha..I've seen that ad before and laughed then as I did now. Can you even imagine how they had to try to gain weight back then. Yes, I could share my secret but I'm with you, let them suffer and figure it our themselves. xo

  10. Oh my gosh...can you even imagine that. Would be NICE if our society looked upon "curvacious" woman with more respect
    instead of all the skinny boney's out there.
    p.s.....I basically am NEVER in a swim suit. Maybe once a year.

  11. Actually, I DO feel sorry for them...they must be so hungry! Poor things. Me? I'm not hungry. Ha ha! All they have to do is go on the seafood diet. I mean, see food diet. You see food and you eat it.

  12. I'll let my 3 yr old twins explain where my curves came from...

  13. hahaha...Yes, I've got that down too! Enjoy your day!

  14. Haha. That is too funny! First you have children and then you veg for 20 years, then you go through menopause, then you start blogging and sit for 3 years... Oh dear, the cat's out of the bag now!! :)

  15. Yeah, let 'em suffer!!! If they only knew how they look.

  16. Where did you get that old picture? So funny!
    Best chuckle of the day!

  17. Too cute! When I saw this in my reading list, it only loaded the first picture and I thought you were talking about a real thing, the joke totally caught me by surprise! Thanks for the smile and for following. :-)

  18. Lol! All I can say is I gave up starving myself a long time ago :-)

  19. Funny funny -- you got out of me some giggles reading this today -- for real - I can't believe this add.. still funny to me - just eat sweet breads and it will do it to ya every time - wink!

  20. Oh, those poor skinny waifs! But I know they won't look this way when they are 50....lol!


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