Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's Good To Be Home

Hello Friends!
I looked at the date of my last post and couldn't believe that it has been over 10 days since I had last posted.
I do have a legitimate excuse, however.
Our house has been sold!
I know you're shocked-I was too.
Tim and I had listed our home thinking someone might come to look at it in the middle of summer when it's warm and beautiful.
 But no, someone came just after we had started helping Kevin at the lodge, while we still had snow, and decided to buy it.
Which is why we are home again.
We are looking for a new place.
 We have two very opposite homes/businesses in mind right now and we'll be making our decision within the next few days. I won't bother telling you about either until we decide on something for certain.

I have to tell you it has been wonderful to be home again, sitting in my recliner, watching the sunsets again.
We've had company-Mr. & Mrs. Fox are now coming to the patio door every night to visit as soon as it gets dark.
There are birds back in the yard again.
And a couple of ducks back out on the lake.
Yes, I'd say Spring has sprung!
It's not totally here yet, but off to a good start.
We are expecting three days of rain which I hope will get rid of all the remaining snow piles left in our yard.
Now I'm looking forward to popping over and catching up on all that's been happening in your neck of the woods!
Be Blessed-Kimberly


  1. Wow! Are you planning to stay in the same area?

    I can't wait to hear what you decide! Congrats on the home sale!

  2. Good news.no waiting, open homes, or having to keep it spotless, tidy and immaculate for prospective buyers!!! ( not that I'm saying it isn't like that every day)Hope your decision doesn't have to be rushed too much. Greetings from Jean

  3. Wow you sold your cabin?? That is amazing. Well your life is always hopping.
    I can't wait to see where the Lord is going to lead you this time.

  4. I had no idea you were selling. Can't wait to hear all about where you will be moving to and see the new place.

  5. I've been gone too...from Google that is. I had no idea you were selling! I hope I have as much luck when I list mine! Is it hard to leave there? Didn't you love it? What now?

  6. Kimberly,

    Welcome home and congratulations on the sell of your place. I hope you're able to finds something you both will really enjoy.

    Amazing how much wildlife you have coming up to the house.

    Enjoy your nice sunsets over the lake.

    I can't wait to hear where you and hubby have decided to go.

  7. That is exciting news, even if the timing wasn't quite what you expected! Can't wait to hear what the future holds for you.

  8. Wow! That's the most surprising thing I've read in a blog lately! Congrats on selling early. It's better than selling late. Guess I'd better keep an eye on you as I never know what you're up to next. ☺

  9. Wow!!! I wish I could have bought your cozy cabin, love it........I think it's so wonderful for all the wildlife to visit your place......Great pictures, Blessings Francine.

  10. Wow! Congratulations! Can't wait to see your new place that you find.

  11. Congratulations on finding a buyer! Good luck in your decision for what's next.

  12. That was a quick sell Kimberly but I can understand why with the beautiful view you have there. I can't wait to see where you will be next. Exciting times for you! Blessings and hugs, Pam

  13. What a surprise! I didn't realize you were considering selling. Your cottage is very pretty, I love that style of home. I am very curious as to what you will be doing next, but I'm sure you will tell us when it happens.
    Your fox and birds are very pretty, you certainly do have a lot of wild life. My husband has seen more in Ontario than in all the places he's ever driven in.
    Have a good week!

  14. well that sold fast. Such a beautiful area that the house is located in. Can't wait to see "where you end up"

  15. Congratulations on selling quickly! We'll all be waiting anxiously to see what you will be doing next!

  16. I guess I can't keep up, I didn't know you were even thinking of selling! Congratulations on getting sold before you even expected. Looking forward to seeing what you both have up your sleeve now! xo

  17. Kimberly,

    I can't believe your news. SO FAST and everyone gripes that they can't sell their home.

    But what about the animals?? Foxes will come for a meal and they need you to inform the new owners about them.

    Happy spring and happy adventures. Wow.



  18. You are the two busiest people I know, always on a new adventure...Can't wait to see what your next adventure is!


  19. wow! big news! You two are always onto something new it seems. How exciting for you. I will be anxious to hear where you end up! Congrats!

  20. That must have been a shock! A quick sale is such a blessing. Good luck with deciding on a new place - I look forward to learning what you do.

  21. My o MY what a delight and excitement with the selling of your home buttttttt O my now what's next -- I can hardly wait for the final decision.. Now changes are in the air for you...

  22. What a surprise!!! Since you decided to sell, I'm happy that it happened so quickly for you.

    Yes, please do tell us all about it when you can.

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