Friday, 5 April 2013

Three Choices So Far...

Here are my crochet samples that I have attempted so far.
I just had time to experiment last night. Then my Internet quit working, so I had no more patterns!
Let me know which one you think would look best
as an edging for pillowcases.
I got a call last night from Victim's Services to inquire if I would have any rooms for a family whose home just burnt down.
I did, and they arrived around 11PM.
Please pray for them. They are a family of four.
Two teenagers and the parents.
They lost everything.


  1. I'm drawn to the green sample, but they would all look nice on pillow cases.
    How horrible for that family, I will say a prayer for them. You are a lovely person to open up your home to those in need, I didn't even know there was a service like that. Do you just contact them to volunteer?


  2. I like the red. Did you make the quilted pillow too? Love it.

  3. I love all three. The blue is traditional but I like the red and green or is it I'm drawn to those colors. Thank goodness you have room in the inn. A little prayer going up for that family.

  4. The lovely red for me. Is there anything we bloggers can do to help the poor family, beyond our prayers?

  5. Oh how sad to lose everything. I'm very glad that you had room there for them. I'm echoing Mary Ann's question.

    I like the scalloped blue edging best. Perhaps because it's the one that I see most on pillowcases around here. You can come up with some amazing patterns of your own design, too, Kim that would satisfy that creative urge.

  6. How wonderful of you to do such a thing. I too have prayed for that poor family.

    I love them all, but if I HAD to pick, I'd go with the blue..

    Enjoy your week-end!

  7. I like the blue for the pillow.

    I will keep the family in my very sad indeed.

    Have a nice weekend. xo

  8. I like the green colour and find the green and blue are the finer edges for pillow slips. That is sad about the family burned out of their home and I have prayed for them. Fortunately you had 'room in the inn' for them. Blessings, Pam

  9. Hi Kimberyl, love the red, neat......Thoughts and prayers for the family, so sad, Hugs Francine.

  10. I like them all but the blue is my favorite. Thankful for your willing heart to serve that family, have just prayed for that family

  11. I like the pattern of the blue, but think it would be lovely in the dark red to match the thread on the pillow.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished item.

  12. Hi, I hopped over to you from Oklahoma, from Michaele, love your blog, photos, I scrolled down, is that one of those stunningly beautiful bobcats? I have seen pics on KB's blog at rompingandrolling. You have beautiful scenery and stitching, and I'm adding you to my ever increasing list of people to visit. Greetings from Jean in NZ.

  13. Prayers for the family of four here. How tragic for them.

    I like all of your edgings, but I think I like the blue the best and the red second best.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  14. First off- praying for the family that lost their home how awful!
    I love all your pieces but I really like the deeper scallop on the top piece the best. xo Diana

  15. What a difficult time for that poor family - so good that they found a welcome at your house.
    I like the bottom one best!

  16. Well, I pick the blue pattern but in the red:)

  17. I like the blue one for pillow cases.

    Sorry to hear about the fire. Blessings on them.

  18. I like the red!

    I am praying for the family. How tragic for them. I am so glad no one was hurt.

  19. I too have been playing with crochet edges lately. I crocheted the edges of 4 placemats and did each edge slightly differently.

    My favorite of your edges is the green.

  20. I 'm sorry to bother you, but I think I figured out the problem. When I type in a comment there is the Choose An Identity portion and I think I need to check the e-mail follow up comments to

    I guess when I signed up to Google+ it defaulted to my google account.

    Please let me know if get the link to my blog now.

  21. I will be praying, poor family. That is so nice you have room. What a room to be able to share.

  22. I like the RED for your trim..
    I'll be praying for the family you brought into your sweet home to offer comfort - blessed you..


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