Monday, 5 September 2011

Autumn Leaves

Hello Dear Friends! I can't tell you how glad I am to be home again. I have to say
"thank you" first to the Lord for watching over me and bringing me safely home!
I had a wonderful time at our family reunion and visiting with all of my brothers
and sisters and their families. We had a turnout of around 150 people. Many of my
cousins I hadn't seen for 15-25 years. We are all getting older, for sure. The hardest
part of visiting for me is when I have to say "goodbye" to Mom and Dad. They are
87 and 94 years old. I talk to them weekly, of course. But it's still hard.....

I have to tell you how surprised I was to see how much the leaves had turned in just
one week of absence. I am really getting in the mood for fall now! I woke up to a "love"
fire this morning. Why a "love" fire? Well, because if it were up to my husband it would
probably have to be in the teens, not 45 as it was this morning, before he would bother
with a fire. So I know when I wake up to the sound of crackling logs he's done
it out of consideration for me.
                             Midwest Living

When the fall decorating mood hits me I know its time to dig out my file full of
flower arrangements and landscaping ideas. Do I  implement all these ideas?
Of course not. But they do get the "grey" cells going, kind of a jumping
off  point for me. I'm going to share a few with you-maybe they'll get the
wheels churning for you too.

   Creative Home Nov. 2001
This wreath is perfect for all my friends that have their own sunflowers to harvest!
                      Better Homes & Gardens Oct. 2007
Is anyone harvesting their pumpkins yet? I like this arrangement with the
chinese lanterns and the hedge balls, don't you?
                        Better Homes & Gardens Oct. 2007
This is quite the "Welcome". Are your grey cells working yet?


  1. Love the photos. The pillows in the first shot are adorable. The yellow one looks like it was a sweater in a past life. So glad you had a great time with family, you can never replace the memories:)

  2. Lots of inspiration in those photos - and I'm always inspired, but not always to action!
    Welcome back - it sounds like you had a grand time.

  3. Welcome back. Isn't wonderful seeing family again? You have quite a treasure trove of old magaznies. I miss Creative was one of my favorites. I have some stashed away somewhere I think I'll pull them out and have a look. Thanks for the inspiration! Patty

  4. Wow 150 people for your reunion, that's fantastic, glad you had a good time.I know I have to get adjusted to fall but I am just now ready and our temps are still in the 80's so it still feels like summer. Loved the pictures, maybe I will get inspired alittle

  5. Glad you had a great time away! But it's also good to have you back... I love all the fall arrangements thanks for sharing!

  6. Glad you had a good time at the reunion. WOW 150 people is a really good turn out. I can't imagine it being only 45 in the morning already...soo different from us. I did dig out all of my Fall decor today though. It feels good to have it up even if it is still 85. Loved your pics, especially that pillow. Don't ya just love Fall?

  7. Lots of good inspiration there! Glad you had a great time at your family reunion!!! I know what you mean about it being hard to say goodbye to your folks. Mine live far away too.

  8. It was 90+ degrees here in MI on Friday and today it was in the 60's. I am finally getting into the fall-decor spirit!
    Nice photos and glad to hear you arrived home safe & sound.

  9. Welcome home! Family reunions are SUCH fun!

    Love the photos, Kimberly! Got me in the mood for autumn. I really love the first pillow......made my heart go pitter patter.

  10. Ooh, the wreath!! I LOVE the wreath.

    How wonderful to be able to attend a reunion with such a grand turn out!!

    And a love fire? That is so sweet...

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Kimberly,

    So glad you had a good trip...your family reunion sounds like ours...same amount of people. I still meet a new relative every time :-)

    It surely is hard to leave those we we never know what tomorrow holds. It's why we should live every day as if it were our last....not always easy or natural to do so but it's true.

    I love your fall ideas and I could relate about the morning fire....the best way to enjoy coffee and waking up.

    No bad days !

    Hugs !!

  12. Lovely images. We don't get real fall weather until November. Last year it was 110 on November 7th. I just home it doesn't last that long this year. It sounds so nice thought to think of you having cooler temperatures like that. I am so glad someone is.

    You said once that you like to watch Lord of the Rings, I never responded, Yes we do, about the middle of December we start watching all of the extended versions and enjoy it so much. So yes, we are big Lord of the Rings fans here.
    Have a great week!

  13. Well, I wish someone would light a LOVE FIRE UNDER MyHero so he would get up and warm the house up for me. His advice is to sleep in late to stay warm!

    Nice to see you back and posting. I have several of those ideas tucked in my file too! xo Diana

  14. Wow! What a reunion you had! How wonderful that you still have your parents with you, goodness girl you have longevity in your jeans. No hint of fall here in Orlando we're waiting......


  15. 150 people! Wow, that sounds like you had quite a crowd. Glad to hear you have arrived safely back home. Interesting to see all the fall decorations. I guess I haven't given fall much thought yet. :)

  16. Thanks for leaving a comment about the "Little Red Wagon" on my Inspirations blog.

    I would love for you to share something on my Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party. I host that party on my other blog, Bunny Jean's Decor and More.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @ Bunny Jean's Decor and More!
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  17. Another chilly morning at the cabin....good coffee and the sound of nature I listen from inside the your fall wreaths and nice of you to share you "love" fire with the rest of us....Mel's Designs from the Cabin is getting ready for a Craftville Pop up Market Day Sale on Saturday...hop over and see what I've made...Mel

  18. I could definitely smell autumn in the air over her in England as I was collecting my children from school. I love it! Your post is perfectly timed for me!

    I'm glad you've got home safely from your trip - it sounds as though it was a great time away!


  19. There's certainly no lack of inspiration in this the first image and the pumpkin display at the end.
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  20. Okya... I am starting to get in the Falling mode...

    Love that topiary and i think that I could even do that!

    Thanks for joining the Bunny Hop this week :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Home to Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  21. Welcome home. Your reunion sounds like a fun time to catch up with your family. It sounds like it was well attended. I can understand how it is hard for you to leave your parents.
    Love all of your autumn inspiration pics. I'm in the mood for fall too.

  22. Kim, I had no idea that you were off to a family reunion. It sounds like a great big giant one, too. You must've had so much fun visiting with your parents, siblings, and cousins. I love hanging out with my cousins. They are the neatest bunch and sometimes I don't see them for years either. And I can certainly see why it's a challenge to say goodbye to your mother and father. How wonderful that they've been married all this time and doing well.

    Great autumn inspirations. I get the sense that it's a bit cooler there and further down autumn's trail. Love the sound of a "love" fire. Sweet man your hubby.

  23. Hi Kimberly, So glad you had a wonderful family reunion.. Wow--that is a big family. I know you enjoyed being there --especially being with your parents. My Dad died in 1969 ---at the age of 79 and Mom died in 1991 at the age of 91. I miss them both.

    You are putting me in the mood for Fall. We are having some fall temps down here this week ---and even had a fire in our fireplace a couple of nights... Love it!!!!

    Love your Fall decorations...



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