Friday, 13 January 2012

The Country Garden of an Edwardian Lady

Isn't this beautiful? I found this book at the discount rack at the library yesterday.
The inside cover reads Edith Holden's words , all carefully written by hand, include
her favourite poems, personal thoughts and observations on the wildlife she saw
surrounding her home in Warwickshire, and on her travels through England and
The exquisitely beautiful paintings on every page of birds, butterflies, bees, and
flowers, reflect her deep love of nature; they have been executed with a naturalist's
eye for detail, and the sensitivity of an artist.
For seventy years, this enchanting & unique book has lain undiscovered; it is now being
published for the 1st time in a full-color facsimile edition that captures all the freshness,
charm and beauty of the original. This was published in 1977 from Edith's 1907 dairy.
I can't tell you what a treasure this is for me! And only .50 cents. And to think I almost didn't go inside the library yesterday!  Now if I can just find a bare wall to copy and hang some of these
 lovely drawings I'll be even happier.
For a whopping .25 cents I found this needlecraft book. Believe me, if you
have any questions about how to execute a stitch you've never heard of,
please e-mail me; It's in this book! I'm convinced there are stitches in
here that even the most advanced needlecrafter has never heard of.

Tell the truth. How many of you have ever done a plaited braid stitch?
Or a rosette chain stitch? Well, I never have! But this has really inspired me to pick up
my needle again and do some fancywork on those wool quilt pieces I put together
years ago. I don't know about you, but I've got plenty of old projects I should finish,
but then I see something new I'd rather work on. So I'm going to try to finish one
unfinished project in between each new one. This will really take discipline I know!

Speaking of discipline; This was another library find. I almost didn't buy it, for obvious
reasons. As much as I know I need to lose 10 lbs., I don't necessarily want to make the
effort to do what it will take to lose the weight! All I can say concerning this subject is:
time will tell.
I again want to say 'thank you' for your continued concern and prayers for our son, Elijah.
I will know this weekend when his appointment in Juneau is set for. The ferry only runs two
days a week now and he has to align his days off not only with the ferry schedule, but with
the days the planes from Juneau can fly back to Skagway, weather permitting. I will definitely
keep you posted. It will be good just to know what's going on.

As you can see we did finally get some snow. DH and I are getting ready to go out for our
walk. So hopefully, I will have cat prints for you tomorrow. And I can determine whether
it is a cougar or a lynx that's hanging around here.
May you all have a blessed Friday the 13th!


  1. How have you missed all this snow we have received?
    Love the birds....let me know about the 10 pounds book?

  2. Oh how I love that Edith Holden book! I have a copy and gave one to my oldest son's family. 50 cents? Good grief, girl. . .. what a bargain!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh how I love that Edith Holden book! I have a copy and gave one to my oldest son's family. 50 cents? Good grief, girl. . .. what a bargain!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love Edith Holden's Country Diary illustrations! One of my favorite artists! I have that book and a couple of companion books, and her biography too. A life cut way too short.

  5. I love that Edith Holden book. Another blogger had the January page on her post yesterday but I forget which one! Sweet drawings.
    What a bargain! You sure have a winter wonderland there! Have a great weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  6. I love that Edith Holden book too! How wonderful to find a book like that, and what a bargain.
    Your photo of the snow looks so beautiful!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. What a gorgeous wonderful sweet book you have found!
    I love all these little birds images and all! Thank you for share.
    Have a nice day

  8. Burrrrrrr.....Now that is some snow!

    That little book is gorgeous... love that it's hand written.

    Weight watcher tip...fill up first on vegetables, salad, low fat dressing. Eat at least three servings of fruit a day and drink lots of water. Three ounces protein...chicken breast,fish, turkey (white meat).
    I start the day with a fruit smoothie..Small banana, two cups frozen mixed berries (try to avoid strawberries if possible...lots of sugar) cup Greek yogurt three ice cubes and blend...YUMMO! Keeps me so full I almost forget lunch. It is three servings of fruit too!
    Snack mini baby bell lite cheese,or handful of pretzel or 8 olives !
    Whoops....kind got carried away :-)
    So excited it works that I can't help sharing.


  9. Oh boy, those look like fun books! :o) Ten pounds? I need a book on a few more pounds than that. ha ha ha! :o)
    Praying for your sweet Elijah. :o)
    hugs, Trish

  10. Oh you certainly were blessed with that find. Both finds! Have you ever done a sampler of stitches? They look so beautiful framed on a wall.

    Ackkk, be careful out there!

  11. It looks like you found some wonderful treasures there! I'm sure you will get your money's worth from those. We got snow here again too, but I hope we don't have any Big Cats around outside!

  12. What great finds! I also found my copy of Edith Holden's lovely book at the library at a booksale. I just love the illustrations. So true to life.

  13. Kimberly, It surely looks like you got yourself a great deal on those books. I have to say books are so wonderful. I would rather read than watch TV.

    When I initially found your blog, I was extremely happy to find someone that was from the UP.
    I'm originally from Marquette and haven't been back in 30+ years.

    Enjoy your walk and hope you find the paw prints your looking for. Be safe, chat with you again soon.

  14. that edith holden book is amazing and for .50 oh my what a find.
    I love to go to the library
    you never know what you will find.

  15. That beautiful book was quite a find. Thank you for keeping us updated on Elijah, I think the weather they are having is going to come down here...hopefully it will be clear when he needs to travel. - Love the snow at your peaceful. xo

  16. Your books are a great fine, especially at those prices. I think I will stay in the house and let someone else figure out what kind of putty cat is outside. Just call me chicken! Keeping Elijah in my prayers! June

  17. I'm in awe with those wonderful books and in sticker shock! They are in the perfect home, with someone who appreciates their beauty.

    Do tell which paw print you discover.

  18. I used to have that book...but I have no idea what happened to it. It's beautiful! Exciting about the cat print...wonder what it is! Keep us posted and keep your eyes pealed!

  19. Love your book find...what a treasure that first one is.

  20. I remember that book from when it first came out - it is a beauty, and what a bargain!
    Thinking of your Elija - please keep us posted.

  21. What a sweet book you found! How lucky is that? I hope Elijah will be well. Have fun in the snow!

  22. Oh I have your first find and I loveeeeeeeeeee will so enjoy. Now I need a book on weight loss for 50 pounds, and I too don't want to make the effort. All of them look great.
    Prayers right now...will look forward to updated report

  23. You found some wonderful books! Those prints are lovely and the Needle Craft book is fabulous. I have never done any of those stitches, the only thing I have ever done is cross stitching.
    It will be interesting to hear what has been around your cabin, hope you see tracks today.
    We have been getting a bit more snow too, it was snowing hard for a little while here, it isn't now, though.
    Have a good Sunday!
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. Hi Kimberly,
    Oh what a treasure that first item is! I love the wonderful pictures of birds. What an amazing diary. I certainly could use the third book. Let me in on any new found secrets will ya? I'm sure one of them Quit putting so much food in your mouth". We still have no snow. Felt like a warm Spring day all week. Loving it, but so afraid that we'll have snow in June. I will anxious to hear about your son.
    Prayers for you!

  25. So sorry you can't leave comments. I just thought people didn't like me anymore. :)
    I have changed my settings so I hope it works.
    I love the pictures of your snow. I will be praying for your son. I love that book you found for 50 cents. I know I paid lots more than that I still wish I had a book like that.
    It looks so very nice.


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