Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Photo taken from wikipedia
He was back and I got the best photo I could of his/her prints.
I hope you can see the print. The reason I now think it's a bobcat and not a lynx or cougar
as I had originally thought , is because the prints are so much smaller. According to the
information I've read this is descriptive of a bobcat's print.
Here is a comparable print. See how small it is. Now I want you
to know I have no neighbors with domestic cats, so that is out
of the question.
My photo again. You can see the hare track too. Let me tell
you we usually have many 'snow bunnies' around here. My
husband and I haven't seen one yet this year!

This sunset was from three or four nights ago. I forgot I had taken it. You can see how the ice
is beginning to form on the lake. It comes and goes, until it finally freezes all the way to the
island eight miles away.
Beginning next Tuesday I want to begin a regular weekly feature. I thought of this while
being carried away by Calgon. I'm excited about it and think it will be fun. I will give
you more details once I have it all cemented in my mind.
Our son, Elijah's Dr. appointment is this Thursday. I so appreciate all the prayers
and concern you've expressed. Thank you again!
I will let you know as soon as I know anything.


  1. Oh wow, gorgeous sunset!

    I hope the dr. appt goes well for Elijah!

  2. Wow. That picture is gorgeous. Make me jealous of your cold weather. Here in GA today, it was near 65 degrees! Hope you can figure out what the mysterious animal is soon. Yikes!

  3. Ahhh, a bobcat. I still wouldn't want to meet one in the forest or have one upon my deck or near my house. That said, John just informed me that some critter has dug under the foundation of the addition. Ugh. One of those miserable raccoons or a groundhog or a skunk or something nasty.

    Exquisite photo. Truly beautiful and so cold looking.

    Keeping Elijah in prayer...

  4. Oh Calgon take me away...so remember that and could use it today!

    Bobcats...well that is one wild animal that has visited us a couple of times right here in the big city...just a couple of miles from one of the largest airports in the US...walked right into our yard, we watched him behind our glass doors

  5. I don't think I'd want a Bobcat roaming about my yard, even if it is smaller than the ones you thought it might be. It's good you figured it out, though.

    Love the sunset photo--wow--so pretty!

  6. WOW, what a beautiful sunset! Beautifull photos! I love sunsets!

  7. Very interesting, you must have a lot of wildlife around your cabin. I have lived in the bushes up north near Ft St John for years, all we ever saw were bears.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. I will be praying and I can't wait to see what you have in sotre for us.

  9. Holy smokes! I would be so scared to have a bobcat meandering through my woods. As it is, we have had a good deal more coyotes this year. Oy!
    Your sunset image could not be more beautiful. It is like a winter wonderland!!
    I am praying for Elijah each day. :o)
    hugs to you. Trish

  10. I am no help on the identity of the cat prints...It's pretty scary though, much more so than our coyotes, cats are so sneaky and quiet. - Still praying for your Elijah, I have a sticky note on my monitor with his name on it! xo

  11. Incredible photos Kimberly; especially of the sunset. I'm so anxious to see what your weekly feature will be-you may inspire those of us who are having a hard time finding topics.
    Have a great evening.

  12. its amazing how many Lynx are around here now, such a beautiful sunset, amazing, I will keep your family in our prayers,,

  13. I'm guessing the bobcat is following the bunny who left his or her tracks! Good print photos!

  14. That sunset photo is absolutely beautiful! Looks like a bobcat to me. Haha, like I would know!:)
    Anyway, your son is in my prayers.

  15. What a gorgeous sunset! Do you suppose the lack of rabbits is due to the 'cat' in the area? That's sad. I've been thinking about Elijah and wondering so thanks for the update. Blessings.

  16. What a beautiful photo..
    We have seen the odd Bobcat here in New Brunswick.. I love seeing them..
    Will remember your dear son in our prayers..
    God bless..

  17. I am still praying for your Son, I have also added a word or two for you and your Hubby. I know how difficult the not knowing is. Take Care and sending a Huge Hug

  18. Love the sunset photo. That is some really cold temps that will freeze eight miles. Remembering Elijah

  19. Kitty cat prints~Cougar, bobcat...crazy cat...eating all your bunnies!

    I am keeping your son in prayer and am looking forward to hearing what your weekly feature is. xo Diana

  20. WOW, your photograph should be in a magazine!!! It is gorgeous!

    I didn't know that your son is sick...I just pray that he will be alright, Kimberly. xo Cindy (((hugs))) to you, my friend.

  21. I hope the bobcat stays away!
    The snow photo is beautiful as is the snowbow ...
    Wishing you bright hope for tomorrow.

  22. There have been a few bobcats spotted here in mid-Missouri. I really wouldn't want to meet one!

    The last photo is stunning! Good luck to Elijah. Praying that his test will be good.

  23. He's in my prayers....I wonder what kind of cat that is we have lynx around us....they do have small prints!

  24. Good luck to you at Elijah's appointment.

    Thinking of you two from afar.



  25. What a beautiful photo of the lake Kimberly. You have a little piece of heaven right outside your door. Poor little bunnies. Hope that they are just hiding and Mr. Bobcat didn't get them.

  26. what a lovely shot of the bobcat! we see them around here occasionally, but ive never been able to photograph them! Well done...and thanks for sharing your great photos! :)

  27. We have them stop by every so often!
    They also are able to take off the tight bungee cords we keep on our trash cans!!
    Strong critters they are :)
    Look forward to more reports of him!
    xo, misha

  28. I hope Elijah's doctor visit went well!

    Stay safe from those wild animals -- I'd be so afraid.


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