Monday, 9 January 2012

Thank You!                                                                             
  A huge 'thank you' to all of you who responded to my
prayer request for our son, Elijah. I was just awestruck
by how quickly you commented to say you would be praying
for him and us. It means so much to me to know that there
are so many of you lifting Elijah before the Lord. I wasn't,
however, surprised that you would. After six months of
blogging, I have witnessed your heartfelt concern one for
another and your desire to 'bear one anothers burdens', so
to speak.  My husband was dumbfounded and Elijah; well,
he was very blessed. So I humbly say thank you. I will, of course,
keep you posted of his test results asa we know anything.
Fall 2008: 100 Decorating Ideas Under $100

I did tell you last week that I was organizing my loft into a workspace for
myself. This photo was my inspiration. Ha! I should say, my 'dream'.
It is not only beautiful, but appears fully functional too.
Something I failed to take into consideration is the fact that I am sharing
this space with my husband! So for the time being, it's bye bye to all this
feminine eye candy and back to the drawing board. I'm now thinking more
along the lines of tartan plaids and maybe some cabbage roses in fabric on
my side. Do you have any better suggestions you could throw my way?
Believe me, they would be greatly appreciated!
Well, back to work for me. Have a great Monday-Kimberly


  1. I think that the tartan/cabbage roses idea sounds great, maybe you could find a tartan or plaid type fabric for your side to go with your cabbage colors and use it in small ways like a trim on a pillow. This will be fun to see what you come up with.

    Prayers and loads of love are all around you and your family! xxoo

  2. It is always a privilege to pray. ♥

    Ohhh, that work space is wonderful! Are you sure that your hubby doesn't like feminine eye candy? I do think the plaid you are thinking of would work well in shared space.

  3. I say yes to cabbage roses!!

  4. I haven't got a clue when decorating with your man in mind. I can barely decorate with mine in mind! LOL...
    Cabbage roses sound good to me!
    I like the white desk and paint...that's neutral, right?
    I know! Throw a fish on the wall. (smile)


  5. That is some very cute organization in the pictures!

    I hope he does well and regains his health soon!

  6. I will continue to pray , Kimberly.
    Wow! a beautiful work space idea, would love to have one like that , good luck with your project.

  7. Sorry that I missed your last posting about your son, Kim but I, too will hold him up in prayer..
    He is our healer..
    Love your creative ideas, there..
    God bless..

  8. That is such a beautiful work space that I'd be half afraid to do much for fear of messing it up. I think a plaid mixed with florals for your side of the room would be great!
    Prayers continuing for your son.

  9. I think even a divider of sorts to kind of separate into your own little space..with the plaid on one side and the cabbage roses on the other. Sounds lovely to me-

    Let us know about your son! prayers still going up from here- xo Diana

  10. I love the idea of tartan and cabbage roses combined...yes, combined throughout the space....that way everyone is happy and so is the space!

  11. How big is the space you are working with? tartans and roses sound fun together depending on your colour scheme you could always go with gingham... reds and blues... just a thought whatever you do though have fun!

  12. Hi Kimberly,

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for your prayers. This is going to be a difficult time for everyone.

    I saw at the start of your post that you are new to blogland. So am I just since the very end of October. I have started other blogs but that is all. None have been updated.

    I have met so many neat people here. All caring for one another. It is great.

    I have signed on to follow your blog. :) I love it.

    Thanks again for your prayers and I will pray that things turn out well for your son. Take care, Janet W

  13. Haha, I always dreamed of that too.
    My husband hates curtains, so I have no curtains in my house. Not a single one. I have blinds. When I moved my computer into what is now a office, I was going to make it into a cute little sewing room. Nope, my husband wanted to be in here too. So we have a shared space that looks like a guys place. My house is functional but it will never look like the pages in a magazine.
    That is okay though, I think I like him around.
    I am praying for your family. I have found bloggers to be the best prayerers around, Is that a word?
    Glad you updated.

  14. Sounds like you've got some good ideas to get you started. I bet it will look great when you are all done. :)

  15. Most of all I think it's the formula of things that are important. Were you drawn to this because of the cutness or was it also because of it's functionality. What I see here is compact storage and function! It's really well done! That lunch box is the cutest with the Eiffel tower on it!
    How about some burlap, tartan and a hint of floral!

  16. Kimberly, I am so sorry that I missed the post about your son. I will definately pray for him. I so need to get my fav blogs on my sidebar. I am a lover of tartan plaid. Plaid and cabbage roses sounds just dreamy to me. I finally am getting back to doing a
    fw things after Christmas. Finished a give away gift this morning. Hopefully will be doing one soon, (need 3 more followers) then CELEBRATION TIME!

  17. What lovely plans you have for your craft loft! Your inspiration pictures are so pretty.
    I'm sorry to hear that your son is having some health problems. I will keep him (and you) in my prayers.

  18. Great inspiration room...look forward to how you pull ideas from it and make it your own :)

  19. Plaids and stripes for him and a couple of different florals for you.....all in the same palettes. Then a neutral sage for painting.

    I'm just now coming up to speed with prayer requests for your son. I'm good at that. I'll keep you all in my prayers. XO

  20. Dearest Kimberly.
    I will certainly be praying for your son this week. I am just making my rounds through blogs this morning and so sorry I did know of your need sooner.
    Your design ideas are perfect. If you need to you can always add more creams to soften. I hope you will show us. :0)
    Have a great week. Hugs. Trish

  21. I will continue to pray also, God is able!
    I love your inspiration image. I like PB's website, I go there for inspiration quite often and it is a very masculine style. Also Pinterest is another place to look, I typed "Masculine Decor" into their search box and it came up with some great ideas. Some are way out there, but you get the general idea.
    Hugs, Cindy


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