Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cougar or Lynx?

  Three nights ago-No, it was actually 4 or 5 in the morning, my husband heard
an animal on the roof. When I was in the loft later in the day I noticed cat prints
in the snow on the roof of the lower level of our cabin. We went out to look for tracks
around the house and found that it had jumped from the back porch railing up on to
our tin roof.
Later, while taking our walk, we ran into a neighbor that lives a couple of miles
down the road. He mentioned he had seen a mother cougar with three kits in the
driveway next to ours where no one lives, of course. Because we have no close
However, I'm not convinced it's a cougar. I think it may be a lynx. Since then the
snow has melted so I am now anxiously waiting for tomorrows predicted dump.
Then I will take photos, if it's still around, of the prints and you can help me figure
out which it is-cougar or lynx. I had found prints on line to compare, but by that
time the snow had melted them or the sun had dis-figured them.
On another note: I want to introduce a new blogger. Beverly's blog is DanNy Boy Quilts.
She left a comment and offered to pray for Elijah, as so many of you dear ladies have.
But Beverly has a very touching story to share. So if you can spare a minute, please
drop by and welcome her to blog land.

I leave you with tonight's completely untouched sunset.
Blessings, Kimberly


  1. I put the very same sunset photo on my blog tonight!! I have heard there a a few lynx around, beautiful photo!!Thankyou for sharing!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I would be quite nervous knowing a cat as big as either of those had been on my roof!

    The sunset is amazing and so beautiful!

  3. Wow, whatever she is be careful! I would think it's a lynx too, but even here in northern Michigan some people have reported seeing a cougar. They seem to hide well but I'd still be cautious!

  4. How exciting! Paw prints should be very useful to determine which! We saw a bobcat walk on the fence between our house and our neighbors at dusk! I would not have believed it if I had not actually seen him!

  5. I would be so freaked out if it was a cougar. A lynx I would be more comfortable with but not by much.
    We were looking property to buy when the kids were much younger and I just freaked when they mentioned the cougar that would walk around the porch. I had babies then.
    I Love your sunset it is just incredible.

  6. WOW!!! I would love to see either. We have a place in the country/woods and we are always looking for wildlife. We had 4 eagles flying over the property this weekend, but could not get photos! Be careful, but so beautiful.

  7. Hmmm... I would love to see one but not sure I would want it so close to home!

  8. Hungry kitty this time of year no doubt. We have had a cougar in our front yard - it was early in the morning and it was calling back and forth with another cougar up the hill. They woke me up and after listening, I woke my husband up. The cougar was so close to the bedroom window that it heard my husband roll over in bed and quit calling. When I researched their calls on the internet, I found that it was the "unhappy kitty" sound. Probably a pair of young cats that were hunting without success. I am very careful when going out at night!

  9. Whoa!
    I'm with Daisy.
    I personally wouldn't care which it was...except for curiosity I suppose.
    But I wouldn't want to be KIBBLE for sure!
    going to check out the Danny boy blog.

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  11. Laurie
    When you said that you posted the same sunset I thought you meant you got it off the web!
    Which I knew wasn't possible since I only took this photo a few hours ago!
    When I went to your site I realized that you live not far from me and captured the same sunset. How cool is that?
    Small world!

  12. Aren't they both magnificent? You really do live "with nature".... bears, big cats, incredible sunsets, etc...

  13. Cougar or Lynx... eeekkkk!
    Sunset, beautiful!
    Still praying, xoxo

  14. Eeeek, I'm afraid for you, please be careful! Totally awesome sunset! xo

  15. OH the sunset is amazing.
    Oh dear...don't venture out too far if there is a mother cougar out and about. Here in our end of Canada there have been some pretty bad reports of what they will attempt.

    So exciting though.

  16. Wow, a cougar! We only have bobcats here.

  17. wow that is pretty agressive behavoir.

  18. Oh my goodness. I agree that I would be nervous if a big cat was coming that close to my house. They usually stay far away from people. I also think it could be either cat, both have been seen in the area over the years, although not by me. I love the sunset.

  19. Do you guys live in the wilderness? I don't know if I could cope knowing that cougars (or lynxes) were leaping from the deck to the roof. I mean, I come unglued with a housecat leaping onto my desk. That's one corker of a sunset!

  20. That is a beautiful sunset. Boy that is scary about those tracks if it is a cougar. We call them mountain lions here and they have killed people even down here. Well there are dangers everywhere right.

  21. I love cats, but these are just a little too big for me! I'd be afraid to step out of my house. Be careful!
    Gorgeous photo of the sunset!

  22. Wow! You do live in the wild Kimberly. Bears and wild cats and deer. I wouldn't know one from the other by prints or even a visual sighting. I hope you can actually, safely, take a photo of the cat. Gorgeous sunset photo. Yes, do be careful when you go outside! Hugs, Pam

  23. I wonder which it is. They can both be very dangerous. That would give me an eery feeling, knowing that a wild cat was slinking around my place at night.
    I will check out the new blog that you mentioned.
    Beautiful photo of the sky!
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. Dear Kimberly,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. The bump on the head saved me. Because of it I found out that I had a tumor, which was successfully removed. The bump never healed...so I went to the doc and he said it saved me.

    I've actually written nine books in the past twenty years and I hope I have at least nine more before I am finished.

    I adore Vee. I am glad she won my newest book and my oldest.

    All joys to you and that sunset is a knock-out. Re: lynx or cougar. Do you have a guide to footprints, though they're probably nearly the same. We have mountain lions in our neighborhood that look like what you call a cougar.



  25. WOW....those are some BIG cats either way!! haha I'd be a little freaked. The sunset is just positively GORGEOUS!! Have a good day...off now to check out your new friends blog..

  26. O.K., I'd stick around for those sunsets even if the idea of a cougar on my roof wanted to scare me away! Gorgeous.

    Blessings, Debbie


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