Friday, 17 February 2012

Projects Revisited

While browsing through my stored photos, looking for something fresh to share, I came across
my quilt pieces. You can see by the green trees it was still summer. I'm sure I probably told all
of you that I was going to work on this project and get these pieces put together into a quilt
this winter.

It might have looked like this, had I done it! This Sue Spargo pattern is still a favorite of mine.
 And I love working with the wool. You have no worries of it unraveling. You  just apply
it with a decorative stitch, making it as fancy as you choose or simple as mine are. My
pieces are all from second hand wool coats I'd bought on the cheap at re-sale shops.
Now it's hardly fair to show my wool quilt pieces and not show the lovely grandmother garden pieces. I even went to my quilter friend extraordinaire, Trish,  to get advice on how I should proceed
with this one. But have I done anything with it? No. In all truth, I put it back away and I'm not
even sure where it is now!
You might remember that this was put together with antique scraps that were left in an old
house we had bought in the 1980's and then some from the baby clothes I had made for
my daughter who just turned 31.
So why am I beating myself up over not getting these finished now? Who knows? Maybe
it's just winter doldrums trying to set in. Anyone else catching this 'cabin fever' yet?
What are you doing to remedy it? Maybe I should concentrate on all the other projects
I did get finished, and not look at what was left undone. Or I should just get off my
duff and finish one of them.I do, after all, have plenty of winter left to work on them.

I am getting off my duff, right now,to pop over and join Deborah at
to join her Farm girl party. Yes, I'm a wannabe farm girl!


  1. Kimberly, I just saw you over at Elaines and I'm so glad I came over to visit you! I love your lifestyle and I'm a wannabe Farmgirl and I also do wool applique and LOVE Sue Spargo! And I quilt too (just the past 2 years) and love Grandmother's flower garden pattern. I'm following you now and your projects are gorgeous! Don't be so hard on yourself...I feel overwhelmed some days too and I'm retired so what's up with that? I think I get frustrated because I don't have the energy I used to have. I'll check out the Farm Girl Party! Thanks and nice to meet you. Check out my blog...somewhere in it I have my wool applique and a flower garden pillow I made.

  2. oh my gosh that quilt is amazing, well they all are but the wool one is something I have never saw,, beautiful
    I also enjoyed the green trees, I have forgotten what leaves look like, lol.

  3. Don't we all have projects just sitting or hiding in some closet? They are suppose to be there for when the mood strikes us and we will finish - someday! I'm thinking it is Cabin Fever or in my case Spring Fever. I'm solving mine by going to the Home and Garden show in Portland this weekend. Maybe being amongst flower will get my energy going. Sending Hugs!

  4. I am feeling so very much in the doldrums that I am forcing myself to get out today.

    What lovely blocks. I hope that you find them and set to work on them.

    (I was going to make the state flower quilt this winter. I've used the fact that my beloved didn't fix my light box as an excuse. Well, actually, it does make a good excuse.)

  5. Oh dear, don't even get me started on all of my unfinished things...ugh. You'll get to it enventually. I find it difficult to keep up with everyday things. Whatever you do my friend, have a great weekend! xo

  6. Well hey, they're bound to get done eventually! Cute stuff!

  7. Your quilt pieces are beautiful! You are singing my song we have been in quarantine for 100 days no winter vacation thank heavens the weather has been mild I have cabin fever so bad I could scream

  8. I'm in the doldrums too, Kimberly, waiting for spring which is still months away for us. I don't do handwork but I sure do admire someone who does - like you. The wool quilt is so beautiful with it's rich colours. You still have time to complete it - at least 2 more months. lol Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

  9. Kimberly, cabin fever can sure set in this time of year. So much in fact, I am going on a little road trip to get out of the casa today. Wish you could join me!! LOVE the quilt pieces, especially the little cat fabric in the last photo. Charming work!!

    PS: thank you for you kind words left for me just now...(((hugs))) are right.

  10. Now to your blog and new to the quilt world. Making my first.

    Come and see my giveaway

  11. Love your quilt squares--so pretty!I've got some half done projects tucked away here and there too. Someday... :-D

  12. Your quilt squares are so very pretty. I love all the happy colors! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Love the colors in these quit pieces...our winter has been so mild that I don't really have cabin fever..I am anxious to start my little seedlings though...that will be my next project

  14. I just love those appliqued wool Sue Spargo blocks!! I really want to try some of her designs.

  15. Love the quilt squares...Oh girl..I spent about a hundred dollars on stuff at a hobby store, about three months ago..It is all still in the closet in the same bag it came in...Sad!
    have a good weekend.

  16. I like to think of those unfinished projects as 'insurance' because I know that as long as they're up in the spare room I'll never be bored or stuck for something to do!

  17. My gosh, Kimbely- These are all beautiful. I haven't quilted in so many years. I think I am going to attempt some quilted kids jackets this winter yet. xo Diana

  18. I just started my February I don't have cabin fever! I love those quilt squares. Sometimes I have to get up the gumption to put a big project together...all the pieces seem like too much! LOL You'll get it done.
    Have a good weekend!

  19. Sometimes it is the finishing that is the hardest...not sure why but it is. Hope you are able to get them done as they are very orinial, cleaver and pretty.

  20. What wonderful projects...oh how beautiful...I love, love the first one, truly a piece of art.

  21. Oh my... Both projects are just beautiful! Cabin or Cottage fever in our case has set in here too! this is the month we beging dreaming of getting to our tiny off-grid cottage by the sea... and gardening at home of course!!!I simply adore the felt project you are working on... so bright and cheery.. I'd finish that one first if it were me! Thanks for linking up with the farmgirls...

  22. I think it all looks so pretty. You have cabin fever huh? I wish I had a remedy but you already live near the water. I always go to the beach when I get cabin fever.
    Maybe that is why I have been buying new patterns, I also go to the garden shops and sniff flowers. That helps sometimes too.
    I love that wool quilt, I think it would be so nice on your bed. I love all of the bright colors.
    Well, I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  23. Oh, they are so beautiful..
    I never thought of doing wool ones.. I love them..

  24. Hi Kimberly, Both of these quilts are going to be fantastic! I love wool and love the fun patterns going on. What's not to love about the other quilt? Scrappy, and vintage looking. SEW sweet! Don't beat yourself up too much. I have a Fall quilt that I making to go on my bed. The pieced blocks are sewn, but now I need to make a bunch of pumpkin and star blocks. I am using wool for them. I am goint to a quilt retreats at a friends in May. Hopefully I will get them done then. I also have a cherry quilt I started 3 or 4 years ago. Is it done? Nada. Hoping this is the year. I always wished I was a farm girl too. lol!

  25. Oh, I've definitely been in the doldrums! I have so many unfinished projects but lack the motivation to complete them. Your pieces are works of pretty. I'm thinking those flower garden squares would look good framed and hung on the wall!
    I'll check out the Farm Girl party, I used to be a farm girl and still am at heart.

  26. Your wool quilt is so beautiful! I love the bright colors and pattern. It must be very snuggily warm, too. There is nothing better than wool to make me feel warm in winter. i love wool socks for that reason ;)

  27. The good thing about un-done projects is that you always have something to rely on for one of those rainy weekends! I think this time of year all we want is to get out and stretch more and breathe fresh air! Perhaps you will get the inspiration to finish one and then the other will happen soon after! I love the wool one- what a smart idea to collect wool items like you did for it!


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