Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekend Plans


I don't know what your plans for the weekend are, but I just read our weather forecast and
it is going to be dreary with light snows here. So my plan is to put my feet up in the recliner and
finish reading this book I received from my daughter and her family for Christmas.

Emily seems to think that I have an adventurous spirit, but let me tell you it is nothing
compared to this lady who built cabins, did her own plumbing, and guided people
on outback camping trips-Well, I could go on and on. She is one amazing
lady! Having been to the Boundary waters in the US and Canada both, I truly
appreciate reading  Justine Kerfoot's story.
And Tim & I have been to Grand Marais MN many times too, where the
Gunflint Trail begins.
This book my son and DIL bought for me. As you can see it has very detailed
information for gardening. I love it! So I'm going to read and dream it this
weekend too.
Now because I know you're all going to want to see a close up of my moccasins and have
questions about them (wink), I will tell you that these are not the $260.-$320. ones we sold
in the gallery I managed in the NWT. Our gallery moccasins were hand scraped moose hide
that was smoked by the Dene peoples, then sewn and beaded. I bought mine in the Yukon three
years ago for $80., which was a really good price for them.
This was our moccasin case in the gallery. I had one mother from Toronto tell me that she
couldn't come home without a pair for her daughter last winter. The big fashion rage there
was to wear moccasins all winter and the 'Canada Goose' parka's. We had to laugh because
we couldn't imagine it ever getting that cold in Toronto. After all, Canada Goose, is what
people in the Sub-Arctic and Arctic wear!! Well, it was great for our sales anyway. Now...
A Very Important Announcement
We all know that after Feb.29th any of our followers who
do not use Google (blog spot) will be dropped from our
followers widget on our sidebars.  Because of this I chose
to offer a Linky Follower for my friends who do not use
Blogger. If this pertains to you, please become a Linky
Follower now! It is very easy and because I appreciate
having you as a blogging friend, I would really miss you!
I'm going now to search the friends I follow that are not with Google and become a Linky
follower on their sites.
I hope you have a great weekend-Kimberly


  1. It sounds like a restful weekend. I haven't done the linky follower widget yet but am thinking now I should. Have a great weekend. Patty

  2. That book looks like something I'd like!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Oh,, for just a glimpse of snow. We hit 80 degrees here in the south yesterday and this morning I have been glued to the t,v, as we are under a dreaded tornado watch. Give me cold weather any time. Enjoy your snuggle time.

  4. It sounds so nice and cozy. I love that title of that book. I love reading about brave women like that. I love your moccasins too.
    Hey, I have never seen his announcement until now. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Your moccasins are really beautiful. I'll keep following you on Blogger okay? I'm not doing Linky with those who are still on blogger. Your new garden book looks like a good read. You'll be an expert gardener when your done. :) There's a big storm coming here tonight and tomorrow. It is so nice and sunny here today - the calm before the storm. Enjoy the weekend staying cozy. Hugs, Pamela

  6. I do love those cozy shoes. Sounds like a good weekend foe relaxing. Have fun and enjoy the read. I do hope your weekend is fun and safe....
    I'm sure hoping I have everything right for making comments.

  7. I sure like those snuggly moccasin! I wished I had them on right now, my feet are cold! I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Love your moccasions. I can remember paying $39 about 20 years ago which seemed a fortune back then. I finally wore the soles out..but boy were they comfortable. Have fun reading! xo Diana

  9. Love those moccasins, so very pretty and warm looking..I'm afraid my cat would get some 'ideas' about them though! Have a great weekend, friend. xo

  10. I had to smile when I saw your feet on the recliner, here I sit in the recliner, with slippers very much the same as yours!!!!
    I want to find that book, I would love it!

  11. What wonderful weekend plans. I think we are going to have warm weather and I want to get to some yard cleanup -- but I also have a stack of library books calling my name :)


  12. I bet your feet stay nice and cozy in those. Hope you enjoy your reading and your weekend. I wasn't aware of the follower thing changing.

  13. Looks like we have some of the same plans, dream about gardening:)

  14. I did not know this about the change on the 29th...they never stop do they!

    love your moccasins ...they are so pretty!
    I hope we don't get any of that snow!

  15. Kimberley enjoy your relaxing weekend.

  16. Hi Kimberly, Those moccasins look so comfy and warm-we could use them here in Colorado. Loved getting caught up with you. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs,, Noreen

  17. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a weekend.
    Have fun, and stay warm :)

  18. When I lived and worked on a reserve in Sask. a few decades ago I had a pair of moccasins. I remember the smoky scent of the tanned hide lasted for a very long time.

  19. Hello, I have popped over from my blog friend Linda at Crafty Gardener, I enjoyed reading your post thank you for sharing.
    best wishes Julie.C from the UK.

  20. You look very prepared for any inclement weather. Your moccasins look warm and your books look interesting. Enjoy the storm and I'll try to enjoy mine.

  21. Sounds like a plan girl. Enjoy

  22. Looks like my kind of weekend ;o)
    Enjoy your books and making plans for your garden...

  23. Those moccasins are great! Very pretty! Enjoy your weekend and dreams of the garden to come...

  24. I have the same plan in mind as we are expecting 25 to 30 cm. of snow.. sigh..
    Your books look very interesting..
    God bless..

  25. Sounds like a perfect plan for a perfect weekend. Mimi

  26. Okay, so now I want a pair of those moccasins! Super awesome!

    And your weekend plans sound very inviting. Enjoy!

  27. Looks like a great book and I adore your moccasins...always wanted some...didn't know they were the rage.

  28. Love your moccasins...they are beautiful! I love the books even more and I was just going to put an order in to Amazon today. They both looked good!

  29. It's fun to see how others spend their weekends. Yours sounds great, especially with those slippers.

  30. Love those moccasins!! I need a pair. Seriously - do you know where I could mail-order a pair? Hopefully not the gallery priced ones though.
    Austin, TX


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