Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Light Mania

Today, just for fun, I went light
hopping on Etsy, and of course, was blown away by the creativity of the
merchandisers I found there. Who would've thought of using your old
Pyrex bowls for a hanging lamp shade? Not me. But I sure love it.
It wasn't that many years ago I spotted a light arrangement similar to this one
in a gift store in Minnesota and thought, "I've got to have that in my kitchen"!

  But then there's the option of a cluster of hanging teacups, as well.
Or, how about a combination of kitchen tins? You could use old coffee, lard, and
cracker tins for a more country theme here. Although I do love these floral.

Who doesn't have at least one of these items in their home to work with? I think that's
in line with the 'make-do' spirit I'm trying to develop.
These upside down vases would sure cast a romantic light in ones bedroom.
Just beautiful!

Look at the shadows cast from this hanging birdhouse. I
wouldn't have thought of  doing this in a million years.
Want to go organic? How about a beaded gourd lite?
This is just plain 'cool'! I could see this in someones family room. This was really
someone using their imagination.
And my favorite-I just love old retro fans. I remember many hot Missouri nights as a kid
with these big oscillating fans being the only means of getting oneself cooled. Don't you?

Yes, here I am, sad again. My camera is on the blink. It's been getting
temperamental lately. Some days it works, some days it doesn't. I may
have to take it to the Dr.'s to see if it's terminal!
I have been busy lately; I finished sewing curtains for my great room.
I then, used the scraps to crochet a small matching rug.
I've been practicing crocheting edgings for the bathroom rug and have
got that ready to go asa I get the white yarn tomorrow.
And, I'm almost done with a daily journal I'm making with the free graphics
I posted about last time. Have any of you been working on any fun  projects?
I'm on my way to visit you right now, so I'll find out for myself!
Blessings friends-Kimberly


  1. Wow, those are some really creative lamps! I've always loved the blue ball mason jar lamps and I've definitely thought about adding one in our kitchen.

  2. I love the birdcage one. I can see that in my foyer.

  3. These are wonderful! I love the tins used as light shades.

  4. I wondered where you had been and what you had been up to this week? Oh yes, I am crazy about all of those hanging lights, my favorite is the ones with blue jars. I just love those. My husband doesn't though, so it would be nix for me. He looks at lots of the stuff I think is so awesome and just laughs and shakes his head. :)
    I am working on a new rug and more counted cross stitch. I have been babysitting lots this weeks so not a lot gets done in way of projects.
    I am glad you have been easy, I hope you get your camera fixed, I would like to see your rug. :) I have my big crochet hook to make one but it has been so long since I did any crochet, I get it mixed up with knitting in my head.
    Have a great week.

  5. I love the ball jar lights. So cute. Bummer about your camera. Hope all is well.

  6. Love that goard, the insulator and the vase lights...beautiful.

    Hope you are having fun with the drapes and get that camera going again soon.

  7. These lights are amazing.....hope your camera gets fixed soon!

  8. Good morning! The lights are all super creative, and soo neat. Love them. I would love to see your rugs that you are crocheting. Sorry about your camera, soo frustrating. Have a good day!

  9. Wowza, wowza......Love these ideas!!!!! I am always looking for something different and unique...thanks for sharing!

  10. Amazing creativity on the part of someone! My mind does not bend that way. I hope that vase wasn't a crystal leaded one. If I did that with the inherited one I have, my grandmother would throttle me.

    Oh, I feel your pain with the camera. The good news is that there are some very good buys out there right now. If at all possible and you have a birthday or anniversary or Mother's Day or whatever call in your points and get one in the interim while you are waiting for the first camera to be repaired. Now that I have two cameras, I don't know how I functioned with only one. One is good for zooming; the other good for close-ups.

  11. How fun would any of those lights be. I'm in the thinking mode for projects. Like which one to tackle next! My mind is on Spring and I need to get that out of my mind for we still have lots of winter left. But I'm thinking of redoing my camp trailer. Ideas are vintage, cowboy, retro or just "stuff" I love. I'm also have camera problem, like get a new one!

  12. These are so neat. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to show my husband. We've been re-doing our living room and are looking at new, but old looking, light fixtures. These won't fit our theme, but it did give me an idea for a change I want to make to our dining room ceiling fan/light fixture.

  13. Been away for a short time...any news on your son? He often comes to mind and we do continue to pray for him....


  14. I love the mason jars!!

    I hope Elijah is doing well :-)

  15. Wow! Those are some creative light fixtures! I love how someone can look at something and see something totally different in it! GREAT ideas! Sorry about your camera. I have issues with my own, too. xo Diana

  16. I really like the bird cage ones, oh yes I do!!!

  17. What fun inspiration. I love the ball jars used as pendent lights and that retro fan is very cool looking. I hope your camera comes back to life, I'd love to see what your working on. Have a wonderful day, Patty

  18. I can't believe those lights they are so creative. You sound like you have been busy. I haven't been making anything, but I have been in a rearranging mood lately. I have been taking tables from one room and moving to another. Changing around accesories etc. Then when I don't like the change I have to move them back to where they were. LOL
    Have a great day.

  19. Wow lot's of fun inspiration... I have been thinking a lot lately about doing something like this... thanks for the photo's!

  20. No object will be safe now that we have seen all of these!! Thanks for sharing. xo

  21. I love the kitchen tins. Wow, what some people can come up with.

  22. How horrible about your camera:( I love the fan light the best. I may have to make me one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Wowsa! Now that's some creative lighting ideas!

  24. Oh my, such creative ideas for the lights. I never would have come up with things like these. Amazing!

  25. What fun lighting ideas. I love the mason jars and the old fan best. I'm sorry your camera is on the fritz. I don't know what I'd do if mine was. Yikes. Terrible thought. I hope it can be repaired. Blessings, Pamela

  26. So sorry to her that your camera is on the blink again.
    I think you've seen my projects, yes, I've been so busy that I have not been around very much, so sorry. I'm trying to catch up now at 11:00 at night. Time for lights out, though.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  27. Hi lovely,

    Well, even if your camera is broken, you still write awesome posts! This one has my mind reeling!! Aren't they gorgeous lights? I think I'd like them all!!


  28. I love these light fixtures!
    I've been out of pocket lately--

    I'm going around catching up on all the great blogs I've missed.

    Your's is one!



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