Thursday, 9 February 2012

Spring & Success

  I don't know about you, but I am so...ready for Spring! We've had no real winter to
speak of here. So being the fair weather friend that I am, I'm turning my snooty back
on Winter and beckoning my lovely friend, Spring, to come and visit soon.
I would also like to share a poem that I have about success with you, along with
some photos of gardening inspirations that I 'dug-up'.

Success is speaking words of praise,
In cheering other people's ways,
In doing just the best you can,
With every task and every plan.
It's silence when your speech would hurt,
Politeness when your neighbor's curt.
It's deafness when the scandal flows,
And sympathy with others' woes.
It's loyalty when duty calls,
It's courage when disaster falls,
It's patience when the hours are long,
It's found in laughter and in song.
It's in the silent time of prayer.
In happiness and in despair,
In all of life and nothing less,
We find the thing we call success.
I am on my way over to Emily and Ryan's to spend the weekend
and have fun with these two cuties of mine. They just lost their
dog yesterday, so it's a pretty sad household. I'm hoping I can
bring a little sunshine to them.
I hope you have a good weekend, my friends.


  1. I'm ready for spring too. I love that bird house made from the teapot. Clever!

  2. come one spring. wonderful creative garden pictures.'

  3. Oh my....the loss of a pet can really hurt and I am so sorry....
    The poem is very cheering and the pictures make me ready for Spring..
    Have a great day..

  4. We feel the same way about winter here also. No snow, just cold and mud. Ready for Spring and ready to golf. I love the first photo. I may have to make some of those.

  5. They are cuties, too! Oh nothing's much sadder than a house that has lost a beloved pet. I'll be thinking of you and I am quite sure that your visit will go a long way with them.

    Such lovely photos you're sharing...the tea pots along the stair railing and the toolbox flower box. The poem is wonderful as well.

  6. Beautiful, I have garden fever so bad! Have a fun weekend...

  7. That is a lovely poem and I love the photos you chose. I hope you enjoy your visit with your grandkids and that they will find comfort in your arms. Blessings to you. Pamela

  8. Love those teapot planters!! What a great idea and the toolbox too. Sorry for the loss of the is a hard time.

  9. I have Spring Fever big time! There's nothing like Grammie's love! Give those grand kids lots of hugs!!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of their dog. That is so hard. I'm sure your visit will help to make things sunnier for them.
    I know your post today brought a bit of sunshine to my morning. Such wonderful advice in that poem and the gardening ideas are all so cute and clever. Makes me want to get gardening.

  11. I'm sure your visit will bring much cheer! :-)

  12. I enjoyed the photos and poem...words to live by. - Have a great time with those grand kiddos! So sorry that they have to feel the sting of losing their furry friend, so sad. xo

  13. I am so sorry about their dog. I hope you can bring some sunshine.
    Your pictures are beautiful today.

  14. Being a tea pot collector, I love the photo of the tea pot/ planters!

    Glad your going to have some Grammy time....just what the doctor ordered.


  15. Sorry about the loss of their dog. That IS hard!!

    I too am ready for Spring.
    Even though.. we haven't had much of a Winter.
    Bring on the sunshine!!

    Thanks for posting the cheerful Spring pictures.

  16. I am very much ready for spring. I love the teapot planters!

  17. I love the poem and the photos, Kimberly. I'm sorry to hear that they lost their dog. I know how painful that is. I'm sure you will bring some sunshine to them. I'm ready for spring to arrive too.

  18. Sunshine always is welcome!
    Enjoy your time with them.

    Those Spring time pots are very cute.

  19. It's official - I am a hoarder and should be on one of those reality shows. I could probably make any one of those garden vignettes with things I've picked up for 'someday in the garden'.

  20. The pictures and the poem are beautiful and I appreciate them very much. So hard to lose a loved one, I hope your presence helps alleviate the sadness. Take care!

  21. Oh I love your spring inspirations...they are wonderful.

    Have a great weekend..sounds like fun!

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of the family dog! Such a sad experience! But the love and fun that they bring into our lives is so worth the short span of time that they are with us! :)

    I saw the teapots lining the steps and thought how cute they were and then I saw that teapot birdhouse! Wow! How CUTE!

    And the other clever ideas like the toolbox as a planter. It just kept getting better and better! Cool!

  23. Oh Miss Kimberly, you've given me waaay to many ideas with this beautiful post. I've gotta have that little kettle birdhouse. I'm sayin'........

    Enjoy your weekend with your precious cuties...whoohoo!!!!

    God bless ya and have a fantabulous weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  24. We have had such springy weather up here also that I'm in the mood too...Love those tea pots....ADORABLE!

  25. Hi Kimberly,
    I'm sure you will bring sunshine to their lives as soon as the door opens and they see that it's their grandma!!!
    I love your poem. It's message is right on.
    I'm loving Winter still, I'm not ready to tell it to go away. It's -22 C here and sunny.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. Ooh what a cute group of pictures! The tea pots all along the hand rail are adorable! What a hoot with the tool box as a planter!
    I'm ready for spring too but I hate to get my hopes up!
    Sorry the kids lost their dog, those are tough moments especially for kids.

  27. I am so ready for Spring! Weird, because we too have really had no Winter. I love all of your images. The tool box planter is so fun! So sad to hear about the loss of their dog. That is difficut for kids and adults. I'm sure grammy will cheer them up!

  28. I forgot to tell you that I loved the poem. Thanks!

  29. Love the poem- and so sorry about the kid's pet..I'm sure you will make them smile. I am ready for spring too!

  30. I'm crazy about the plastic bottles making little greenhouses out of pots!

    Hope you enjoyed your grandkids. Losing an animal is always devastating, but the best way to heal their broken hearts is to take them to a local shelter and let them rescue another dog.

    How are your kids doing. Your family remains in my prayers.


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