Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Amish Quilt

O.K. I know what your saying,"What has a gnome got to do with an Amish quilt?" Nothing, nothing at all. I just think this guy is so cute and wanted to share him with you. It is actually a Swedish soap advertisement I picked up in Minnesota in the neatest Swedish gift shop. It was somewhere between Grand Marais and Duluth. The owner told me that he sells more of the signs than he does the soap. That's not surprising,is it

Now my Amish quilt. I made this many, many moons ago and then stuffed it in my cedar
chest.. During my decluttering process, which is still going on, I found it. I can't find any
reason to keep it. It's twin sized and I have no twin sized beds. I can't give it to the grand kids
because I already made them other quilts. It doesn't match anything. So, I don't know why I would
 keep it? Because I made it, I guess.  I have these crazy visions of when I'm dead and gone,
my children and grandchildren keeling beside the cedar trunk going through all the old stuff
inside it ouing and awing. Each one picking out something special just because Nannie made
it with her own two hands. OMG, I'm so silly, I know . But I don't care, this quilts not going anywhere. Not unless I have some change of heart.
This is the backside. Have you ever seen such BIG roses?
Here is a close-up shot of the stitching I applied to the edges. Do you notice anything
familiar about the pink fabric? Yep, it's paisley. I guess I was paisley crazy even back
then. Here is a short, but sweet, quilt quote I'd like to share with you-author unknown.
 I saw it on a pillow once.

Families are like quilts
lives pieced together
stitched with smiles & tears
colored with memories
and bound by love.

Sweet, isn't it? Have a nice Tuesday!


  1. I share your vision of your grandkids looking through your cedar chest.

    One of them will be heading off to college and will lovvvvvvvvve to take it with them. You watch!!

  2. Does the back side match anything in your decor? It could be used as a runner at the bottom of any size bed, or a table cloth. Or hang it over a staircase rail. I have gotten rid of quilts that I have made also, I don't know why, I think it's just because I don't like clutter. Maybe donate it to a shelter if you do get rid of it:)

  3. I vote for keeping it. You never know who will cherish it some day. And even if it doesn't match or go with anything, it would make a beautiful picnic blanket or toss it on an adirondack chair by the lake for chilly evenings! I dunno - just keep it!!

  4. Good morning! The quilt is beautiful, and I promise you someone WILL cherish it someday. I'd keep it too. I share that vision you have btw, haha...For some reason I do love the idea of all of my kids and grandkids having some little piece of me I've slaved over...the problem? I haven't made anything like that, lol. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  5. What a treasure you have there! I think the very same thing, when I am not longer around. :o) I hope to one day have a grandchild who loves to create, so that we can make memories together. :o)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. I could not bear to get rid of it either! It is gorgeous and so reminds me of the area I grew up in-PA! We had so many Amish quilts there. Love it. I have those same visions- of kids going through my stuff and loving it because Nana made it! Sad, huh? xo Diana

  7. I would keep it too! When you put that much work into something, you don't want it to go to someone who can't appreciate it..Very nice piece! xo

  8. You have a nice day too. I think it is a very pretty quilt. Yes, I have many like that in my linen closest. Ones I made and I wonder the same things.
    I hope you have lots of fall weather this week.

  9. It's beautiful! The colors are so warm. It would look nice folded on a reading chair by the fireplace, or at the end of a bed, or hung on a large wall in your dining room. And yes, your grandchildren will want to pick a few special things made by their grandmother, someday.

  10. Like you I need to 'declutter' ... I dislike that word really. I like to think of it as 'spring cleaning' or Fall cleaning whichever season. Declutter... is what it is... it reminds me that I'm a sentimental pack rat.

    I don't pack it all up ... but the sentimental things get put up in hopes that others in the future generations will see them as treasures. However the truth of the matter...my own grown children will more than like see it as 'clutter'... {sigh}

    I've got to get busy...the youngest daughter just called me this morning with the same ideas... and she wants to have a yard sale.

    I should get moving while I have inspiration , motivation, and reinforcements!

    Hope you figure out what to do with it.
    Maybe raffle it off and give the money to charity.
    OR... you could take it to a local nursing home.

    ...see you, Pat

  11. Hi Kimberly, I love your Amish quilt with all it's gorgeous colours. And, I'd keep it too, in a safe place for some loved one to find and claim. Beautiful work! Pamela

  12. The quilt is too beautiful to get rid of! I bet it will fit in somewhere, someday! Great job.

  13. You are so funny.
    I think it funny that you "vision" about what you leave the family, after you are gone. I do this also. Only I leave notes hidden in drawers, no quilts.
    Glad you kept the quilt! Way to beautiful to give away.

  14. Well I am glad that you see the value in this lovely quilt and that you are keeping it. What about draping it over the arm of a chair in your bedroom. Certainly something this lovely shouldn't be hidden away.

  15. The quilt is beautiful! Yes, definitely hang on to it. It's handmade and still in good condition and useful. That is a family treasure if you ask me.

  16. Very beautiful! My mom is a quilter. I think she's trying to make me one but I can barely sew!

  17. It is such a pretty quilt, Kimberly! Definitely save it and use it. I'd use it as an extra throw on a bed, or couch, or it could even be a tablecloth if you have a rectangular table.

  18. YES KEEP IT...those family members will want it....I use my grandmother's handmade quilts and covers all the time...that's what they would have wanted...who knows, maybe your grandkids will fall in love with vintage one of these days and designs a room around it....cool enough! Mel

  19. LOVE IT! The colors and the stitching and the patterns, all my cup of tea. The best thing about winter are the quilts and throws that you can keep out and enjoy every day and night. I think about that too, the kids enjoying our stuff when we are gone. I have so much that's been passed along to us and we treasure those things. Kim, I am so enjoying the "Canada Bag" that I won... used it last weekend on our trip to carry our food stash to the cabin and it held everything we needed for our 3day trip! Thanks again sweetie!

  20. oh it is so lovely...keep it...

    happy to stop by today and happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen...

    kary and teddy

  21. It is just beautiful....and I have the same dream of leaving behind some treasures the future generations will love...and some of my handi-work is part of that...this is just lovely

  22. happy to see you today

    kary and teddy


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