Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn Leaves - NAT KING COLE

Dear Friends-I am such a huge fan of Nat King Cole and so many performers from the 60's. I grew
up watching all the old entertainment shows with my folks. And then I remember my mom waking me up to catch the bus by blaring the kitchen radio with so many of the great singers too.
I'm experimenting with uploading from u-tube. So if you can play this favorite of mine-I did it!!


  1. My DH is a huge Nat King Cole fan! Our little kitten is called Nat, (her real name is Natasha, but she is called Nat) because he wanted to name a cat for one of his favorite musicians.

  2. Kimberly~
    I LOVE NKCole, Sinatra, Buble and more!! Grew up with my mom playing it too. Have you heard Landau Murphy Jr sing on America's Got Talent? I put the YouTube video on my blog 3 days ago...he did a Dean MArtin song and it was awesome!
    Thanks for visiting my blog~

  3. awe...that's so nice to listen to early in the morning, while I sip my coffee and blog...thanks for sharing old Nat King Cole with us today...Autumn Leaves...yes, fall is the South...over at Mel's Designs from the Cabin...Mel

  4. I too love Nat and have a couple of CD's.

  5. You did it!! and I'm so glad as I enjoyed watching and listening as I sipped my first cup of coffee.
    How great to have those memories of sharing music with your parents.

  6. You did it! I'm in the groove now... the Nat King Cole groove!

  7. You did get it uploaded!
    Now I will be singing "What a Wonderful World" all day, I sing that, okay hum it everytime I think of Nat King Cole!

  8. You did it! And I'm glad. Just reminded me that I need to get me some Nat King Cole... He gives me the same feeling that Bing Crosby's Christmas carols do. A memory of home...

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Good morning, Kimberly! I love the old songs because I also grew up listening to Nat King Cole and so many others my mother loved to listen to back then. Autumn Leaves is one of my favorites and I always think of it every favorite season. Thanks for sharing!

  10. You did it! Well done.
    Lovely song by a great singer. Lots of memories.
    Music just isn't the same these days.

  11. You did it! Nice video. I need to figure that out too. Have a great week! Pamela

  12. Wonderful video! Autumn is my favorite time of the year :)

  13. I LOVED this! He has always been one of my fav's too...Don't ya just love FINALLY figuring something on here out? haha Have a good week! HUGS

  14. Hi Kimberly! Oh, I love this song and loved Nat King Cole! I loved those music shows too.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. ME TOO!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for adding this to my morning!!


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