Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Hoot of a Give-Away!

  Hoot! Hoot!

My sweet blogger friend Trish over at Notes of Sincerity is having an October give-away.
I'm not going to give you the details, but I will tell you this white little hooter is involved!
If you have never visited Trish's blog, you are in for a treat as well. She eats, drinks, and
sleeps quilting, I think. How else could she turn out all those happy coverlets she makes?
I am on my way over this very minute to register,  and then I'm going to show you my
make-do autumn arrangements.

O.K. I'm back. Am I fast, or not?
Seriously, I am on this kick to 'make-do'. It all started with the whole de-cluttering
process. I think when you go through so much stuff and determine that you haven't
used it in years and don't even want it or need it anymore, it gets you to thinking about
your future purchases. I find that I now ask myself just how badly I want something or
really need the item before I just up and buy it on a whim- just because I can.
Last week I discovered that my box full of fall decor was stuffed out in the shed
with all the other boxes from what was once our garage, which as most of you
know is now the MIL camp. So this was the perfect opportunity to put my money
where my mouth is and 'make-do'! The pumpkin in my wooden bowl was 'free' at
the pumpkin patch and the gourds were a gift from my daughter. Not sure how long
this will last, but I'm really enjoying with the challenge.
This was taken yesterday, between downpours, on our way up to the Canadian Carvers gift
shop. My SIL brought my MIL back from Michigan and we had to visit 'The Voyageur's
Cookhouse' for sweets and tea and then on to shop. No, I didn't buy a thing.
How are the colors out your way? I really do love hearing what's happening where you live!


  1. Oh those fall colours!.....missing Ontario at this time of year.

  2. Wow, our colors sure are not that bright here in lower MI yet. Beautiful. I really like the wooden bowl your pumpkin is in. I haven't even started decorating for Fall yet, I may skip it and move right on to Winter.

  3. Oh you lucky lucky girl to live in such a beautiful place. My eyes would pop out of my head with all that color and beauty. I agree with you on the making do sentiment. I have so much stuff already. We are trying to stick to picking up only what we need.

  4. Those colors are marvelous! Not much color here though the leaves are falling. They're brown and just yuck. It must be damage from Tropical Storm Irene a month ago. I don't know what else could account for this nasty turn in foliage events.

    I love the entire concept of "making do." It's amazing how creative a gal can be.

  5. Oh Kimberly, my jaw just dropped. I could stare at those colors forever. I have not made any fall purchase this year and have to tell myseld that I really don't need any of that cute stuff I'm seeing out in blogland. But pumpkins in a wooden bowl, I think can definitely do! The prettiest inspiration is definitely from nature. Patty

  6. Color? Apparently I didn't know what color was! Yours is amazing...

    And I love your make-do decorations. I'm sure I couldn't like anything your purchased more!

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Your trees are sooo beautiful!!! (Ours have just barely started to change.) And I like your "make do with what you have" frame of mind. I do that quite a bit already. And plan to do more, as I continue to pare down my holiday decor and other "stuff" around the house.

  8. Oh, wow.....GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing those trees :)

  9. Wow, The leaves are beautiful, we don't have anything like that down here yet. I have been hanging on to summer for dear life but have to admit fall has arrived, time for the decorating to begin

  10. The fall foliage is spectacular, Wow! Our leaves are just now starting to turn and we will be having a high of 72 degrees..strange. - I am heading over to Trish's place, have a nice day!

  11. HI Kimberly! Good for you doing with what you have. I'm trying so hard to do this too and didn't buy anything for my decorating this year!
    Your bowl and the pumpkins and gourds is so pretty!
    Those fall colors on the trees are so beautiful! Unfortunately, we're coastal down here and don't get the pretty colors. We have been in New England a few times in the fall to see the leaves and even took a New England cruise last year to see them! You're really blessed to live in such a pretty place.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. I'm making do this year too. I have 2 under the bed boxes full of autumn decor and I've only used about half. I guess I should donate the rest of it. I love the pumpkin and gourds in the wooden bowl on your table. I can't believe how beautiful the trees are where you live already! Just gorgeous. Have a great day! Pamela

  13. Wow your colors at just beautiful. Oh, I wish I had color like that here.
    So very breath taking.

  14. Oh wow, it's always so much more beautiful up north. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  15. The fall foliage is absolutely beautiful! You're much further ahead of us here in the mid-west. But I see a change in the trees every day now. Some of the maples are turning red already. It's a beautiful time of year. I like your make-do vignette!

  16. Hi Kimberly,
    The colors are nice here, but not like those!!! They are so beautiful!!
    I am making do this fall, too. I have not purchased one thing, except for two delicious pumpkin and spice smelling candles.
    Your decor is very pretty, I love the dough bowl.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. I know what you mean about not buying more stuff that I don't really need. I've been trying to keep a better eye on what I bring into our already too full house. When it comes down to it, we could get by on a whole lot less than what we have. Beautiful fall colors in your photo. The leaves are just starting to change in a few spots here and there here.

  18. Oh, that picture made me gasp!!! Girl, it was 97 today in Orlando. Good for you making do with what you have. If I had storage I am sure I would have more. As it is my son just shakes his head and say's it is going to be a really big sale...Estate sale that is LOL!


  19. I'm starting to hatch a theory and I think you'd be the right person with whom to try it: Take two people who have organized and de-cluttered and let them switch houses and do the same thing over again.

    I think I would benefit from having someone come to my house and pare it down a bit.

  20. That photo is absolutely beautiful!! We are just beginning to get low 70 and upper 60 degree weather so our fall color will take a little more time to develop. The colors in the photo are breathtaking and I'm sure it was a sight to see in person. Your fall decorating is lovely, too.


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